Passionate about Writing? Join Our Story Saturday Community

story saturday _ writing challenge _ imagine forest

We at Imagine Forest love reading the work of others, so we started a weekly writing challenge on Twitter called Story Saturday. What is this all about? Let us explain. Story Saturday is weekly writing challenge on Twitter. It is an opportunity for writers of all ages to share their work with a friendly writing community. The many benefits of writers sharing their work is phenomenal. Not only will you get positive feedback on your stories, but you will also increase the awareness of your work. So whether you’re an aspiring writer or highly experienced one, please get involved! You won’t be disappointed.

How to get involved with Story Saturday?

It’s so simple! All you need is a Twitter account and you’re ready. Every Sunday a new challenge will be given on the Story Saturday Twitter account (We’ll love it, if you can follow us). This challenge will be in the form of a random writing prompt. You have until the next Saturday to write a poem, six word story or short stories of your choosing and submit it using the hashtag #storysaturday. You don’t need to share it on a Saturday, you can post your work earlier or later on in the week. Whenever it’s finished and ready for sharing (we don’t mind)!

Story Saturday’s first writing prompt is…

Our first writing prompt is something so magical and so enchanting that it had to be done. We have chosen ‘Fairies’ to be our first ever writing prompt. So go on, get cracking and share all your wonderful fairy poems using the hashtag #storysaturday! You have until next Saturday (29th April 2017)

We look forward to reading the work of all you amazing writers out there and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with the Story Saturday community.