Christmas Book Title Generator: 150+ Book Title Ideas

We’re feeling very festive this year at Imagine Forest. After posting our Christmas elf name generator last week, we now created a cool Christmas book title generator. Our generator has over 150 festive Christmas book titles to inspire you to write your own Christmas story (see these Chrstimas writing prompts)! From traditional festive book titles to funny book title ideas, you’re sure to find a Christmas book title perfect for your festive story. 

Christmas Book Title Generator

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Creating your Own Christmas Book Title

If you didn’t like any of the above Christmas book titles, then it’s time to create your own. When it comes to creating festive book titles, there are two techniques you can use:

  1. Old-school adjective and noun technique
  2. Festive Christmas phrase technique

Of course, you could just go wild and come up with any random title as well! But the above two techniques are a great place to start when coming up with a Christmas book title. Let’s start with the first technique.

You could even take a look at this list of the best picture books for Christmas or these Christmas story ideas for some inspiration.

Old-school adjective and noun technique

The most common technique for generating book title ideas is the adjective and noun technique. And it’s a straightforward technique too! You simply pick an adjective and combine it with a noun. When it comes to Christmas book titles, you’ll probably want to pick a festive adjective, like Jolly or Peaceful. And then pick a Christmas noun like Elf, Candle or Carol. Combining the two, you’ll get the following potential book title ideas:

  • The Jolly Elf
  • The Peaceful Candle
  • The Peaceful Carol
  • The Jolly Carol

Some combinations of adjectives and nouns might not sound right or not make any sense. For these, you can re-adjust the title slightly or just ignore it. Now it’s your turn to try this technique. First, start by making a list of festive adjectives and create another list of festive nouns. Once you are done, simply combine some of these to create a bunch of potential book titles for your festive story. 

Take a look at this printable Christmas book title generator to give you some cool ideas:

Christmas Book Title Generator 2

Festive Christmas phrase technique

Inspired by famous Christmas Carols and songs, we created this very-festive Christmas phrase technique. The idea behind this technique is that you take the title of a famous Christmas carol or song. And then change it slightly to create your own festive book title.  

Take for example the song, ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’. Based on this song title, the format you would follow is: [Noun] is Coming to [Location]. Following this format, you could come up with the following book title ideas:

  • Elf is Coming to Las Vegas
  • Rudolph is Coming Home
  • Frosty is Coming to England
  • Snowfall Coming to Australia
  • Angels Coming to the City

Another example of a popular song title is, ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’. Based on this title you can use the following format, [Name] the [Adjective] [Noun]. And with this format you can come up with the following Christmas book title ideas:

  • Tinsley the Sparkly Christmas Elf
  • Mike the Greedy Cookie
  • Frosty the Silent Snowman
  • Snooty the Old Christmas Tree
  • Vixen the Playful Reindeer

See our guide on how to come up with a good book title for more guidance.

Based on the festive Christmas phrase technique, we created this Christmas book title generator to help you get some ideas:

Christmas Book Title Generator 1

Random Christmas Book Title Ideas

Get some quick inspiration with this mega list of random Christmas book title ideas:

  • Golden Carols
  • Weird Reindeer
  • Weird Christmas Tree
  • Spiritual December
  • Dark Miracle
  • Beautiful Elves
  • Wonderful Gingerbread
  • White Reindeer
  • Spiritual Turkey
  • Dark Gingerbread
  • Fantastic Candy Canes
  • Bright Miracle
  • Cold Holidays
  • Golden Candle
  • Silent Ornaments
  • Cheerful Reindeer
  • Shiny Reindeer
  • Dear Nativity
  • Shiny Christmas Tree
  • Merry Mittens
  • Dark December
  • Cheerful Sleigh
  • Merry Nativity
  • The Peaceful Carol
  • Icy Pudding
  • Jolly Candle
  • Special Santa
  • Icy Miracle
  • Special Mittens
  • Merry Gingerbread
  • Fantastic Stocking
  • Bright Tradition
  • Shiny Candle
  • Bright Turkey
  • Special Bells
  • Fancy Gingerbread
  • Fancy Christmas Tree
  • Weird Pudding
  • Special Tradition
  • Joyful Miracle
  • Beautiful Santa
  • Jolly Angel
  • Golden December
  • Icy Candy Canes
  • Dark Holidays
  • Frosty Snowmen
  • Bright Reindeer
  • Joyful December
  • Red Bells
  • Fancy Sleigh
  • Fancy Holidays
  • Happy Holidays
  • Spiritual Santa
  • Dark Winter
  • Jolly Turkey
  • Wonderful Mince Pies
  • Peaceful Ornaments
  • Some Cookies Wait To Sparkle
  • Silent Angel
  • Happy Christmas Tree
  • Wonderful Angel
  • Wonderful Cookies
  • Cheerful Pudding
  • Merry Pudding
  • Spiritual Winter
  • Wonderful Winter
  • Red Miracle
  • Cheerful Santa
  • Dear Miracle
  • Bright December
  • White Santa
  • Fancy Tradition
  • Magical Bells
  • White Turkey
  • Cold Winter
  • Blessed Candle
  • Dark Ornaments
  • Dear Candy Canes
  • Peaceful Ornaments Must Fight
  • Silent Carolers Can Fall
  • Wonderful Mittens Always Decorate
  • Red-Nosed Snowmen May Decorate
  • Silent Snowmen Meet To Sing
  • Magical Mittens May Ride
  • Fancy Snowmen Come to Stay Up
  • Mean Elves Meet To Sparkle
  • If Toys Shall Fight
  • All Cookies Meet To Sing
  • Fancy Elves Always Whistle
  • Nutty Elves Will Jingle
  • Twelve Snowflakes Could Sing
  • Silver Families Shall Cry
  • Fancy Reindeers Must Jingle
  • Festive Ornaments Never Drink
  • Some Angels Meet To Pray
  • Some Trees Shall Play
  • Silent Stars Can Disappear
  • All Families Come to Bake
  • O Holy Mittens Never Leave
  • When Angels Never Stay Up
  • Old Snowflakes Will Leave
  • O Holy Elves May Wrap Presents
  • Little Reindeers May Celebrate
  • Silent Snowflakes Can Decorate
  • Some Families May Sleep
  • All Toys Meet To Cook
  • All Carolers Can Dance
  • When Stars Come to Sleep
  • Silver Angels Meet To Ride
  • Old Families Must Stay Up
  • If Snowflakes Could Stay Up
  • December Snowmen Always Party
  • Fancy Toys Always Sleep
  • Wise Friends Can Wrap Presents
  • Merry Stars Wait to Drink
  • O Holy Elves Should Disappear
  • Holiday Snowflakes Shall Wrap Presents
  • All Friends Must Eat
  • December Reindeers Wait to Fall
  • Little Carolers Meet To Whistle
  • If Friends May Dance
  • Wise Elves Should Stay Up
  • Mean Carolers Wait to Fall
  • Mean Ornaments Could Play
  • Nutty Families Will Party
  • Mean Cookies Wait to Decorate
  • Old Trees Will Play
  • Jolly Stockings Come to Decorate
  • Nutty Elves Must Cook
  • Holiday Snowflakes Meet To Sing
  • Red-Nosed Families Shall Whistle
  • December Elves Come to Cry
  • Wonderful Ornaments Must Play
  • Wonderful Friends Must Fight
  • Fancy Elves Wait to Eat
  • When Families Will Stay Up
  • Nutty Carolers Must Eat
  • Elf is Coming to Las Vegas
  • Rudolph is Coming Home
  • Frosty is Coming to England
  • Snowfall Coming to Australia
  • Angels Coming to the City
  • December Stockings Always Disappear
  • Silver Angels Come to Disappear
  • Happy Mittens Shall Jingle
  • Jolly Stars Will Ride
  • Red-Nosed Trees Will Eat
  • Twelve Reindeers Come to Cry
  • Some Cookies Could Sparkle
  • Merry Stockings Always Bake
  • Festive Boots Meet To Believe
  • Holiday Stockings Can Cook
  • Silver Cookies Shall Leave
  • If Elves Will Fight
  • O Holy Angels Meet To Decorate
  • When Stockings Always Eat
  • Tinsley the Sparkly Christmas Elf
  • Mike the Greedy Cookie
  • Frosty the Silent Snowman
  • Snooty the Old Christmas Tree
  • Vixen the Playful Reindeer
  • Fancy Families Can Decorate
  • Festive Friends Could Decorate
  • O Holy Ornaments May Disappear
  • Festive Mittens Wait to Sleep
  • Red-Nosed Trees Should Celebrate
  • Red-Nosed Toys Wait to Celebrate
  • Wise Angels Must Sparkle
  • When Carolers Never Whistle
  • Some Stars Come to Fight

Using our Christmas book title generator and the techniques mentioned above, what book title ideas have you come up with? Let us know in the comments below! And have a merry Christmas!

Christmas book title ideas

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