Writing During the Summer Break

When school’s out for summer, many children are happy to leave their books and pens behind. A carefree summer of playing, making friends and going on adventures are what many prefer.  While all those things are really important for child development and should be encouraged, it is also equally important that kids don’t lose the skills they acquired in the last school year. Summer learning loss is really common, and schools often have to spend part of their autumn term recapping what was lost over the holidays. Ideally, kids should still be reading and writing through the holidays. However, all parents know that this is easier said than done. Many children are pretty reluctant to write over the summer break, even if they are usually motivated at school. There are, thankfully, some tricks to get your kids to put pen to paper. They might even inspire your child to think of writing as a hobby and to go all out, or maybe even aspire to become an author someday. So, how do you get your kids writing during the summer?