7 Ways Crossword Puzzles Are Good For Kids Learning

Crossword puzzles have long been thought of as something that older folks do when they have some free time. It was almost unheard of to see children working on a crossword puzzle, but thank goodness those days are over. Crossword puzzles have a ton of positive benefits for kids, so we’re glad to see an uprise in children doing crossword puzzles in and out of schools.

Learn New Spelling Words

If a child is doing a crossword puzzle, they will obviously have to take a good look at the word and how it’s spelled. It has to be spelt correctly, or they won’t be able to find it in the crossword puzzle. That being said, crossword puzzles allow children to learn new spelling words and improve their vocabulary significantly. The more they look at the word and try to find it in the puzzle, the more it imprints in their brains so they will remember it for the future.

Crossword puzzles are an excellent way to learn spelling words for your child as well. Consider making a crossword puzzle that focus solely on their spelling words for the week, and you will see that they will remember it far easier for their spelling tests. You might also be interested in our online daily word challenge, where your child is introduced to a new word every day.

Build Problem Solving Skills

Did you know that nobody is born with problem-solving skills? This skill has to be learned throughout our lifetime, and it’s better to get an early start on it. One way you can help build problem-solving skills for your child is by using crossword puzzles.

Think about it, your child will need to spend ample time trying to figure out how and where the word is hiding inside the puzzle. This uses their brain power and allows them to use different methods of problem-solving in order to find the word. This will not only help them in the puzzle but help them build a skill that they will use for the rest of their life, and that’s simply priceless!

Improve Memory

Crossword puzzles take a whole lot of brain power in order to complete, and with all of that time spent looking back at the word and searching for it in the puzzle, the word is bound to hayamix.com imprint on your little one’s brain.

Not only will they be able to memorise all new words with ease, but it will also train their brain to use their memory more. All of that brain power that’s being used to finish the crossword puzzle is only working to increase their memory all around, which is something that will be very beneficial for them throughout their entire life.

Improve Concentration

It’s no secret that crossword puzzles take time. You certainly can’t sweep through an entire puzzle in less than 5 minutes! So what does that mean for your little one who’s spending plenty of time on the crossword puzzle? Simple answer, improving their concentration.

This is one of the greatest things about crossword puzzles. Instead of laying around watching television or playing on a gaming console, crossword puzzles take the screen out of playtime and allows your child to relax and use their brain and concentration to complete a task.

As a parent, I’m sure you will agree that we want less and less screen time in our children’s lives. If we want them to use their brains more while still having a good time, crossword puzzles are an excellent way to do so. This will make their brain crave needy for screens and constant entertainment, allowing them to enjoy finer things in life and improve their concentration levels incredibly.

Helps with Reading Skills

Does your child struggle with reading in any way? Crossword puzzles may be your answer! After all, with all of that time spent on looking at the words and trying to find them hidden in the puzzle, they will become more acclimated with letters and different words.

After doing plenty of crossword puzzles you will likely find that your child has a much easier time with reading and writing altogether. As they learns new ways and new words spelled in different manners, they will be able to find these words in books and have no issue reading them aloud.

They’re Fun

It’s safe to say that there are a TON of positive benefits of crossword puzzles for children. In fact, this article has given us 10 easy hacks to nail crossword puzzles. Crossword puzzles improve a child’s life not only in the short term but in the long run as well.

But another great thing about crossword puzzles is that they are FUN! It’s so exciting to find a word in the puzzle that you’ve been searching for. It’s such a sigh of relief and excitement, which can actually end up boosting your child’s confidence as they are able to conquer even the more difficult crossword puzzles all by themselves. Another fun game you might want to try out is telephone pictionary!

Bonding Time

The last reason we think that crossword puzzles are great for kids learning is that it allows for bonding time between you and your child. Why is this important? Well, the simple fact that children need special time with their parent is a given. However, some research claims that the more bonding time a child receives, the better they do in school and homework activities.

Combining bonding time with something that improves their brain is a great way to make sure your child grows up happy and smart. Try and do a crossword puzzle with your little one at least once a week, that way you have a special bonding time and a learning time that will come together for a great evening your child will look forward to.


Crossword puzzles are great for children! Not only does it allow them to have fun doing something without a screen in their face, but it helps to improve their reading comprehension, memory levels, problem-solving skills, and so much more. How often does your child do a crossword puzzle? Let us know in the comments!

Ways Crossword Puzzles Are Good For Kids

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