365 Daily Writing Prompts: Daily Writing Exercises & Challenges!

Looking to improve your writing skills? Then you’ll have to practice writing every day! To provide you with daily inspiration, we have created these 365 daily writing prompts for you to use. These daily writing ideas make wonderful ‘warm-up’ activities to supercharge your brain before actually writing. You could even use these daily prompts, as inspiration for your journal or diary entries. To keep things light, we separated the writing prompts by month, from January to December.

Most of these prompts have been written for middle school students. However, they can also be used for students in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades with extra support. We have also tried to include international holidays and famous birthdays for each month. This way the writing prompts can be both educational and inspirational! We hope this collection of writing prompts are useful for all types of writers. You might also want to check out our mega list of over 300 creative writing prompts for kids to inspire your next story!

Table of Contents:

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January Writing Prompts (New Beginnings)

January, the month of new beginnings and resolutions. This list of writing prompts will help you reflect on the year gone by and the year coming up:

  1. New Year’s resolutions: Write down at least 3 New Year’s resolutions and explain how you will achieve these. You can even create a plan to achieve your New Year’s resolutions (More New Year’s Writing Prompts). 
  2. Science Fiction Day: Write a survival guide for aliens who want to live on Earth. You can tell them about your language, food, shops, TV etc.
  3. J.R.R. Tolkien’s Birthday: In the first book of the Lord of the Rings series (The Fellowship of the Ring), Mr Bilbo Baggins announces that he will be celebrating his 111th Birthday with a big party. Can you create a party invitation for Bibo’s upcoming birthday party? 
  4. Isacc Newton’s Birthday: Isaac Newton is known as the man who discovered gravity. Write a story using the following story starter: Woke by the sound of breaking glass, something was not right…What was I doing on the ceiling?
  5. January Acrostic Poem: Write a cool wintery acrostic poem using the words that spell out J-A-N-U-A-R-Y.
  6. Joan of Arc’s Birthday: Joan of Arc is famous for leading the French army against the English during the Hundred Years War at the age of 17. To celebrate her birthday, how about writing a letter to Joan of Arc from the point of view of a French citizen at the time of the war? What would you say to her about the work she has been doing for France? 
  7. Winter Holiday Memories: What was the best thing that happened to you over the winter holidays? What was the worst thing that happened to you over the winter holidays?
  8. Elvis Presley’s Birthday: Also known as the king of rock and roll! To celebrate, can you write a song about winter dreams?
  9. Goal Setting: Write down your 5-year plan. What goals do you have for the next 5 years? What would you like to have accomplished in the next 5 years?
  10. Winter Senses: Using the five senses technique can you describe winter (sight, smell, taste, hear and touch)?
  11. I’m a little snowflake: If you were a snowflake, what would you do? What would you say? How would you feel?
  12. Snowstorm Story: Write a survival story about being trapped in a snowstorm. How will the story end – will it be happy, sad or a cliffhanger?
  13. New Beginnings: Write a short 500-word story titled, New Beginnings. You can write about the last year and how things will be different this year.
  14. Make Your Dreams Come True Day: Write down your biggest dream and a step-by-step plan on how you can achieve your dream.
  15. Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday: Describe one thing you would like to change in the world and why.
  16. “Snow is diamonds for a faery’s feet”: Using this quote from Ruby Archer’s poem – Can you write your own wintery poem about faeries?
  17. Lessons Learnt: Write down three lessons you learnt from last year. How did you learn from them? Did anyone help or teach you?
  18. A.A.Milne’s Birthday: A.A Milne is the author of the Winnie the Pooh Books. Inspired by Winnie the Pooh, can you write a poem using the word ‘Hunny’? (View more Winnie the pooh writing prompts)
  19. 1 Year Time Machine: If you had a time machine that can only go back 1 year, what would you change in the past year?
  20. Blue January: Write down a list of at least 10 things that make you laugh.
  21. Squirrel Appreciation Day: Write a guide for building a home for squirrels from the point of view of a squirrel. What things would they need to collect and where would they find them.
  22. Celebration of Life Day: List at least 10 things that you love about life.
  23. Handwriting Day: Can you write the word January in at least 3 different handwriting styles? 
  24. Winter how-to: It’s cold out there! Write a how-to guide on how to make hot chocolate. Don’t forget about your favourite toppings.
  25. Winter Sports: What is your favourite winter sport and why?
  26. It’s Snowing Marshmallows: Instead of snowflakes, it snows marshmallows. What would you do? What would other people do?
  27. Lewis Carroll’s Birthday: Lewis Carroll is the writer of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. To celebrate his birthday can you write a shape poem in the shape of a teapot (see shape poem tips).
  28. It’s Freezing Outside: What do you like to do during winter when it’s too cold to go outside?
  29. Winter Animals: Research and list at least 5 winter animals. Describe what they do during winter and at other times of the year.
  30. Snowball fight: How do you win a snowball fight? Write down your best tips for winning a snowball fight.
  31. Do you believe in snow angels? Overnight the snow angel you made comes to life and grants you 3 wishes until they disappear again. What are your 3 wishes?

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February Writing Prompts (Love & Peace)

February, the month of love and peace. Here are some love-inspired prompts to get you writing this month:

