12 Tips to Help Build Your Child’s Writing Skills

Writing helps in the communication of thoughts, demonstrating mastery of skills and complete tasks. It’s vital for every elementary school learner’s education. Therefore, need for how to enhance writing skills for kids. Writing isn’t an easy task for every student. For struggling scribblers tackling assessments and assignments might leave them discouraged and frustrated. Putting thoughts into words in an organized manner can be challenging. But don’t worry, here are 12 tips to help build your child’s writing skills.

  1. Start writing early

Research shows that scripting and reading development are tangled in early learning stages. The physical act for kids to draft words enhances the child’s ability to use a pen. The corresponding relationship between writing and reading goes on past these early efforts.

  1. Provide various writing

Pretty papers and fun pens can be a brilliant motivational tool. Switch away from pencils and pens. Finger paintings, salt writing tray or sidewalk chalk on the driveway, these all are fun activities that sharpen their skills. Take a look at these fun writing activities for more inspiration.

  1. Create writing space at home free from distractions

Set a corner in your home that is devoted to writing. Having an isolated area entirely dedicated for penning will free young children from disturbances and give them the focus they need.

  1. Pick learning vocabulary from home for the week

Integrate these words in your daily figure of speech and written work. Words like “curious” and “obstacle” are a good start. You can even suggest some funny words to use. Your child should utilise them both in a written story. For more tips on vocabulary, take a look at these 8 ways to improve your child’s vocabulary.

  1. Encourage kids to write on various niches

Your child could author a fictional story, make a shopping list or send a letter to distant family members, insist on handwritten work. Transcribing is becoming a lost art. Pen pals are a great idea too, draft letters and drop for them to find.

  1. Take advantage of technology to improve writing skills for kids

Persuade your child to publish a story online and send email to friends and distant family members. Imagine Forest is a great tool for publishing stories online and getting feedback on your child’s stories. Let your child benefit from technology as you allow him or her to create their own blogs.

  1. Let your child observe you writing since this can challenge them

Smile while doing and be a great model too! Share your writing with her or him as you tell them how you use this skill in your professional and personal life. Show them different written work; journal pages, business communication, and printed letters. Invest time in your child’s work; be available when they need your help in proofreading and spelling. If you make writing a priority for you, it will be easier for them to improve.

  1. Bond your child’s passion with writing

If your daughter has an interest in “Magic House” book series, ask her to draft a letter to Mary Osborne. You can do that with your son who is interested in mystery, to hunt the scavenger with addressed hints for a lost treasure.

  1. Make writing a daily routine and come up with a schedule on how to help your child

For improved writing skills, learners must spend time scribbling. This will help them gain confidence. Regular reading strengthens kid’s prowess and expands their vocabulary showing different ways of using words. Starting reading early makes children become influential authors. Make sure each day there is something that they are scribbling about, from drafting journals to a grocery list. This practice goes a long away improving a child’s writing skills.

  1. Writing should be on practical basis.

It requires a lot of patience and time developing great authoring skills; you can take advantage of these writing exercises for kids. Frequent lettering time in a designated place, lots of reading, and incorporating games and fun writing activities will go a long way in boosting their art. Building affection of scribbling beyond messy and quick world of tweeting and texting is a brilliant idea for children.

  1. Parents should enrich and support their kids drafting skills in a home environment.

Helping them may make the whole affair enjoyable and more comfortable. Julie Bogart makes a point that “basic age kids are poor composers because it takes about ten years of practice to pen well”. Encourage performance, talk about everything and build their vocabulary.

  1. Content and genre knowledge

When kids are exposed to reading with explicit instructions on how to be taught about memoir and biography. It’s through this exposure that young children get to know the art of scribbling on their own. They gain ground knowledge through field trips, reading and family outings.

Finally, you should always try to keep writing fun and creative to keep kids excited about writing. For more tips, see this post on creative writing tips for kids.

12 Tips to Help Build Your Childs Writing Skills

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