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How to Boost Children's Literacy during Winter Holidays imagine forest
Guest Posts, Literacy Tips
How to Boost Children’s Literacy during Winter Holidays?

Winters holidays are the perfect time for children and parents to spend more time together. This period of the year has an additional festive note, because of Christmas and New Year. Parents should try and use this period of the year to get a deeper insight into their children’s thoughts ...

How To Wrap Christmas Gifts _ imagine forest christmas
Christmas, Guest Posts
How To Wrap Christmas Gifts: As Told By A Ten Year Old

The Christmas holiday is just around the corner, which means I'm in prep mode! Most of my shopping is done, so now it's time to start the wrapping process. In chatting with my nieces about how they wrap their holiday gifts for friends and loved ones, the eldest, a ten-year-old, ...

Teach Your Children To Love Reading _ imagine forest
Guest Posts, Literacy Tips, Reading Techniques
Teach Your Children To Love Reading: My Childhood Story

Developing the habit of reading in children is one thing a lot of parents struggle with. Unlike playing which comes naturally, children have to learn how to read and they can only do this through the guidance of parents or anyone in a teaching capacity such as grandparents, uncles, aunties ...

5 Ways Wooden Toys Support Child Development _ imagine forest
Guest Posts
5 Ways Wooden Toys Support Child Development

The addition of certain wooden toys to a child’s toy box will never be regretted. They come in many forms and colours. They share a commonality of timeless simplicity, as well as a beauty that comes from being crafted from a beautiful, natural material. Often, parents and grandparents can say ...

Five Fun Tricks to Teaching Your Child Creative Writing - imagine forest
Guest Posts, Literacy Tips, Story Writing Tips
5 Fun Tricks for Teaching Your Child Creative Writing

Whether your child is just learning to read or in middle school, it’s never too early or too late to help them become a more creative writer. While some children naturally excel at writing, many need some guidance in this skill. Here are some fun ways to teaching your child ...

7 Creativity Lessons From Leonardo Da Vinci You Can Teach Your Kids imagine forest
Creativity Techniques, Guest Posts
7 Creativity Lessons From Leonardo Da Vinci You Can Teach Your Kids

Now, who wouldn't want to have their children grow up to become another Leonardo Da Vinci one day? In his book, How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius Every Day, Michael Gelb takes his readers into the mind of one of the 14th-century artist. He cites ...

5 Winter Activities for Kids During The Cold Season _ Imagine Forest
Guest Posts, Kids Activities
5 Winter Activities for Kids During The Cold Season

Children love the winter holiday. Actually, children love any kind of holiday! During the winter holiday, there may be days when your child cannot go play outside. This would usually be because of the weather. You can take this time to give your child some activities which will encourage writing ...

Become a Clerihew Master Tips for Writing a Clerihew Poem _ imagine forest
Guest Posts, Poetry Writing Tips
Become a Clerihew Master: Tips for Writing a Clerihew Poem

Interested in finding out a way to become a comic and a poet at the same time? Get ready to write hilarious poetry by learning how to become a Clerihew Master. Think of a clerihew as a limerick’s cousin, except clerihews are shorter and have fewer rules, so they are ...

The Dragon Master A Short Story for Kids _ Imagine forest
Guest Posts, Short Stories
The Dragon Master: A Short Story for Kids

It was a beautiful mid-summer morning and I was in the forest picking blueberries. I was walking along and enjoying the fresh morning air but I hadn’t collected enough blueberries for breakfast yet. I decided to go a bit deeper into the forest to see if I could ...

10 easy and fun things to do after school_imagine forest
Guest Posts, Kids Activities
10 Fun and Easy Things to do After School

After a tough day in school, kids are always ready for some fun activities at the end of the day. Such activities help them unwind and this is helpful in their growth and development. Parents can also use this time to bond with their kids and learn about the day. ...


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