  1. February Acrostic Poem: Write a love-inspired acrostic poem using the words that spell out F-E-B-R-U-A-R-Y.
  2. Love-heart poem: Write a shape poem in the shape of a heart inspired by everything you love.
  3. Love Birds: Write a short story about a street pigeon who falls in love with a beautiful eagle. Why can’t the two be together?
  4. Valentine’s Gift: Apart from candy and cards, what other Valentine’s Day gifts can you give to someone you love?
  5. Cupid’s Arrow: Write a short story between 300 to 500 words including the following items: Cupid, love potion and some candy.
  6. Symbol of Love: The heart is normally considered as a symbol of love. Why is that? If you could create your own symbol of love – What would it be?
  7. Charles Dickens Birthday: Charles Dickens is the writer of Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol and many other books. Inspired by Oliver Twist, do you think money can bring you happiness? Write an argument for and against this statement.
  8. History of Valentine’s Day: Research the history of Valentine’s day. How do you think it was created? And why was it created?
  9. Candy Maker: Design your own Valentine’s Day candy. What ingredients would you use? What colours would it be? How would it taste?
  10. Finish this Sentence: I will show love to someone this week by ___________________.
  11. Candy vs. card: For Valentine’s Day, would you rather want a card or some candy? Explain your choice.
  12. Valentine’s Day Card: Create your own Valentine’s Day card to give to a friend at school. Don’t forget to write a lovely message inside (for inspiration see our post on Valentine’s Day Cards). 
  13. The night before Valentine’s Day: Write a love letter to a best friend. In the letter, you can write about all the things you like about them.
  14. Valentine’s Day: There’s still time for a quick haiku poem about love that you can share with a friend or family member.
  15. Feelings: When I receive a Valentine’s Day gift, I feel __________.
  16. Holiday Love: If I could create my whole public holiday on something I love, I would celebrate ______________.
  17. Love for all: Do you think that all people deserve to be loved? And Why?
  18. Love changes the world: Do you think the world needs more love? How would the world change if there was more love?
  19. Sibling love: Do you have any siblings? If yes, make a list of things you love about them.
  20. Animal love: Do you think that animals feel love? How do they express love? Can you think of a couple of animals and how they show love?
  21. Love Robot: Design your own love robot. Why is this a love robot? What does it do when switched on?
  22. Meaning of Love: How do you know that you are loved? What makes you feel loved and cared about? What are some ways of showing love to someone?
  1. Happy Times: Think about a time when you were really happy. What made you happy and why?
  2. Movie Love: Have you seen a movie recently about love? How did the characters show love to each other? Why do think this movie was about love?
  3. Pancake Day: Write a set of instructions on how to make pancakes.
  4. Love Acrostic Poem: Write an acrostic poem using the words that spell out L-O-V-E.
  5. International Polar Bear Day: Imagine you are a little polar bear living in the North Pole. The world around you is melting – How would you react? What would you do to help your family? 
  6. Explain Love: How would you explain love to an alien from outer space, who has never heard of ‘love’. What words would you use to describe love? What examples of love would you give to the alien?
  7. Love words: Write a list of words that comes to mind when you think of love. Aim for at least 10 words. 

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March Writing Prompts (Women’s History Month)

The theme for March is women’s history. Let’s celebrate the power of women through history, as well as a few other cool events with these inspirational prompts:

  1. March Acrostic Poem: Write an inspirational acrostic poem using the words that spell out M-A-R-C-H.
  2. Dr. Seuss’s Birthday: Can you write a poem inspired by one of Dr. Suess’s most iconic characters, the Cat in the Hat (Take a look at this fun cat in the hat poem example)?
  3. World Wildlife Day: Pick a habitat from the following: Rain Forest, under the sea, or desert. Write a fact file on the dangers these habitats face? How can people prevent these? What can the everyday person do to help?
  4. Women of Aviation week starts: Aviation relates to everything from aeroplanes to space travel. Research the history of any of the following famous women aviators (Amelia Earhart, Eileen Collins or Bessie Coleman ) and write a short story about at least one of them.
  5. World Book Day: Write a book review of any book you have read recently. What did you like about it? Would you change anything?
  6. Aeroplane designer: Design your own plane or aeroplane. What features would it have?
  7. Women’s Rights: Why do you think it is important to have equal rights between men and women? Do you think women in today’s world have the same rights as men?
  8. International Women’s Day: Write at least 500 words about a woman that inspires you. This can be your mother, sister or a famous woman that changed history. What is it about them that inspires you? What lessons have you learned from them?
  9. Dream Job: When you grow up, What will your dream job be? What do you like about it?
  10. Respect: Write an acrostic poem using the words from respect: R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
  11. Role Models: Can you list 3 women that you look up to and 3 men that you look up to? Why do you respect them? What is it about them you like? 
  12. Stereotypes: Can you think of some common stereotypes that people have of women? Why are these stereotypes wrong? For example, some people think women should stay at home and not work – do you agree or disagree with this statement?
  13. Superheroes: Design your own superhero. What powers do they have? What is their weakness? How did they become a superhero?
  14. Pi or Pie: Pi is a number around 3.142 and pie is…well food as you know. Write a story which includes pie or pi – it’s up to you!
  15. Real-life heroes: Heroes can come in all shapes and sizes. Write about a real-life superhero in your life. It could be your mom, dad or siblings or anyone else. What makes them a hero?
  16. Women in movies: Think about your favourite movie. Who is the main character? What role do women play in that movie?
  17. Saying No: Have you have said ‘no’ to someone? How did it feel? 
  18. Learning from mistakes: Have you made a mistake recently? What was that mistake? What did you learn from this?
  19. Spring is starting: Spring is all about flowers blooming and animals coming out of hibernating. Pretend you’re a flower just waking up after a long winter sleep – What are your first thoughts? How would you feel? You can even draw a picture of a flower to inspire you.
  20. World Sparrow Day: Write your own Sparrow poem in any format. You can research sparrows before writing your poem or look at these inspirational sparrow poems for ideas.
  21. World Poetry Day: Write a poem in any format you like about all of your favourite things. You can title it, Favourite Things. 
  22. Mother’s Day: List all the ways your mom makes you happy. You can even create a poem from this list.
  23. World Meteorological Day: Finish the following sentence: I wish it would rain _______ because _____________.
  24. Working Mom: Do you think that ‘stay-at-home mom’ is a full-time job? Why or why not?
  25. Inventor: You are the cleverest person in the world. Using your clever mind, what would you invent? Will this invention be used for good or evil? Would it help the world?
  26. 26. I believe: Write a list of things you believe in. You can finish the following sentence: I believe that _____________________.
  27. World Theatre Day: Create your own puppets and role-play a scene from your favourite TV show or movie.
  28. Spoken like a true hero: Write a dialogue or script between you and a superhero of your choice. What would you say to them? How would they reply?
  29. Doctor vs. Dancer: Would you rather be a doctor or a world-famous dancer? Provide the pros and cons of both jobs.
  30. Being Feminine: What does being ‘feminine’ mean? How is it different from being ‘masculine’? 
  31. Wage War: Design a poster, protesting equal pay for both women and men. What jobs do you think men get paid more for than women? Are there any jobs where women might get paid more than men?

