25+ Words Starting with X Used in a Sentence

For most writers using words starting with ‘x’ has never been at the top of their list. Words beginning with x are the least used words by writers. Who can blame them? When we can only expect 0.02% of the words in the dictionary to be listed under ‘x’. If you were told to think of at least 10 words beginning with x, what would you say? X-ray, xylophone, anything else? These are likely to be the common words that you are taught as a kid, but did you know that there are around 400 ‘x’ words in the Oxford English Dictionary today? It’s time to start improving your vocabulary with these 12+ words beginning with X and how they can be used in a sentence:

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Common Words That Start With X
Adjectives That Start With X
Skills That Start With X
Verbs Starting With X
Nouns Starting With X
Activities starting with X
X Words for Kindergarten
Fun X words For Kids
Top Words Starting With X
Easy Words with X in them

xray fish

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Common words that start with X

Before we jump into the complex words starting with X – Let’s take a look at some easy words that start with X. Here are common X words you should be familiar with:

  • X: A verb it can mean to cross out or delete something. I will have to x out this mistake you made on your application.
  • Xi: The 14th letter in the Greek alphabet. As a number XI represents the number 60 in Greek. 
  • XO: To give kisses and hugs. XO, to my darling old friend.
  • Xylophone: A musical instrument. I love playing with the xylophone!
  • XYZ: When giving an example or talking about something in general. Let’s say that company XYZ is releasing a new product – What should they do?

Adjectives that start with X

Looking for words that start with X to describe someone or something.  Here are some adjectives starting with X, along with definitions:

  • Xanthic: Something that looks yellowish. His skin looked very odd in colour, a little xanthic in my opinion.
  • Xanthous: A person with yellow hair. Her hair was very xanthous in colour.
  • Xenial: A friendly relationship between two people. Normally a host and their guest. Their friendship could be described as xenial – Too close for comfort I say.
  • Xenophobic: A phobia of strangers or people from another country. Some old-timers are really xenophobic when it comes to meeting new people. 
  • Xyloid: Something that is like wood. The new fridge resembled something made out of xyloid, but it was actually metal.  
  • Xylophonic: The sound made by a xylophone. The window creaked, making a xylophonic sounding noise. 

Skills that start with X

When you enter the workplace, you may become familiar with more words starting with X. Especially if you plan on coding in the workplace. Here are some examples of skills starting with X that you might require:

  • XHTML: A programming language which expands from the HTML coding language. I’m an expert in many programming languages including XHTML, PHP and .NET. 
  • XML: Another programming language used on websites. 
  • XSLT: Yet another programming language. 
  • Xylography: The skill of engraving patterns and artwork on wood. Xylography is my secret passion in my spare time.

Verbs that start with X

It’s difficult to find suitable verbs that start with X. Here are the most commonly used verbs that start with X, along with sentences and definitions:

  • Xerox: To copy a document. Can you xerox this immediately, Sally?
  • X-rayed: To look deeply or to take an x-ray of something. She x-rayed him with her vision. Alternatively, please can you x-ray her left arm?
  • Xeriscape: To landscape or garden a piece of land, so there is little need for maintenance in the future. The plan is the xeriscape the area and remove all that dead grass over there. 
  • X-irradiate: Expose something to radiation using x-rays. SIr, this machine will x-irradiate your patients if used. 
  • Xenograft: Extracting a graft of tissue from one species of animal and then giving it to another unlikely species. She’s too busy xenografting the pig to be half-lizard.

Nouns that start with X

Here are some easy nouns that start with X, along with their definitions and usage in sentences:

  • X-Axis: A horizontal line on a graph. Don’t forget to label the X-axis of your chart on plant growth.
  • X-ray:  An image taken of inside something. This x-ray of your mouth shows that you have a broken jaw.
  • Xalam: Traditional string instrument from West Africa. The locals sang and danced all night, with the sound of the xalam beating away in the background. 
  • Xanthoma: A skin disease where someone may have yellow patches on their skin. Xanthoma affects 1 in 10 people in the UK.
  • Xanthophyll: The yellow colour on autumn leaves. Scientifically speaking, the yellow part of these leaves is called xanthophyll. 
  • Xebec:  A small ship, quite similar to a sailboat. Just imagine riding a xebec with ten people on board – someone is definitely going overboard!
  • Xenium: A present given to strangers or foreigners in the roman or medieval times. In medieval times, strangers would give xenium to their rulers to show their respect. 
  • Xenomania: Passion for foreign things and customs. I think I’m a xenomaniac, I can’t seem to get enough of travelling!
  • Xenophobia: The fear of foreign things. I hate having xenophobia. I wish I could be more open to new people and their traditions.
  • Xiphias: A type of swordfish. Have you ever seen a xiphias, it’s so long and pointy!
  • Xiphodon: An extinct camel-like animal. It’s sad to see wonderful creatures like the xiphodons go extinct. 
  • Xylograph: An engraving on a piece of wood. Did you see that ancient xylograph marking on that tree over there?
  • Xylophagia: An eating disorder where the person eats paper, pencils, bark and any other wooden items. Also known as Pica. I read about Xylophagia in the medical journal last night and was shocked to read the statistics. 
  • Xylophone: a musical instrument, normally with wooden bars. 
  • Xyris: A flower or herb with grassy leaves and yellow petals. Some of the world’s most expensive wines use xyris as their secret ingredient. 

