56 Back To School Writing Prompts (+ Free Printable)

I bet the last thing your child wants to do when going back to school is writing (or more homework as they’ll say)! Not to worry we have come up with 56 back-to-school writing prompts that will help your child settle in and take away those first-day fears. We all know how the first day of school is daunting for most kids, that’s why it is important to slowly prepare your kids for the back-to-school routine. One way to support your child is to encourage them to write down their feelings in a journal or notebook. Getting your child to think about school before actually going will help to prepare for any challenges or fears they might have. We have specially created these writing prompts to not only prepare your child for going back to school but also to help them with their writing skills.

56 back-to-school writing prompts

Get ready to go back to school with these back-to-school writing prompts:

  1. How do you feel about going back to school? What are your top 5 fears and what 5 things are you excited about?
  2. Write about the best thing that happened to you during the summer holidays. You can talk about this with your friends when you go back to school.
  3. What was the worst part of your summer holidays?
  4. What one thing did you learn during the summer holidays and how did you learn it?
  5. What school subject are you most looking forward to? What do you like about this subject?
  6. What subject are your least excited about and why?
  7. Do you want to make new friends in the new school term? How would you go about making friends? List a few points to help you or someone else.
  8. What is your goal for the new school year? What would you like to achieve by the next summer holidays? Write down at least 3 goals.
  9. How would you better organise your time this school year, so you can complete all your assignments on time and have time to do things you enjoy?
  10. Do you want to join any after-school or lunchtime clubs this year? Which clubs would you like to join or would you create your own?
  11. What 3 things would you improve or change about yourself this year?
  12. What 3 things would you keep the same about yourself and will carry on doing this year?
  13. Which part of the school year are you most looking forward to?
  14. Imagine your dream teacher. What would they look like? How would they speak? What personality traits would they have?
  15. What was the best thing that happened to year last school year? Describe this moment in detail.
  16. What was the biggest thing you struggled with last school year? And how do you plan on improving on this issue this year?
  17. Which subject did you find the hardest last year, and why? How can you get better at this subject this school year?
  18. Make a list of your favourite teachers from the last school year. Next to their names, write down at least one reason why they are your favourite. 
  19. Make a top ten list of your favourite school subjects. One is your favourite and ten is your least favourite.
  20. Write a day in the life story of a typical day for your head teacher at your school.
  21. Make a top ten list of your favourite school meals to eat at lunchtime.
  22. Create a packing list of everything you need to pack in your backpack for the first day of school.
  23. Create a how-to guide on how to walk or travel to school safely.
  24. Create a character profile for the perfect friend. What personality traits would this person have? What about their interest and appearance?
  25. If you were the head teacher of your school. What new rules would you put in place for the new school year? Try to think of at least three rules.
  26. Complete the following sentence in three different ways: I can’t wait to start school because…
  27. Write a letter to a classmate that you have never spoken to before. You can ask about their interests and what they did over the summer holidays.
  28. Would you rather be the most popular kid in your school year or get straight A’s this school year?
  29. Write a how-to guide on dealing with bullies at school.
  30. Write down 10 tips on how to study for a pop quiz or test.
  31. Write down a journal entry for your first day back in school. What were the highs of the day? What were the lows of the day?
  32. Continue the following story starter: On my way to school, I heard a strange noise. I turned around and saw…
  33. On a scale of 1 to 10, how do you feel about going back to school? One being really scared or worried and 10 being very excited. Explain your answer. 
  34. What is your dream school trip? Where would you really want to go this year? 
  35. Write down at least 5 reasons why school is important.
  36. If you could create a new school club what would it be and why?
  37. If you could get rid of one subject at school, which subject would it be and why?
  38. Write a day in the life story of a typical day as a student at your school.
  39. Write a haiku poem about your first day at school.
  40. Write a limerick poem about a boy or girl who hates school. You can start the poem using this sentence: There once was a boy/girl who hated school
  41. Would you rather be home-schooled or go to a public school? Explain your choice.
  42. Imagine you are back in school for the first time in a few years. How would you feel? What would you say to your friends and teachers?
  43. Write a letter to your younger self from about 5 years ago telling them about school. What advice with you give your younger self and why?
  44. What is the worst thing you have done in school? Why did you do it? What will you do to make sure this does not happen again?
  45. Write a letter to your favourite teacher. Tell them what you are looking forward to this year and how you would like to improve.
  46. What would your dream school uniform look like? What would you want to wear? Try drawing a picture and writing a detailed description. 
  47. Imagine that your head teacher asks you for some new school subject ideas. What new subject do you wish was taught in school, and why?
  48. What is one way that you can make your school feel more like a home to you?
  49. How would you feel if you received a failing grade in a subject at school? What steps would you take to improve your grade?
  50. Imagine you are a teacher and you have to choose 5 students from your class to be on a TV talent show. What five students would you choose, and what would their talent be?
  51. Imagine that your school head teacher is looking for a new school mascot. What would this mascot look like? Can you describe them in detail?
  52. Write a poem dedicated to your favourite teacher.
  53. Imagine you are a teacher and you want to write a letter to a child about a problem they have had. What do you say in the letter?
  54. Write a song about the best school lesson you have ever had.
  55. Imagine you are in charge of the school budget this year. What would you spend most of your money on and why?
  56. Create a snappy slogan or motto for your school. A motto is a short sentence that summarises the beliefs of your school in a powerful and engaging way.

Download your free printable back-to-school writing prompts pack!

Any tips for helping your child with going back to school?

What back-to-school routines do you have for helping your child when comes to their first day back? Let us know your ideas and thoughts in the comments below. If your child is particularly anxious about going back to school, take a look at these 12 hilarious back to school picture books.

back-to-school writing prompts

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