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April Writing Prompts (National Pet Month)

We dedicate April to all the wonderful and loyal pets out there – Happy National Pet Month! Here are some fun April prompts dedicated to pets and more:

  1. April Fool’s Day: What is the funniest joke anyone has played on you? Plan out your own joke to play in a friend.
  2. Hans Christian Anderson’s Birthday: Hans Christian is the original writer of fairy-tales like the Princess and the Pea and The Little Mermaid. Can you write your own fairy-tale following this step-by-step guide on writing your own fairytale? 
  3. April Acrostic Poem: Write a cute pet-inspired acrostic poem using the words that spell out A-P-R-I-L.
  4. Maya Angelou’s Birthday: What do you think Maya Angelou means by this quote? “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”
  5. Superdog Adventures: Your new pet dog has superpowers! Create a comic strip about this super dog’s adventures. Who’s the villain? What are its powers?
  6. Pet Guide: Create a small guide or handbook on how to take care of a pet of your choice. What food will the pet eat? How will you keep it healthy?
  7. World Health Day: Write a step-by-step guide on how to stay fit and healthy. What type of food should you eat? How many times a week should you exercise?
  8. International Day of Pink: Do you like the colour pink? Why or why not? What type of things are the colour pink?
  9. Ninja Kitty: Your normal house cat has a secret life. At night, it’s a crime-fighting ninja kitty. Write a short story about ninja kitty’s adventures as a crime fighter and a house cat.
  10. Siblings Day: What do you like most about your brother or sister? Don’t have a sibling – Do you wish you did have a brother or sister?
  11. Family Pet: Do you think that all families should have a pet? Explain your answer. 
  12. Easter Sunday: Write a letter to the Easter Bunny. You can ask him about where he lives? What does he do when Easter ends? How does he celebrate the holiday? See our Easter writing prompts post for more prompts.
  13. Talking Pet: One day your pet starts talking. What would it say to you? Write a script between your talking pet and you. 
  14. Dragon vs. Unicorn: Would you rather have a pet dragon or a pet unicorn? Explain your choice.
  15. World Art Day: Using a piece of artwork you recently created or artwork by another artist – Can you write at 150 words to describe it?
  16. World Voice Day: Your favourite celebrity is about to give a talk on violence against pets. Can you help them by writing a powerful speech for their talk? 
  17. Wild Pet: Which wild animal in the whole world would you like as your dream pet and why?
  18. Twisted world: You wake up in a world where humans are the pets. And dogs and cats are our owners.  What do you think will happen next? How do you think you would feel to be treated like a pet?
  19. Cat vs. Dog: Do cats make better pets than dogs? Explain your answer. 
  20. Growing Pet: Every day your pet keeps growing and growing. Soon it is bigger than your house! What would you do next?
  21. Start of National Wildlife Week: Think about a local species that lives in your area. How can you protect this animal?
  22. Earth Day: Make a list of 10 things you can do to protect the Earth. Think about recycling, volunteering and protecting the local wildlife. Here are some more Earth Day writing prompts.
  23. William Shakespeare’s Birthday: William Shakespeare once said: “All that glitters is not gold”. What do you think he meant by this quote?
  24. Pet Games: Invent a new game to play with any pet of your choice.
  25. National telephone day: You answer the phone one day and it’s your favourite celebrity on the phone! Write a list of questions you would like to ask them and then possible answers they might give.
  26. National Kids & Pets day: Do you have a pet? If yes, write down 5 things you love about them. If you don’t have a pet – Write 5 reasons why you should get a pet to convince your parents.
  27. National Tell a Story Day: Write a short story around 300 to 500 words which includes the following objects: A golden bone, Dalmation puppy and a talkative parrot.
  28. National Great Poetry Reading Day: Write a rhyming poem about the best pet in the world and why it is the best pet to have.
  29. Penguin Day: What is the biggest danger that penguins in the north pole face? How can you help them?
  30. National Honesty Day: What is the thing you are most frightened of? You can write this in a journal entry format.

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May Writing Prompts (Photo Month)

Get your camera out because May is also known as photo month. Take some snaps and write some cool stories this May:

  1. May Day: Why do people celebrate May Day? Why is it important? Do some research at your local library to find out.
  2. May Acrostic Poem: Write an acrostic poem to describe May using the words that spell out M-A-Y.
  3. Photo Pick: Pick any photo or picture at random and write at least 150 words about it. You can use this inspirational image gallery to help you.
  4. Star Wars Day: May the Fourth be with you – It’s Star Wars Day! Who is your favourite Star Wars Character and why? Never seen Stars Wars? Don’t worry – You can create your own alien and describe it.
  5. World Laughter Day: Invent your own ‘knock knock’ joke. If you’re really good at writing jokes you can even write your own mini-joke book.
  6. Celebrity Pic: Using a photo of your favourite celebrity, can you list at least 10 words to describe them.
  7. Magic Camera: There’s a magic camera. Every time you take a picture you can use it to travel back to that time. Which moment in your life would you travel back to if you had this camera?
  8. Bug Paparazzi: Go outside and take some snaps of some insects in the wild. Use these photographs to write a short story called, The Secret Life of Bugs. If you can’t take any photos, you can use these images below as inspiration: 
  9. Photo Inspiration: Using the picture below, come up with at least three different story ideas: 
  10. Perspectives: Write a short story from the point of view of any of the characters in the picture below: 
  11. International Astronomy Day: Write a poem in any format you like about the stars. How would you describe them? What if you could touch them?
  12. So Funny: Finish the following sentence in five different ways: You are as funny as a _________.
  13. The Old Days: Find a photo of yourself when you were younger. Using this photo, can you remember what happened on that day? Try writing at least three things you remember.
  14. Future Self: Write a description of yourself in 10 years time. How would you look? What would you wear?
  15. Frank Baum’s Birthday: Frank Baum is famous for writing the Wizard of Oz books. Can you write your own short story about courage? You can use the following quote by Frank Baum as inspiration: “true courage is in facing danger when you are afraid…”
  16. Monday Mornings: Finish the following sentence in five ways: Monday mornings taste like _______________.
  17. First Impressions: Imagine you are meeting the person in the image below for the first time. What do you think of them? Are they good or evil? What could their interests be? Do they have a job? What else can you say about them? 
  18. Comic Yourself: Create a comic strip about your day so far.
  19. Who am I? Write a least 3 words to describe yourself. Now write 3 words others would use to describe you? Compare the two lists. 
  20. Name Poem: Using the letters of your first name, write your own acrostic poem.
  21. Create a Monster: Draw and describe your own little monster. What does it look like? What does it eat? How does it smell? What does it sound like?
  22. Wanted: Create a wanted poster for your favourite villain or bad guy.
  23. World Turtle Day: Write a short story about a little turtle lost at sea. How will he/she find their way back home?
  24. Scene-it: Using your five senses describe the following scene (feel, hear, smell, sight and taste): 
  25. Snappy Slogans: Think of three different snappy slogans to go with this image:  
  26. Nice Try: What other words can you use to describe something instead of nice? List at least 20 words. 
  27. Scuba-diving vs. Snowboarding: Would you rather go scuba-diving or snowboarding. Explain your answer. 
  28. Board Games: Write a short story based on your favourite board game. 
  29. Something beginning with…: Pick an object in your room beginning with ‘S’. Now write a poem in any format you like about it.
  30.  Nothing to see: Describe your table without using physical appearance or sight. Instead, you can use senses like touch and smell.
  31. Sunflower Haiku: Write a haiku about sunflowers. 

