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This month, our April writing prompts are a combination of fun and thoughtfulness. We have some funny April Fools Day writing prompts to start the month off, along with some quick Easter prompts. Then we’ll end the month off with some thought-provoking environmental prompts to honour Earth Day. Get your pencil out and set yourself up for our 30 day April writing challenge! 

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April Prompts Challenge

Can you complete our 30 day April writing challenge?

  1. Make a list of at least five funny pranks you can play on your friends and family.
  2. A bad April’s Fool Day prank gets the Easter Bunny trapped in a maze. Can the Easter bunny get out in time for Easter?
  3. Complete this sentence in ten different ways: The best thing about Easter is…
  4. What is the true meaning of Easter in your own opinion?
  5. The Easter Bunny gets kidnapped by Jack Frost – Replacing Easter Eggs with candy canes. Continue this story.
  6. Write down at least 10 ways to reduce stress in your life.
  7. Create your own healthy eating menu for world health day. You could create a whole week’s meal schedule. 
  8. Write a short story about a boy who played pranks on everyone, until one day someone played a huge prank on him.
  9. For Unicorn day, write a poem about a magical unicorn appearing in the night.
  10. Write a short story about a ferret who loves to garden, but everything he grows keeps on getting eaten by the other animals.
  11. For Pet Day, write a heroic newspaper article on how one pet saved millions of lives.
  12. Write a poem inspired by grilled cheese sandwiches.
  13. Every Thursday night, my brother and I play scrabble, but tonight was different. Continue this story starter.
  14. Research five funny facts about dolphins and add them to your animal fact file. 
  15. Write a poem inspired by your favourite cartoon character.
  16. It’s Save The Elephant Day! Create a poster encouraging others to protect elephants. 
  17. Write a haiku poem titled, April Showers.
  18. Write a newspaper article titled, ‘Is global warming a scam?’
  19. Make a list of at least 10 ways to protect the environment on a daily basis in your lives.
  20. The effects of global warming have made mother nature very angry. As revenge she… Finish this story.
  21. It’s Banana day! Write down a recipe that includes bananas as the key ingredient.
  22. Write a poem inspired by Planet Earth.
  23. Use the word, ‘Flabbergasted’ in at least five different sentences.
  24. For Save The Frogs day, write down at least five things you love about frogs. 
  25. Imagine you are a penguin who has lost its home because of global warming. On the hunt to find a new home, you meet many new friends. Continue this story.
  26. Write a how-to guide on how to take care of a horse. 
  27. Tell a story based on your favourite past memory.
  28. It’s Superhero day! Create your own superhero who wants to protect the environment.
  29. If you could have one wish, what would it be and why?
  30. Write a diary entry from the perspective of the sun on a cloudy day. 

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FREE April Writing Prompts Calendar Printable

Print out our free April prompts calendar 2021, so you remember to complete each writing challenge this month:

April Writing Prompt Calendar Printable
Download our free April writing prompts calendar 2021

Did you manage to complete all 30 April writing prompts this month? Let us know in the comments below! Finished with all our April writing challenges? Check out our May writing prompts challenge.

April writing prompts

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