5 ways to nurture creativity in your little one

After a while, the common refrain in every “exciting” summer vacation for every child is “I’m bored”. No matter what you suggest, your child will complain that they have nothing to do or nothing is interesting enough. Fortunately, with a few bright ideas, there are a number of activities you and your child can take up to creatively spend time…

7 Creativity Lessons From Leonardo Da Vinci You Can Teach Your Kids imagine forest

Now, who wouldn’t want to have their children grow up to become another Leonardo Da Vinci one day? In his book, How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius Every Day, Michael Gelb takes his readers into the mind of one of the 14th-century artist. He cites seven principles that he believes would help anyone take their creativity a notch higher. You can study these principles and teach them to your kids, as well. Here are 7 Creativity Lessons From Leonardo Da Vinci that you can teach your kids.