For more visual prompts, please see our post on how to use image prompts.

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June Writing Prompts (Great Outdoors & Camping)

Do you love the great outdoors? Well… you better because June is national great outdoors and camping month! Here are some cool writing prompts you can take to camp with you:

  1. June Acrostic Poem: Write an acrostic poem about the great outdoors using the words that spell out J-U-N-E.
  2. Norton Juster’s Birthday: Using the following quote by Norton Juster: “You must never feel badly about making mistakes…as long as you take the trouble to learn from them.” – Can you write about a mistake you recently made and what did you learn from it? 
  3. Campfire story: Write a short story to tell over a campfire. The scarier the better. 
  4. Survival: Write a survival story about being stranded on an island. How will you get home? What tools would you use to survive? Are you alone on the island?
  5. World Environment Day: Create your own poster about protecting the environment. What will your slogan be? What kind of images will you draw on it?
  6. Woodland creatures: What kind of animals live in the woods? Choose one woodland animal and write a day in the life story about them.
  7. Outdoor Activity Guide: Pick any outdoor activity of your choice (i.e. fishing, treasure hunting, sports). Now write a step by step guide on how to play it.
  8. World Ocean Day: What is your favourite sea-life animal? Can you find at least 5 fun facts about that animal?
  9. Night Owl vs. Early Birdie: Write a short story which includes both a night owl and an early birdie. 
  10. Tree no more: Imagine if all the trees and flowers started to disappear – What would happen to the world? Will animals survive? What about the people?
  11. Observation: Go outside today. For 1 to 3 minutes, write what comes to mind. Look around and take note of what you hear, see and smell. 
  12. Anne Frank’s Birthday: Anne Frank is famous for writing diary entries during World War 2. Write your own diary entry about your day so far. What was the worst part of your day? What was your favourite part of the day?
  13. Random Word: Flick open a random page in a book or dictionary and then pick a random word. Now use it in three different sentences.
  14. Complete the sentence: Finish the following sentence in five different ways: The weather outside is ____________.
  15. Nature Photography Day: Go outside and take a picture of your favourite nature spot or use a picture from a brochure or magazine. Describe this natural setting using the five senses technique. 
  16. Talking trees: Imagine if trees could talk. What would they say to you? Write out a short script about the conversation you would have with a tree.
  17. Dream Treehouse: Describe your dream treehouse. You even draw a picture of it. How would you enter the treehouse? What kind of windows would it have? Will it have any games inside it?
  18. International Picnic Day: You’re going on a picnic! Plan out your picnic basket. What type of food will you take? What sorts of snacks?
  19. Pack a suitcase. Your suitcase only has room for 10 items. Which 10 items would you take on holiday with you and why?
  20. First Day of Summer: The summer holidays are coming up! What are your plans for the holidays? Create a bucket list of things you want to do over the summer.
  21. Father’s Day: Create a card for your father or an important male figure in your life. You can include a short poem inside about everything you like about them.
  22. Animals: If you could be any animal in the world, what would you be and why?
  23. Nature Journal: Write one journal entry into your nature journal about the great outdoors. Think about everything you saw while you were outdoors today.
  24. Fairy Day: Write a poem about fairies starting with the phrase, fairy madness.
  25. Eric Carle’s Birthday: Inspired by the very hungry caterpillar – Can you write a poem or short story about an animal of your own choice who is very hungry?
  26. Gardening Tips: Write a set of step-by-step instructions for growing anything you like in your garden. This could be a flower or a fruit. It could even be magic beans!
  27. Flower Facts: Research five cool facts about your favourite flower or plant. You can use school resources or your local library to gather your research.
  28. Secret Garden: You have the power to grow anything you like in your secret garden. Describe all the flowers and plants you would grow (real or fictional). You can even draw a blueprint or diagram of your secret garden.
  29. Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s Birthday: Using this quote from the Little Prince: “You become responsible, forever for what you have tamed.” – Write a story about being responsible for a sunflower.
  30. Meteor Watch Day: Using the image below as inspiration, write a haiku poem about meteor showers.     

