10 Thought-Provoking Journal Prompts for Kids

Believe it or not, journaling isn’t just for adults. In fact, children can also benefit from keeping a journal. With the power to express themselves in a writing outlet, kids can talk about pretty much anything that they want. But what if your child can’t think of what to write about? No problem! This article will help you come up with great journal prompts that children can write about in their very own journal. So, let’s dive in!

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Why Journaling Prompts Are Essential In Writing

“Kids often have a vivid imagination,” says Fran Samson, an educator at Next Coursework. “When you ask creative questions, you’ll get their minds going. So, when they’re journaling, they’ll have plenty to write about, when they have creative prompts to write from.”

10 Journal Prompts

Here are 10 of the best prompts to give to kids whenever they’re journaling:

  1. What Is Your Favorite Memory?

Kids will talk about the many kinds of things that they’ve grown up with. Though, what are the most precious of these things are their favourite memories. Therefore, have them write about a fun memory that’s stood out to them throughout their lives.

  1. If You Had $10,000, What Would You Do With It?

Kids will think of a lot of things that they would like to spend their money on. But what happens when you give them $10,000? Their minds will churn out many great ideas on how to spend the money: toys, clothes, houses, video games, and so on.

  1. What Are 3 Things That You’re Grateful For?

This prompt allows kids to think of three things that they’re grateful for. Rather than having to pick only one thing, kids have more space and creative thinking to think of three things.

  1. If You Can Have Any Pet In The World, Including Fictional Creatures, What Would It Be?

Kids may have pets of their own. Maybe they’re happy with their current pet(s). So, they might write about their beloved animal.

Or, if kids don’t have pets of their own, they can make up their own! Imagine them writing about their pet dragon, or a pet robot, and so on!

  1. If You Had Any Superpower, What Would It Be And Why?

Kids are into superheroes these days, thanks to the superhero movies and shows being churned out every year. So, if they had a superpower, that’s when the fun begins! Levitation? Super strength? Invisibility? The list goes on! Check out these superhero writing prompts for more fun writing ideas.

  1. How Would You Spend A Rainy Day?

Rainy days may seem boring. But not for kids?

If they had the power to make a rainy day more fun, what would they do? With journaling, kids can turn rainy days into fun days!

  1. If You Had A Time Machine, What Time Period Would You Visit?

Time machines are one of many things that come from science fiction media. But what if kids had the power to go back in time? What would they do with that power? Would they change certain events in history? Is there a certain time period that they want to visit? Whatever the case, kids can journal about their time-machine schemes!

  1. Name One Person Who Cares About You The Most. How Do They Show That They Care?

Everyone has a favourite person in the world that they know and love. So do kids!

Kids have their own definitions of loving and caring people. It can be a:

  • Parent
  • Grandparent
  • Friend
  • Teacher
  • Mentor
  • Relative
  • Neighbour, etc.

By writing about the person that they love and care about, that can strengthen the bond with said person in real life.

  1. Which Character From A Book Or Movie Would You Want To Meet In Real Life?

Kids watch movies all the time. Kids even read their favourite books. So, they must have a favourite character, right?

If so, you can have them write about their favourite character from a book or movie. Perhaps they might have a play date with their favourite superhero? Or, they might go shopping at the mall with their favourite book character? Or, they might commence in shenanigans with a movie character? The possibilities are endless!

  1. What Is Your Favorite Subject In School, And Why?

Finally, as much as kids might not be huge fans of school, perhaps they can write about the one subject that they can tolerate at the very least. You’ll see that kids might like some subjects, while they might loathe others. You can even change this prompt to “What is your least favourite subject in school, and why?”


As you can see, journaling is perfect for all ages!

Whether your child does it for a school project, or just to have fun, journaling is an effective way for not only the creative juices to start to flow, but to also give them a safe space. Let them express their thoughts, feelings, and other things in their journals. How? By looking at these 10 journal prompts to give kids inspiration on what to journal about!

Thought-Provoking Journal Prompts for Kids

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