10 Childrens Books about Dogs You Should Read _ imagine forest

What about ending the day curling up with your child and his favourite book about dogs? No doubt, it would be great. After all, dogs and books have been two of the best companions of mankind. You may have grown up reading those books with doggy pictures but memories don’t fade, right? You must want your child to grow up with them as well. Indeed, every dog loving family would love that. So here are our 10 children’s books about dogs you should read. You’ll find the world’s cutest, funniest and smartest dogs here.

5 Types of Toys to keep your Kid Focused _ imagine forest

Children develop their skills by observing the things around them; they are naturally energetic and exuberant. If they get bored then they quickly shift their attention to something more interesting. It is possible to help children increase concentration skills and makes them focus on a task for a longer period of time. It’s important to make your kids think positively by surrounding them with toys that are educational, as well as entertaining. Because toys play a major role in stimulating language skills, reading skills, and other skills which are important for a child’s development.

How to Build Teamwork with Kids’ Craft Projects _ imagine forest_v2

Socialising your children is a great way for them to learn skills and make new friends. Working together can teach children relationship skills with other kids of all ages, something they can use throughout their lifetime. Completing fun kid’s projects is an easy and fun way to have your child work with others for a fun result. Learn how you can build teamwork with kids’ craft projects.

short stories for kids_baileys best buddy a short story for kids

This is the first in the series of short stories written by our amazing guest bloggers. See our guest blogging guidelines to write a short story for us! Bailey’s Best Buddy: A Short Story The girl’s name was Emily, and she giggled when I wagged my tail at her. Maybe if I kept wagging, she’d get the mean man to unlock…

10 Reasons Why Reading is Important for Kids_imagine forest

while reading is obviously important to be able to understand the words on the page, it is also the foundation of your ability to learn and ultimately, your ability to function properly in an ever-changing society. Do you remember as a child when you learned to read? Most of us probably don’t, but now you can’t imagine life without being able to. You couldn’t understand anything on Facebook, you wouldn’t be able to text or even bake a few of your favourite chocolate chip cookies. Something as simple as reading the clothing label on your favourite shirt for washing instructions would be impossible without the ability to read…