How to Build Teamwork with Kids’ Craft Projects

Socialising your children is a great way for them to learn skills and make new friends.  Working together can teach children relationship skills with other kids of all ages, something they can use throughout their lifetime.  Completing fun kid’s projects is an easy and fun way to have your child work with others for a fun result. Learn how you can build teamwork with kids’ craft projects.

How to Build Teamwork with Kids’ Craft Projects:

Why Teamwork?

Team-building skills taught in various places during a child’s life.  At school, they may play games to encourage teamwork, older kids often go camping where they try an obstacle course to build these skills, and younger children can work on crafts together.  Team-building allows children to interact with others in a positive and meaningful way.  These social skills are needed later in life for relationships, work, and everyday interactions.  They also learn that by working together, they may accomplish more and contribute to a bigger picture.

Find an Interest

Children love to participate in things they are interested in.  Try creating this fun pirate story-telling pack if your child loves boats and pirates. Invite others to help make the boat and watch your child enjoy the creative process as well as making friends or building on current relationships.  If your child loves to build things, try making a bird house or car track.  Other teamwork activities can be colouring, games, acting out plays, creative writing, and many others.  There is something for every child to enjoy working on with others.

Build a Maze

Building a maze is fun for kids of all ages and can be done with a lot of different materials.  Blocks can be used or try a large cardboard box lid with sides and use pipe cleaners or straws glued to create a maze on the lid.  The kids can then use a small ball or marble and tilt the lid by working together to get the marble or ball through the maze.  They will see how they worked together to not only create, but they got to play with their new creation at the end.

Paint a Tree

Another fun project that can be put up for display afterwards is to create a hand print tree.  Using a large sheet of paper, preferably from a large roll, the kids can outline the trunk and branches of the tree, colouring it together.  They can then use paint to place a handprint along the branches to create “leaves.”  Every print can be a different colour, or they can colour them in if the y so desire.  When the project is completed, they can see how their handprint works together with other prints to create something beautiful.  It can be done using a piece of cardboard, a large piece of construction paper or anything similar.

Create a Story

Having a group of kids make their own story can be fun and hilarious too!  You can set guidelines for the story or give it a subject, and then every child can colour and write their pieces of the story on their paper.  Sharing it with the group strengthens communication skills while they all work together to write an entire story.  The kids will enjoy it just as much as the adults reading it.

Teamwork activities don’t have to be strenuous or challenging.  Tuning to the child’s interests can help ease them out of their shell and get them to participate with others doing things they enjoy.  Here, they can learn that together they can accomplish much, while still maintaining their special and unique individuality.  There are lots of fun crafts, games and outdoor teamwork activities and projects for all to enjoy. Do you have any more tips to build teamwork with kids’ craft projects?

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