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July Writing Prompts (Picnic/Ice-cream month)

It’s time to cool down for the summer with these extra cool writing prompts for July:

  1. July Acrostic Poem: Write an acrostic poem about the summer heat using the letters that spell out J-U-L-Y.
  2. World UFO day: You have been kidnapped by some aliens. Describe the inside of their spaceship.
  3. Ice-Cream Inventor: Invent your own ice-cream flavour. What kinds of toppings would your ice-cream? You could even draw and colour in a picture of your new ice-cream.
  4. A picnic for bugs: Plan a picnic for the two bugs in the image below. Think about what they would eat and why types of activities they might do. 
  5. Ice-Cream vs. Burger: Would you rather have an ice-cream or a burger? Explain your choice.
  6. Summer Postcard: Design your own postcard for your town or city. Don’t forget to include a nice message on it!
  7. World Chocolate Day: After eating too much chocolate, you wake up to find that your whole town including yourself have been turned into chocolate. How will you save everyone from the summer heat?
  8. National Video Games Day: Design your own video game. What would you call it? Who is the main character? What is the storyline?
  9. Rhyming Ice-Cream: Write a rhyming poem about ice-cream. 
  10. What if: What if everything you touched turned to ice-cream? Would you be scared? Would you use the power for good? How would you be cured?
  11. E.B White’s Birthday: Charlotte’s Web is about the friendship between a pig and a spider. Imagine if you were friends with a spider – How would your friendship begin? What kind of things would you do together? 
  12. Ice-Cream recipes: List at least 3 recipes which use ice-cream as an ingredient. You can use any resources in your local library or school to research recipes with ice-cream. 
  13. Dream Vacation: Describe the vacation of your dreams. Which country would you go? Or will it be an imaginary destination? What activities would you do? Who would you go with?
  14. Picnic recipe: Write a recipe for your favourite food to take to a picnic. Some examples include jam sandwiches, cupcakes, salads etc. 
  15. Creamy Comic: Create a comic strip about a family of talking ice-creams.
  16. Picnic Acrostic Poem: Write an acrostic poem about food and the outdoors using the letters that spell out P-I-C-N-I-C.
  17. Dream Theme Park: Draw and describe your own fantasy theme park. What would the main attraction be? What type of games will you have? And what type of food will you serve?
  18. Missing Limerick: Finish the following Limerick Poem off: 

There once was a farmer named Jake.

He loved to eat chicken and bake.




  1. Ice-cream recipe: Write a basic recipe on how to make your very own ice-cream at home. 
  2. Moon Day: Pretend that you have just landed on the moon. Write a journal entry of your first day living on the moon. What did you do? Did you discover anything exciting? Was there anything scary?
  3. National Junk Food Day: What is your favourite junk food? How often should you eat junk food? What will happen if you ate too much of this type of food?
  4. Ice-Cream Diner: Imagine you are setting up your own ice-cream restaurant. Create your own menu of the ice-creams you will serve. Don’t forget to include toppings in your menu!
  5. Picnic Invite: Create an invitation, inviting your friends to a picnic you’re organising next Saturday. Will you have a special theme? What time does it start? Should guests bring anything with them? Is there a dress code?
  6. Amelia Earhart Day: Amelia Earhart was the first person to fly solo across the pacific ocean. Write a letter to Amelia congratulating her on this achievement. Think about what you might want to ask her? What traits would you use to describe her?
  7. Jammy Creamy Monkey: Write a short story which must include the following items: Vanilla Ice-Cream, Jam Sandwiches and a monkey. 
  8. Ice-Cream Ban: Write a newspaper article titled, ‘The Big Ice-Cream Ban’. Pretend to interview locals about the new ice-cream ban – What would they say? Who is to blame for this ban? What is your opinion on this topic? When will this ban take effect? Why is this happening?
  9. Finish the sentence: Finish the following sentence in at least 5 ways: Ice-cream is like ____________ .
  10. Beatrix Potter’s Birthday: Beatrix Potter is famous for writing the Peter Rabbit books. If you were to write your own book about an animal, what main character would you use? Describe and draw a picture of your character. Remember to talk about their strengths, weaknesses and anything else interesting about them. 
  11. International Tiger Day: Tigers are becoming an endangered species. The main reasons for this include the loss of habitat and poachers hunting them for their fur and teeth. Create a poster telling people to protect tigers. You can even research some facts on tigers at your local library to include in your poster. 
  12. Six-word story: Write a six-word story which includes the word, ‘picnic’.
  13. J.K Rowling’s Birthday: J.K Rowling is most famous for writing the Harry Potter Book Series. Imagine that you attended a school of witchcraft and wizardry (similar to Hogwarts). Write a short day in the life story of a student at this school. What would they do in the morning? What sorts of classes would they attend? And what kind of homework would they get?

August (Summer/Inventors Month)

It’s officially the summer holidays! Time to chill-out with some relaxing writing prompts for August:

  1. August Acrostic Poem: Write an acrostic poem about lazy days using the letters that spell out A-U-G-U-S-T.
  2. Underwater Life: Imagine that you lived under the sea, with all the fish, sharks and octopus. Write a journal entry about going to your first underwater dinner party. What did you eat? How did you dress? What kinds of decorations did you see?
  3. Watermelon Day: You accidentally swallow some watermelon seeds. The next day you wake up and discover something very strange… Finish this short story. 
  4. Friendship Day: How can you be more friendly to others? Write a list of at least 10 things you could do to make friends.
  5. Robot Inventor: If you could create your own robot, what would it do? Will it help you with your chores or homework? Maybe it’ll cook dinner for you? It could even just play games with you! Design and describe your dream robot helper.
  6. Beach vs. Forest: Would you rather lie on the beach or walk through a deep forest? Explain your choice.
  7. Scrap Paper: List at least 10 things you can do or make with one piece of scrap paper. 
  8. National Cat Day: Create a comic strip about the adventures of a cat detective. 
  9. Book Lover’s Day: Write a book review on any book you read recently. What did you like about it? What was the worst part? Would you recommend it to your friends?
  10. Lazy Day:  Too lazy to write? That’s okay you can just write a really short poem about being lazy.
  11. Sandcastle Poem: Write a poem in any format you like about sandcastles. 
  12. Seashells on the seashore: Write a short story which includes the following objects: Seashells, Octopus, pearls and a sandcastle. 
  13. Pencil Pusher: How would improve a basic old pencil? Could it be used for more than just writing and drawing with? 
  14. Finish the sentence: Finish the following sentence in at least 5 different ways: On the beach, I see…
  15. E.Nesbit’s Birthday: E.Nesbit wrote many children’s books including, The Railway Children and Five Children and It. Most of her books are about ordinary children experiencing extraordinary or magical events. Based on this idea, imagine one day you came home from school and find something extraordinary in your kitchen. Describe this extraordinary object. What makes it so magical? What happens when you touch it? Does it make any sounds? 
  16. Tell a Joke Day: Limericks are pretty funny! Write a limerick about a clumsy prince. 
  17. Honey Bee Day: Write a day in the life story of a worker bee collecting pollen to make honey.
  18. Summer Activity: What’s your favourite thing to do during the summer holidays and why?
  19. World Photo Day: Use a photo from your family photo album or from a magazine as inspiration for your next story.
  20. Island Life: Imagine that you got stranded on a deserted island. Write a series of short journal entries about your life on the island.
  21. Six-word story: Write a six-word story about the scorching summer sun.
  22. Sun Story: Write a story from the perspective of a talking sun on the hottest day of the year.
  23. Summer Haiku: Write a haiku about summer days.
  24. Dream Vacation: Describe your dream holiday. What would be the destination? Who would go with you? What activities would you do?
  25. Shark Poem: Write a poem about sharks in any format you like.
  26. Summer Camp: Invent your own summer camp. What activities would you do? Would there be a special uniform? What would the camp’s logo look like?
  27. BBQ Invite: Create your own summer BBQ invitations to send to your family and friends. Where will the BBQ be? Is there a special theme? What’s on the menu?
  28. Pen Pals: Write a letter to a friend that you haven’t seen in a long while, telling them how much you miss them.
  29. Complete The Sentence: Finish this sentence in at least 10 different ways: It was a sunny afternoon and you were stuck inside cleaning until…
  30. Whale Shark Day: The whale shark species is in danger. Hunted for their meat, fins and oil. Create a poster to stop the hunting of Whale Sharks.
  31. Last Day of Summer: Summer’s over. You just have one day left to have the best summer ever! What will you do? Make a list of 10 different activities that can be done in one day.

September (Friendship/Back to School)

Oh man, it’s back to school time! Don’t worry about the new school year because these September writing prompts will prepare you:

  1. September Acrostic Poem: Write an acrostic poem about school using the letters that spell out S-E-P-T-E-M-B-E-R.
  2. Friendship Poem: Write a poem dedicated to your best friend. You can give it to them on your first day back to school.
  3. First Day Journal: Write a journal entry of your first day at school.
  4. Wildlife Day: Create a poster about your favourite animals. Think about the animal’s habitat, it’s diet, the dangers it faces and any other interesting facts.
  5. Favourite School Subject: What’s your favourite school subject and why?
  6. School Tales: Write a short story including the following elements: Your school headteacher, an old history textbook and your pencil case.
  7. Finish the Sentence: Complete the following sentence in 10 different ways: I love school because…
  8. International Literacy Day: Write a book review for a recent book you read.
  9. Story Starter: Waiting at the bus stop, Sam realised the school bus was late. The school was never late.
  10. Best Friend Story: Write a story inspired by your best friend. You could write about their personality or about something that recently happened.
  11. Story starter: Best friends are supposed to stick together. So why is Carmel sitting over there?
  12. Video Game’s Day: Think of a new video game idea. You can use this storyboard template to plan out the storyline for your new video game.
  13. Roald Dahl’s Birthday: Pick one of these famous Roald Dahl quotes and use it as inspiration for your next short story.
  14. School Memories: What is your favourite school memory? And what is your worst?
  15. Friendship Guide: Write a guide on how to make friends at school for someone who is new.
  16. Julia Donaldson Birthday: One of Julia’s most famous books is The Gruffalo. Can you write your very own rhyming picture book about a monster?
  17. International Country Music Day: Write your own country song. Most country songs are about love, life or things not working out.
  18. Talking Apple: Write a story about your best friend being a talking apple.
  19. Talk Like a Pirate Day: Pretend you’re a pirate ordering a takeaway. Using pirate lingo, write out a script of your telephone conversation.
  20. International Red Panda Day: Do you know what Red Pandas are? Research at least 5 interesting facts about Red Pandas and create a mini fact file about them.
  21. World Gratitude Day: List 10 things you are grateful for.
  22. Hobbit Day: Hobbits are a fictional human-like race used in the Lord of the Rings book series. For world Hobbit Day, can you create your own fictional race of creatures? Draw a picture of them and don’t forget to name your new race.
  23. Autumn’s Here: Write a poem inspired by leaves falling off a tree.
  24. Punctuation Day: For punctuation day, take a look at an old story or essay you’ve written in the past and edit it. Try to look out for grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes, as well as other areas of improvement.
  25. Comic Book Day: Write a comic strip about a new superhero who saves the world by recycling.
  26. Story Starter: Another new kid. That’s the twelfth new kid this week.
  27. World Tourism Day: Write a travel guide for your favourite city in the world.
  28. School Tales: Write a story that includes the following elements: An evil pencil, a silly green crayon and a quiet eraser.
  29. Finish the Sentence: Can you complete this sentence in at least 10 different ways: My friends always say that I am…
  30. World Podcast Day: Plan your own podcast series. Your podcast can be about anything you like, such as sports, motivational speeches, travel, school life and so on.

Looking for more September prompts? Take a look at our 30 day September writing prompts challenge.

