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Sometimes the inspiration you need is in a book title. If you’re struggling to come up with a solid story idea, then this book title generator is for you! With over 160 unique book title ideas, you’re sure to find the inspiration you need for your next story. Feel free to edit and re-adjust these book titles to suit your own story.

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Keep on reading this post for tips on creating your own book title and our free book title generator printable. You might also like our daily book title challenge, where you are given a new book title each day to write about.

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Just a reminder, our book title generator has been created to give you ideas for potential stories to write. You may need to adjust these titles so that they suit your story. If you’re looking for more book title ideas, please see our free story title generator for members with thousands of book title ideas to discover:

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For more book title ideas, check out our festive Christmas book title generator – The perfect inspiration for your Christmas stories. And if you’re writing a fantasy novel, then you should check out this fantasy book title generator for some magical book title ideas.

Tips For Creating a Good Book Title

What makes a good book title? A good book title summarises your story without giving too much away. It is enticing, exciting and mysterious. Here are some tips for creating an awesome book title for your story:

  • Think about the genre: If you’re writing a horror book, then you’ll need a scary or dark book title to suit your story. If you’re writing a children’s story, make sure you think about words that your target readers will understand. Keep your genre in mind when coming up with book titles. And keep your audience in mind! 
  • Make a list of descriptive words: What is your story about? Who is the main character? What objects are used throughout? Where is your story set? These are all things you might want to think about when making a list of words that describe your story. This list will come in handy when writing your own book title.
  • Leave the book title until the end: It is easier to come up with a good book title when your story is written. The more familiar you are with your story, the easier it is to summarise it in a few words. 
  • Review your book title: If you have written your book title before writing the story, then reviewing it at the end is important. You might want to double-check if your book title is still relevant and if it can be further improved. A common theme we’ve seen with writers is that they normally start with a nice, romantic tale, which slowly turns dark and twisted. In which case, the title they gave at the beginning may no longer be relevant after their story is written.
  • Don’t overcomplicate it: Avoid making your book title too long or wordy, as this can put potential readers off. Keep it as simple as possible, preferably under five words or even less. When it comes to book titles the shorter, the better – Try to keep the mystery of your book hidden until your readers read it. Similarly, you should try to avoid complicated or technical words in your story. Even if your story is about physics or time travel, try to give it a name that everyone can understand. 
  • Keep it relevant: Your book title must have some relevance to your storyline or plot. Don’t go completely off-topic, by giving your book a title that just sounds, ‘cool’, but has no meaning behind it. For instance, you wouldn’t want to read a story called Forbidden Dragons that has no references to dragons in the story at all – How disappointing would that be!

Create Your Own Book Title

Book titles are hard. And sadly there is no secret formula for creating the perfect book title. However there is a useful exercise you can do to create your own book title (or at least an early draft of it). The easiest way to come up with a basic book title is to think of an adjective and a noun relevant to your story. 

Take for example you have a gothic story about a dragon. Following the adjective and noun technique, you might come up with the following potential book title ideas:

  • The Dark Dragon
  • The Grim Dragon
  • The Gothic Dragon
  • The Blood Dragon
  • Bone Dragon

As you can see the above example book titles start with an adjective and then are followed by a noun. Including ‘The’ at the beginning is entirely optional. Using this basic technique you should be able to come up with hundreds of potential book titles for your story. 

It may not be a perfect technique for creating your own book title, but it’s a great start. More importantly, it’s a marvellous way to get your brain thinking and to get those creative juices flowing. And you never know, using this technique you’ll be able to come up with the best story title ever! So go on…Give it a go! 

Using this technique we have created a printable book title generator. Here you can use the first letter of your first name and surname to generate a random book title for your next story:

Random Book Titles Ideas

To get you started here is a list of over 160 book titles to inspire you:

  • The Magic Tree
  • Winter Fairy
  • Wizards of Ice
  • Call of the Forest
  • The Enchanted Ones
  • A Spell Too Far
  • A Potion For The Wise
  • Tower To The Stars
  • Me, Moonie and Magic
  • The Last Flame
  • Lost Warriors Of Elysium
  • Night Light
  • Eye of the Wolf
  • The Hollow Spirit
  • Heart Me
  • Love of Tomorrow
  • Never Again
  • Eternal Soul
  • When Love Lasts
  • Nothing In This World
  • Tales of the Heart
  • Stolen Love
  • Yes, Maybe, No
  • Together For A Day
  • Wild Heart
  • Burning Poem
  • Whispers of a Ghost
  • Dead Man’s WIsh
  • Gone Town
  • Skeletons in the House
  • The Lost Soul
  • A Party For Ghouls
  • Monster Strike
  • See Zombie and Run
  • Watch Out
  • Don’t Go There
  • Signs of the Past
  • The Monster In The Dark
  • Horror Stories In The Dark
  • Soulless Dead
  • Lonesome Shadow
  • Space Galaxy Adventure
  • Into The Stars
  • A New Form
  • The Happy Alien
  • Aliens of a New Kind
  • Earth To Unknown
  • The Number
  • Dark New World
  • The One After Mars
  • Martian Boy
  • Signs of Life on Jupiter
  • Dangerous Moon
  • Bizarre Robot
  • New Planet
  • Imaginary Gravity
  • Mysterious Cyborg
  • Stay Hidden
  • What’s Over There?
  • Clues And More Clues
  • Never to be Solved
  • The Mystery of Mr Watkins
  • Who Took My Book?
  • Who Stole My Homework?
  • The Meaning of Z
  • The Secrets Of Mr. Miller
  • Who Is Mary Walker?
  • The Crimes of Martin
  • The Lost Portrait
  • Blank Paper
  • Behind the Door
  • Who Were They?
  • Bad Surprise
  • The Cover Up
  • The Perfect Thief
  • The Secret Witness
  • Season For Revenge
  • Innocent Eyes
  • Long Road To Go
  • Time To Go
  • One Boy And The World
  • Neverending Trip
  • Point A to Z
  • The Search For Bella
  • Travelling To New Lands
  • One Car And The Road
  • Captain’s Lost Treasure
  • Unsolved Crimes
  • Who Stole My Cat?
  • The Judgement
  • Judge of Crime
  • Detective Collins and the Van
  • Nice Try John
  • Get Away And Run Away
  • A Sharp Punishment
  • Unofficial Crimes
  • The New Kind
  • Fear Of Those
  • We Are Powerful
  • Elite of the Unknowns
  • We Still Exist
  • The New Days
  • One Way Ride
  • One Shot
  • Bang, Crash and Boom
  • A Boring Day
  • Action Pack Man
  • The Bad Guy
  • A Cowboy’s Story
  • Lone Cowboy
  • Riders Of The West
  • Cowboys In A Storm
  • Horse With No Rider
  • Yee-haw! Let’s Get Em!
  • Cattles And Horses
  • Quest Of The West
  • The Two-Cent Men
  • Burning The Breeze
  • Ridin’ To Roscoe
  • The Prince of Darkness
  • Cursed Queen
  • Warrior Princess
  • Slay Like a Princess
  • The Blue Knight
  • Arealia, Forest Princess
  • Iceman: The Melt Down
  • The Power Seekers
  • Fire And Water
  • The Amazing Adventures of Ice Boy
  • Homeless Heroes
  • Mutant Academy
  • Unique And Powerful
  • Burger Boy
  • Cupcake Kitty
  • Christmas Turtle
  • The Angel And The Star
  • Snow This Christmas
  • A Turkey For Christmas
  • Changing Times
  • Never The Same
  • Back In TIme
  • Time Ticks
  • Tick Tock
  • World of Tomorrow
  • World of Yesterday
  • Yesterday is Today
  • Time Lies
  • Before The Past
  • Standing Still
  • An Elephant’s Journey
  • Cats, Dogs And Other Pets
  • The Other Animals
  • Swimming With Sharks
  • My Best Friend The Lion
  • Snail’s Speedy Adventures
  • Once Upon A Rat
  • Rain On Those
  • Miss Minnie And The Bees
  • Galaxy Bugs
  • Invaders of the Earth
  • Dark Hawk
  • Trapped Like A Bug
  • One Mole And A Cat
  • Secrets Of Mara
  • The Unwanted Toy
  • My Neighbour The Alien
  • One Spell Away
  • Caveman in the City
  • Dragon Invasion
  • Talking Trees
  • Ninja Cats Rescue Mission
  • The Strange Key
  • Message in a Bottle

Can you create your own book title using the adjective and noun technique or from the ideas in our book title generator? Share your book titles with us in the comments below.

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