24 Christmas Writing Prompts Advent Calendar

Another Christmas has come! This year we are using Christmas writing prompts to countdown the days until Christmas. Not only are our Christmas writing prompts fun, but they will also encourage your child to do a bit of writing each day. I know writing is not the same as getting chocolates each day, but it is more special especially If your child loves writing. If your child dislikes writing, don’t worry! They will still find each writing prompt fun to read and who knows with a little encouragement they might even write a few words! You could even use these wonderful Christmas pictures for kids to inspire your child to write!

Christmas Writing Prompts Advent Calendar

How does our writing prompts advent calendar work? Easy! Simply come back each day and click on the number to open up your surprise Christmas writing prompt. When its Christmas day, you will have a collection of 24 Christmas writing prompts that you can use over and over again!

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List Of Christmas Writing Prompts

If you’re having technical issues with our advent calendar above, then here is a list of all the Christmas writing prompts included. You might also want to view this Christmas book title generator for further inspiration:

  1. You wake up to the sweet sound of a Christmas elf singing. (You might find this cute Christmas elf name generator useful for naming your elves)
  2. In a rush, Santa forgot about one special present.
  3. Knock knock, open up! There’s a Grinch at your door.
  4. Santa’s given up and given his job to you for a whole year.
  5. Instead of coal, Santa turns you into a reindeer for being naughty.
  6. Oh No! My hand is melting. I’m a snowman!
  7. A weird and strange shaped present was hidden in your garage.
  8. Hear the jingle, hear the jangle, Christmas trees dance tonight.
  9. A kid with a white beard, what’s happening to me?
  10. Anger and frustration at Santa’s workshop, as Christmas elves start quitting their jobs.
  11. You receive a knitted jumper for Christmas, but this is no ordinary jumper.
  12. Christmas lights show Santa the way, and keep the Grinch away!
  13. The secret ingredient to Santa cookies is shaping them like Santa or else…
  14. I wake up and instead of snow, I see candy canes everywhere.
  15. You bake a gingerbread man and it comes to life!
  16. The Grinch steals Santa’s sleigh. How will Santa deliver presents?
  17. The Christmas tree thought to itself, “I sure look pretty tonight! But what will happen to me when Christmas is over?”
  18. It is the year 2020, Christmas has been banned all over the world!
  19. Santa’s such a cool guy! I wonder what he wants for Christmas?
  20. The funniest thing happened last night – Santa got stuck in the chimney!
  21. All the Christmas elves cheered for Santa as he left, apart from one jealous little elf.
  22. Grandma always said this snow globe was magic, so I shook it to see…
  23. There once was a cow who wanted to be one of Santa’s reindeer’s.
  24. The star at the top of the tree started glowing and shaking. A big flash and we were gone…

What do you think of our Christmas writing prompts and advent calendar? Let us know in the comments below.

Advent Calendar 2017 24 days of Christmas writing prompts

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