October (Halloween)

Spooky tales and letters to the dead, Halloween is here and now the darkness begins. Here are some spooky and dark October writing prompts:

  1. International Music Day: Using the song title, Monsters in the Dark – Write your own song lyrics.
  2. World Farm Animals Day: Pick any farm animal you like and write a day in the life story about them.
  3. National Poetry Day: Write a poem in any format you like about evil trees coming alive.
  4. World Animal Day: Write a short story about your favourite animal entering a dance contest. Think about your competitors and how your animal will prepare for the competition.
  5. World Teachers Day: Write a letter to your favourite teacher telling them what you like about them and how they have helped you.
  6. October Acrostic Poem: Write a Halloween inspired acrostic poem using the letters that spell, O-C-T-O-B-E-R.
  7. World Habitat Day: Design your own habitat or world. What would the trees look like? What about the sky? What kind of creatures would live in that habitat?
  8. R.L. Stine’s Birthday: R.L. Stine is famous for his scary Goosebumps books. Can you write your own horror story about a selfish boy who learns to be kind to others?
  9. Create Your Own Monster: In honour of Halloween, create and describe your own scary monster. What would their skin look like? How would they sound? Talk about their interests and fears.
  10. Pumpkin Shape Poem: Write a poem about Halloween in the shape of a pumpkin.
  11. World Egg Day: Write down a recipe where eggs are the main ingredient.
  12. Home Movie Day: Pick a scene from your favourite movie. Rewrite this movie scene to include yourself as a new character in the movie.
  13. Complete the Sentence: You looked into the mirror and saw…
  14. Scary Story Starter: I believe in ghosts. I’ve seen them with my own eyes.
  15. Scary Story Starter: It all started the night we got a new puppy. Something was up with that dog. We couldn’t figure it out.
  16. World Food Day: You take a bite out of your favourite snack and it screams. Imagine living in a world where food starts to come alive
  17. Zombie Mayhem: Describe at least ten different types of zombies. For example, you can have a fashionista zombie, a vegetarian zombie or a ninja zombie – What more types of zombies can you think of?
  18. A Witch’s Spell: Create your own witch’s spell. What happens if a witch casts it? What are the consequences of using it too much?
  19. The cure to fear: Write a handbook of the top ten greatest fears and how to cure them.
  20. Haunted House: Describe the world’s scariest haunted house. What makes it so scary?
  21. Feeling Invisible: Write a poem from the perspective of a ghost wandering the streets.
  22. Werewolves Vs Witches: There’s an upcoming basketball tournament where the werewolves will play against the witches. Write the commentary for this match.
  23. Zombie Dogs: After eating expired dog food, your dog turns into a zombie. Continue this story.
  24. The Strange Man Next Door: You have a new neighbour and he’s acting very strange. Is he an alien?
  25. Letters to the Dead: Write a letter to someone who has passed away. This can be anyone, a family member or a celebrity.
  26. Don’t Open the Box: Complete this sentence in at least 10 different ways: Don’t open the box or you’ll…
  27. Black Cat Day: Some people believe that black cats are bad luck. How do you think this belief started? Write a story about a black cat which created bad luck wherever it went.
  28. Halloween Party Invite: Halloween is coming up. Create your own spooky Halloween party invite. Will your party have a special theme? What food will you serve? Where will the party happen?
  29. Monster Flip Book: Create your own monster flipbook and describe the random monsters inside it.
  30. It’s All Over At Midnight: Continue this story starter: When the clock strikes twelve, that’s it. It’s all over. Nothing more can be done.
  31. Halloween: It’s Halloween! Celebrate all things gory and scary with a short poem about something you fear the most.

Looking for more spooky writing prompts? Check out our post on Halloween writing prompts for kids and our horror image prompts. We also added this October writing challenge for more inspiration.

November (Equality & Anti-Bullying)

  1. November Acrostic Poem: Write an acrostic poem using the letters that spell November.
  2. Culture Fact File: Write down at least 10 facts about another culture of your choice, such as Indian, Brazillian, African, Chinese and so on. Think about their beliefs, traditions and even the religious or annual holidays they celebrate.
  3. Candy Day: Your dreams have come true! You wake up one morning to find that the world is made out of candy. But soon everything starts turning dark. There’s melting chocolate everywhere, people getting stuck to things and everything smells weird. Continue this story idea.
  4. Stress Awareness Day: List down at least ten things to lower your stress levels. Think about what makes you feel stressed and then about things that make you feel happy and calm.
  5. Guy Fawkes Night: Also known as Bonfire Night or Fireworks night. To celebrate Guy Fawkes night, can you write a haiku about fireworks?
  6. What is racism? For this activity, write down your own definition of what racism is or what being racist means.
  7. World Traveller: Pick a random location on the globe. Now write down at least 10 facts about this location. You could even write down 10 words in the language spoken at this location.
  8. Let’s talk racism: Have you ever dealt with racism? Maybe someone discriminated against you, your friends or family. How did this situation make you feel? Could you have done anything in that situation to make it better?
  9. World Orphans Day: Write a news article about the rise in orphans globally. Remember to include facts, figures and quotes from different people in your article.
  10. Bully Story: Write a story about a school bully who learns an important lesson. This lesson could be, always be nice to others or bullying never wins.
  11. Origami Day: Write a step-by-step guide on how to create an origami model of your choice. You can use our fox origami tutorial as an example.
  12. Fancy Rat & Mouse Day: Many people think that rats and mice are filthy animals. Can you write a story about a fancy rat who likes to keep clean and look fancy?
  13. World Kindness Day: Make a list of at least 10 different ways that you can show kindness to someone today.
  14. Peace on Earth: What would bring peace or happiness to Earth? Think about global issues relating to equality, environment, homelessness, war and so on. What would your ideal world look like?
  15. I Love to Write Day: Why do you love writing? List at least 10 reasons for why you love writing and how it can benefit you.
  16. Protest Poster: Think about one issue you feel strongly about. This can be racism, the environment, war, bullying, equality and so on. Now create a poster summarizing this issue. Can you sum up this issue in one snappy slogan?
  17. The Outsider: Have you ever felt excluded or not part of a group? Maybe you felt like you didn’t belong in a particular situation. Write down your feelings and what you can do differently next time.
  18. Anti-bullying Week Starts: Create an anti-bullying action plan. What could you do if you know someone who is getting bullied? How can you prevent bullying? Who would you talk to about bullying?
  19. Use Less Stuff Day: If you had to leave everything behind, what would you take with you? Write down a list of the bare essentials in life that a person needs.
  20. Everyone is different: How are you different from your friends? What things make you unique?
  21. Life without the internet: Imagine a world without the internet and computers. What would you do instead? Write a story about a future where the internet is banned.
  22. Mr Mean: Write a story about a mean old tomato that bullies other fruit and veg. How does Mr Mean learn the lesson to not be mean to others?
  23. Thank you letter: Write a thank you letter to someone. Who would you send it to and why?
  24. Francis Hodgeson Burnett’s Birthday: Francis Hodgeson Burnett is most famous for her book, The Secret Garden. To honour her birthday, can you describe your own secret garden? You can even draw a picture to go with your description.
  25. I believe: What things do you strongly believe in? Think about your beliefs, values and culture. How do your beliefs or values differ from your friends? And how are they the same? Try to think of at least 5 beliefs or values you feel strongly about.
  26. The Abandoned Bear: You are an old teddy bear sitting on a shelf in a dark warehouse, waiting for someone to purchase you. You watch all the other toys disappear and go to nice homes. Write a story from the perspective of this teddy bear.
  27. Black Friday: Black Friday is all about shopping. Many retailers offer big sales and massive offers on their products on this day. How do you feel about shopping? Do you think too much shopping can be bad or good? Think about the impact of excessive spending on the environment, economy and the community around you.
  28. Upcycling Clothing: The big shopping season is here. Buying new clothing is very popular during this time of the year. When new clothing is brought, your own stuff tends to get thrown away. Instead of just throwing your old clothes away, write down at least 5 different things you can do with old clothing.
  29. C.S. Lewis’s Birthday: C.S. Lewis is famous for writing the Chronicles of Narnia book series. For his birthday, imagine that you had a magical wardrobe at home. As you walk through the wardrobe, you enter a new mysterious world. Describe this new world and the people or creatures that live here. See our Chronicle of Narnia writing activities for more writing fun.
  30. Perspectives of Bullying: Write four different short stories about bullying. One from the perspective of the bully. The second one from the perspective of someone being bullied. The third one from the point of view of someone who has witnessed bullying. And finally the fourth one from a parent or teacher who has been told about a bullying incident.

