16+ Cat Poems For Kids

Whether you’re looking for a cat in the hat inspired poem or funny cat poems to give you a giggle, here are over 16 cat poems for kids. They say cats are intelligent animals, so why not read them one of these poems and see how they react.. Better yet, if you know someone who adores cats, what better gift to them, than a short cat poem written in a greeting card!

If you love writing about cats – You should check out this post on cat writing prompts to inspire you! Another cool idea is to write a poem about a group of warrior cats (just like those popular warrior cat books). You could use this warrior cats name generator to help you find inspiration.

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16+ Purrfect Cat Poems

From rhyming cat poems for kids to funny cat limericks and haiku poetry, these cute cat poems will brighten your day. 

Cat Poems That Rhyme

Look, there’s a cat.

Is it chasing a rat?

Maybe looking for a hat?

No. It wants to chat.

Hello there, Mr. Kitty Cat.

Big cats, small cats and scaredy cats.

Fat cats, skinny cats and jazzy cats.

Black cats, ginger cats and fuzzy cats. 

That’s my pack of cats.

Acrostic Poems On Cats





Acrostic poem on cats

Curled in a ball

A cat daydreams

Thinking of fish

Sleeping soundly.

Acrostic poem on cats

Curious cats everywhere.

All with attitude.

Tabbies, Siamese and Burmese cats.

So cool and so steady.

Acrostic poem on cats

Haiku Poems About Cats

A cat sleeps soundly,

Dreaming of mice and fishes.

Soon supper will come.

Haiku poems about cats

Sharp piercing cat eyes,

Patiently waiting to kill,

Gourmet mice dinner.

Haiku poems about cats

Note sure how to write a haiku? Check out our guide on writing haiku poems for beginners.

Cat Shape Poems

More shape poetry examples, in our Alice in the Wonderland shape poetry post.

Funny Cat Poems

There once was an old tabby.

Who was also very blabby.

He told his friends, he was a king.

And a cat that could sing.

But he was only a cabbie. 

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A rebel with claws

I’ll steal your socks.

I’ll pee on your paperwork.

Break your favorite vase.

Scratch the curtains

And your hands if you stop me

Then blame it on the dog.

One step, two step, three step.

Crash! Whoops, it’s not my fault!

One nudge, two nudge, three nudge.

Bang! Whoops, it’s not my fault!

One bite, two bite, three bite.

Burp! Can I have more?

Kitten Poems

What’s my name? 

You call me fuzzy

You call me kitty

You call me cutie

You call me baby

You call me fuzzball

And now I’m called Timmy?

Seven little kittens, sit in a basket.

Full of tears, nothing to mask it. 

One-by-one they disappear.

This is their worst fear.

Losing each other.

To live with another. 

A new mommy, a new home. 

A new life to live and to roam.

Mothers Day Poems From The Cat

Dear Human Mommy,

You’re the Salmon in my bowl

Can I lick you, please?

Your hair reminds me of strings of yarn.

I can play with you all day long.

Your eyes remind me of two fish eyes,

I can stare into them forever.

Your skin tastes like leather.

You always feed me the right dinner. 

Your snore like a cat purring.

I love to nap on your lap.

I’m glad you’re my mommy. 

Need more inspiration? Take a look at our post on Mother’s day writing prompts.

Cat And Mouse Poems

Run little mouse, run.

A cat is on the prowl.

No games, no time for fun.

This cat is ready and foul. 

Can this cat be outdone?

A fierce near-by growl.

And the mouse is done.

A game of mouse trap.

This cat has learned well.

One trap here, another there. 

Sooner or later that mouse is mine. 

Now all that is needed is the mouse. 

Cat in the Hat Poems

Poems inspired by Dr Seuss’s Cat in the Hat character. He might not be your ordinary cat, but he’s still a cat:

Boredom, snoredom

Call in the Cat in the Hat

Tricks, broomsticks and a fun fix!

The cat in the hat

Has a fine hat

A tall hat

A red hat

A white hat

A tall stripey white&red hat

A made to fit his head hat

A tip at the top

A brim at the base

It sits on on his head

Not flops on his face

In my house, a cat

With a very stripy hat

Outside the rain may pour

Inside no one will bore

Juggles, laughs & jumps

& then something bumps

Oh no! What a mess

I got paint on my dress

Then cat in the hat disappears

No more fun, no more cheers.

Cat in the Hat poems

In my house, a cat

With a very stripy hat

Outside the rain may pour

Inside no one will bore

Juggles, laughs & jumps

& then something bumps

Oh no! What a mess

I got paint on my dress

Then cat in the hat disappears

No more fun, no more cheers.

Cat in the Hat poems

Have these cat poems for kids inspired you to write your own cute cat poem? Share your poem with us in the comments below.

Cat Poems For Kids

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