Activities starting with X

Games and activities are a fun way to pass the time. But have you ever considered doing an A-Z of activities? Here are some super cool activities that start with X to get you inspired: 

  • Xare: A racket sport, played with two teams each with two members. Members need to hit the wall across them and then return the ball when it bounces off the wall to win. 
  • XC skiing: Short for cross-country skiing. The skier travels across snowy landscapes using skis. 
  • XC Mountain Biking: Short for cross-country cycling. This is a type of mountain biking where the path may include forests, paved roads, smooth roads and even rocky roads. 
  • XC Running: Short for cross-country running. Here the runner runs across natural landscapes, such as grass, hills, gravel, rocks and even flat ground.
  • Xing Yi Quan: A style of martial arts. The name means, “form-intention fist”. This is considered an aggressive form of martial arts, where powerful, short-range hits are made. 
  • Xiangqi: Also known as Chinese chess. It is a board game that requires two players and is very similar to playing normal chess. 

X Words for Kindergarten

Here are some easy words starting with X for kindergarten through first grade:

  • Xylophone: Musical instrument with bars. 
  • X-ray: Used to take pictures of bones by doctors. 
  • X-ray Fish: A fish that looks like an X-ray image – You can see its bones!
  • Xmas: Can’t spell Christmas, then Xmas is okay too!

Fun X words For Kids:

We know that kids love learning about animals, especially dinosaurs or endangered species! Here are some fun X words for kids, which they can try using in class:

  • Xenops: A type of bird.
  • Xiaosaurus: A type of dinosaur.
  • Xiphias: A type of Swordfish
  • Xiphodon: A camel-like creature which is now extinct. 

Top Words Starting with X

1. X: As a verb, it can mean to cross out or delete something.

Sentence: I will have to x out this mistake you made on your application.

2. Xenophobia: A fear of strangers or something that is foreign.

Sentence: Anyone who has issues with immigration, clearly suffers from xenophobia.

3. Xenial: Adjective used to describe a friendly relationship between a host and their guests.

Sentence: He came across very xenial at the party last night.

4. Xylography: The art of engraving on wood.

Sentence: In the 18th century, xylography was a commendable career choice.

5. Xanthippe: The wife of Socrates, also referring to an ill-tempered lady.

Sentence: The house is going down, whether ‘Xanthippe’ over there likes it or not!

6. Xenomorphic: Having an unusual or strange form.

Sentence: Who knew, something so xenomorphic could be so beautiful?

7. Xylophonic: Describing the sound made by xylophones.

Sentence: There was a strange xylophonic sound coming from the basement.

8. Xilinous: Something that feels or resembles cotton.

Sentence: It’s lovely to see a xilinous industry like this thriving again.

9. Xanthic: Adjective describing something as yellow or yellowish.

Sentence: Despite their efforts to paint the fence brown, it still has a xanthic hue.

10. Xiphophyllous: Having sword-shaped like leaves.

Sentence: The mountains formed a xiphophyllous figure from afar.

11. Xenodochial: Being friendly to strangers.

Sentence: A shop keeper must at all times be xenodochial to be able to deal with difficult customers.

12. Xerothermic: An adjective used to describe dry and hot climates.

Sentence: A xerothermic climate is perfect for plants, such as the cacti.

Easy Words with X in them

Words beginning with X can be very difficult to use daily. To improve your vocabulary slowly try using these words with X in them every day. This list includes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7,8 and 9 letter words in order:

  • Ox
  • Axe
  • Box
  • Mix
  • Six
  • Fox
  • Fix
  • Wax
  • Flex
  • Next
  • Toxic
  • Index
  • Remix
  • Relax
  • Pixie
  • Galaxy
  • Except
  • Luxury
  • Vortex
  • Expand
  • Excuse
  • Example
  • Complex
  • Mailbox
  • Sixteen
  • Exciting
  • Checkbox
  • Watchbox
  • Expensive

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12 words beginning with x used in sentences

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