Teach Your Children To Love Reading _ imagine forest

Developing the habit of reading in children is one thing a lot of parents struggle with. Unlike playing which comes naturally, children have to learn how to read and they can only do this through the guidance of parents or anyone in a teaching capacity such as grandparents, uncles, aunties etc. Some parents find this to be an enormous task that requires much effort to overcome. This ends up stressing parents when they do not seem to make progress in that regard. This does not have to be the case for you as a parent. There are several things that a parent can do to get their children to develop the habit of reading.

Five Fun Tricks to Teaching Your Child Creative Writing - imagine forest

Whether your child is just learning to read or in middle school, it’s never too early or too late to help them become a more creative writer. While some children naturally excel at writing, many need some guidance in this skill. Here are some fun ways to teaching your child creative writing and helping them become a better creative writer.

tips for Teaching Reading and Spelling to Children with Autism

Were you ever in the spelling bee in elementary school? I remember one time back in early elementary when I was and some of those words I had to study seemed insane… I could not fathom how I would ever remember how to spell “handkerchief” since it had a silent letter in it. And I really hated those words that had double letters but you could never remember which letters and how many were doubled, like in “accommodate.” Of course, I have since learned how to spell most of the words that used to seem so daunting. But, somebody had to teach me.

10 Reasons Why Reading is Important for Kids_imagine forest

while reading is obviously important to be able to understand the words on the page, it is also the foundation of your ability to learn and ultimately, your ability to function properly in an ever-changing society. Do you remember as a child when you learned to read? Most of us probably don’t, but now you can’t imagine life without being able to. You couldn’t understand anything on Facebook, you wouldn’t be able to text or even bake a few of your favourite chocolate chip cookies. Something as simple as reading the clothing label on your favourite shirt for washing instructions would be impossible without the ability to read…