10 Healthy Habits to Teach Kids at a Young Age

It’s easier to learn new skills and develop habits, good or bad, at a younger age. You’ve heard that children are like sponges, thirsty for knowledge and guidance, and that’s true. Both healthy and unhealthy habits can be cemented at a young age, so it’s critical to guide children towards healthy habits for life. Many people are surprised by just how easily and quickly even young children can learn self-care for holistic health. Here are a few healthy habits to start instilling today.

10 Pirate Themed Writing prompts for kids _free Printable_imagine forest

Ahoy there matey, 19th September marks a very special day indeed. That’s talk like a pirate day! A pirate’s life is not an easy one! Imagine fighting off rivals and managing unruly shipmates. But they sure have a lot of fun at sea too. I would love to go on daily treasure hunts and find precious treasure worth millions. To celebrate the culture of pirates and everything they represent, we have created these 10 pirate theme writing prompts. We even have included a free printable to get you writing like a real sturdy pirate!

How a Child’s Room Can Impact Their Growth and Development

We all want our kids to grow healthy and strong and become productive members of the society. It is for this reason that we strive to provide them with the best upbringing. We strive to ensure that they eat proper meals, that will supply them with the needed nutrients for growth and development. We strive to take them to the best schools, that will help them with their careers later in life. We also strive to make sure that they are safe by making sure that our homes are well protected and secure.