Looking for more November prompts? Take a look at our 30 day November writing prompts challenge.

December (Christmas)

  1. December Acrostic Poem: Write an acrostic poem using the letters that spell, December.
  2. Snowman life prompt: From the day a snowman is created to the day it melts. Write a story from the perspective of a snowman.
  3. Make A Gift Day: Forget about store-bought gifts! It’s time to make something home-made. Write down some instructions for creating a homemade gift of your own choice.
  4. Cookie Day prompt: In order for Santa to appear, you need to bake Santa-shaped cookies and leave them by the fireplace. Instead of Santa-shaped cookies, you decide to bake cookies in the shape of monsters. Continue this story…
  5. International Ninja Day: You join a secret after school club, where you are training to be a ninja. At first, it all seems fun and casual, but then you receive a serious letter from the secret league of Ninjas. It’s your first ninja mission! Continue this story…
  6. Zero Cost Gift List: Write down a list of gifts that you can give to someone that cost nothing. Try to think of at least 10 gift ideas.
  7. Walt Disney Day: All Disney fairy tales end with a happy ending. Rewrite a famous fairytale, when the ending is a sad one.
  8. Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day: If you were a time traveller, what year would you travel to and why?
  9. Christmas Card Day: Design your own Christmas card. You could even add a cute Christmas poem inside!
  10. Human Rights Day: In your own words, describe what discrimination is. You could even provide examples of discrimination that you or someone you know experienced.
  11. Lost & Found Day: Think of one object you recently lost and another object you found. Now write a story using these two objects.
  12. Gingerbread House Day: Describe your own gingerbread house. You could even draw a picture of it. Think about the materials or treats you will use to build the house and what the inside of the house would look like.
  13. Hot Cocoa Day / Day of the Horse: Write a story about a horse who turns into a magical unicorn after drinking some festive hot cocoa.
  14. Monkey Day: Write a story of a little monkey who pretends to be Santa Claus for Christmas at the zoo.
  15. International Tea Day: Write down your own imaginary recipe for tea. Instead of teabags, imagine brewing candy canes and roses!
  16. Santa’s Workshop: Write a story set in Santa’s workshop, about an argument between two Christmas Elves.
  17. Wright Brothers Day: In the year 1903, the Wright brothers created the first flight controlled airplane. Write a journal entry from the perspective of one of the brothers (Wilbur or Orville) on December 17th 1903, after their successful test run of the airplane.
  18. Ugly Christmas Sweater Day: You are given the world ugliest Christmas sweater as a gift on Christmas. When you wear it something magical happens. Continue this story…
  19. Rudolph’s Red Nose: Write your own story of how Rudolph got his red nose.
  20. Go Caroling Day: Write your own Christmas carol. Think about the holidays and all things festive.
  21. Short Story Day: Write a short story of a Christmas elf looking in the mirror pretending to be Santa Claus.
  22. Winter is coming: A snowstorm sweeps over your town, leaving the whole town trapped under deep layers of snow. It’s up to you to save the day.
  23. Christmas Traditions: What traditions do you follow at Christmas? Think about the things you do every year during the holidays.
  24. Christmas Eve: In a couple of hours it will be Christmas day. Write a poem about your feelings the day before Christmas.
  25. Christmas Day: Write a poem about your Christmas day.
  26. Boxing Day: What was the best gift you received this Christmas and why?
  27. Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day: One night while cutting out paper snowflakes with your family, you notice it starts snowing outside. This is the first snow you’ve seen in years. Continue this story.
  28. Next Christmas: What gifts do you want next Christmas? Think about the things or people you missed this year.
  29. Tick-Tock Day: The year is almost over. Make a quick to-do list of things to do before this year ends.
  30. Rudyard Kipling: Rudyard Kipling is the author of the Jungle Book series. Imagine if you were Mowgli, the young boy cub living in the jungle. Write a journal entry about the best day in the jungle.
  31. New Year’s Eve: It’s the final day of the year. Make a list of five moments you enjoyed this year and five moments you hated this year.

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What do you think of these daily writing prompts? Do they make good writing exercises or are you still struggling? Let us know your thoughts. In the meantime, you can use our story idea generator to come with thousands of more writing prompts to inspire you.

365 Daily Writing Prompts

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