How to encourage your little one to write a short story imagine forest

As parents, we all want our little ones to inculcate some or the other passion. Whether it is the passion towards playing a certain sport or get down to learning a specific form of art. There are parents who want their kids to learn the art of story-telling or making stories. Though on a funnier part, they’ll be making a lot of stories as they grow up hiding their mistakes, there are some, who actually want the tiny tots to learn how to write a story or be able to tell a story that is made by them itself.Taking those first steps towards writing a story can be both fun and challenging for the little ones. You have to be their guide when they take this first step. Plan it accordingly and put a lot of thoughts before you finally sit down to make this happen. There are so many other things that you should be looking at other than looking for an inspiration, ideas, and anything that would trigger this process. Helping your child structure their story from beginning to end is a great way to make the writing process a whole lot easier.