Imagine Forest needs illustrators

Are you an Illustrator? Want more exposure for your artwork? Imagine Forest needs as many illustrators as possible to fill in the image gallery feature on our website. You as an illustrator will be given their own artist page on our website, where you can showcase your artwork, provide a description of yourself and links to your website, twitter page and so on. Also when a user uses your artwork in their story, your name will appear on the cover of that story as the illustrator of that story (Illustrated by “illustrator name”).

Twitter Book Giveaway Winners Announced!

Congratulations to Amy Tidd, Stephanie Whiting and Sarah Clegg for WINNING our Twitter book giveaway! They all won themselves a free copy of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl! All our winners were delighted to find out they won! Amy said she was “delighted to have won the Twitter competition”, while Stephanie expressed her love for the classic story by Road Dahl by saying “I love Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!”

Marty the Wizard of Imagine Forest

I’m on mission to make writing stories fun for kids! My name is Marty and I’m the Great Wizard of Imagine Forest. I spend most my days taking care of the mystical creatures that live within Imagine Forest, writing stories for kids and thinking of ways to make story writing fun and exciting for children. You can follow my adventures…