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Our amazing collection of writing prompts for kids. For more fun writing prompts, sign up to the Imagine Forest mailing list. The goal of our writing prompts for kids is to inspire them to create exciting new stories, when they are stuck for ideas. If your child doesn’t know what to write about or is stuck for inspiration, then you’re in the right place!

The Imagine Forest story maps are the perfect tool for storytelling. Each story map is designed to inspire you to write adventurous stories set in different locations. More story maps coming soon!

Forest Story Map:

imagine forest _ forest story map for kids _ creative writing resources for kids

Download your free printable forest story map. You have been asked to find the magical 'Book of Wonder'. Its location is marked on the downloadable map. What strange and magical creatures will you meet on the way? Will you be able to defeat the dragon and pass the fiery lake of lava? Will you make new friends or enemies on your journey? And what’s the deal with those footprints? What story can you come up with, using our forest story map? We would be excited to read your stories, email them at: info(at)imagineforest.com


Treasure Island Story Map:
imagine forest _ story map for kids_treasure island_ creative writing resources for kids

Download your free printable treasure island story map. You are on the search for Captain Grey Beard’s Secret treasure, worth millions! Its location is marked on the downloadable map. What creatures could possibly live on this island? Are they dangerous or friendly? How do the people of this island live? Who rules over this island? Can you come up with an interesting desert island story? One with humour, action and perhaps romance? We would love to read your stories, so please do email them at: info(at)imagineforest.com for feedback or for any advice.


How to use the story maps:

  1. Print the story map out and write a story relating to that map. Each map comes with clues and an overall plot to help you develop your story.
  2. Story maps can be used to role-play a story. For example pretend you are explorers looking for something valuable. Your bedroom is the starting point of your adventure and your garden shed is the end location. As you follow the map, each household item, can be a location on the map, such as your sofa the magical land of mushrooms.
  3. Start a journal about your travels in each story map location. For example: "Day one in the enchanted forest was filled with excitement..."

If you have feedback or need some friendly advice, email us at: info(at)imagineforest.com

List of fairy tale writing prompts for kids. You can download this PDF or view them below. Interested in more fairy tale writing prompts? Sign up to our newsletter!

You are the ruler of a magical kingdom. Describe your Kingdom…

You find a magical shoebox. What’s happens next?

Cinderella wept in her room, her stepsister had married Prince Charming. What’s next for Cinderella?

While out for a walk in the enchanted forest, you encounter an ugly beast. What do you do?

An evil witch puts a curse on you. Whoever you touch turns to stone. How will this curse lift?

You wake up to find a beanstalk in your garden. What do you do?

You are interviewing the big bad wolf for the local newspaper (Forest Times).

You find a magical lamp and rub it. A genie pops-up and gives you 3 wishes. How will you use them?

You sneak into an ogre’s castle. Describe the setting.

You hear a rumour of a golden goose in the forest. What do you do?

List of sci-fi writing prompts for kids. You can download this PDF or view them below. Interested in more sci-fi writing prompts? Sign up to our newsletter!

As a lonely astronaut, you crash land on a distant planet. Describe the planet.

An alien crashed its ship in your garden. How will you help it?

Write a help guide for a new alien settling in on planet Earth. What does the alien need to know about Earth?

It is the year 3000 and Earth has changed a lot. Descirbe some of these changes?

You and your friends are messing around in a broken, old warehouse until you find a purple, glowing egg. What do you do?

Your billionaire uncle gives you a hi-tech robot for your birthday. What do you do with the robot?

Your science teacher invents a time machine and you decide to use it secretly to change the past. What problems do you cause by changing the past?

Strange portals start appearing all over your neighbourhood. You step into one. Where does it take you?

Aliens have declared war on humans of Earth and only you can stop them. But how?

You return from holiday to find that a radioactive explosion at a nuclear plant has turned everyone into zombies in your town. What will you do?

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