24+ December Journal Prompts: Advent Calendar

With the year nearly over, most of you might still be in a rush to cram in your new year’s resolutions from last year. With all the rush and excitement of the holidays coming up, it’s still important to reflect on the year so far. And wIth this in mind, we have created this list of wonderful December journal prompts in the form of an exciting advent calendar for 2020. Countdown the days until Christmas by reflecting on the year so far, setting goals and being grateful for the important things in your life. 

The December journal prompts are great for 2nd grade and 1st-grade students to get them writing throughout the holidays. In fact, even grown-ups find these prompts inspirational! For more inspiration this month, check out our post on 31 December writing prompts and these 36 winter writing prompts.

Journal Prompts Advent Calendar 2020

A whole year is nearly over and now it’s time to look back at the best bits, the worst bits and plan ahead for the new year. It’s also a time of joy and celebration, as everyone looks forward to the Christmas holidays. With our unique journal prompts advent calendar, we hope you find inspiration every day until Christmas. Come back every day for a new journal prompt idea to inspire you, plus a bonus 7 December journal prompts topics to take you up to New Year.

Come back on the 1st of December 2020 to unlock this calendar! Can’t wait until then? Scroll down to our list of December journal prompt ideas.

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December Journal Prompts List

Can’t wait to open up all the days in the above advent calendar? Not to worry, here is a list of all the December journal topic ideas from the advent calendar above, plus 7 bonus prompts to take up to the new year:

  1. Write down at least three goals that you want to achieve by the end of this month.
  2. Write a letter to Santa Claus with all the things you want this Christmas.
  3. Make a list of Christmas movies, you plan on watching this month.
  4. “The best gift is giving from your heart” – Kevin Heath. Using this quote as inspiration, make a list of gifts that you can give to your friends and family this Christmas.
  5. Write an acrostic poem using the letters that spell, Winter.
  6. Make an A to Z list of things relating to the holidays. You could even create a festive word cloud using these words. 
  7. Write down at least five ways to give back to your local community this holiday season.
  8. Reflect on your favourite Christmas moment from the past.
  9. What was the worst Christmas moment you remember?
  10. Create a collection of at least ten of your favourite Christmas quotes. 
  11. Finish this sentence in at least ten different ways: I love Christmas because…
  12. What is the best gift you ever received?
  13. List at least five nice things you can do for your parents this Christmas.
  14. Are you feeling festive or cheerful today? Explain your answer. 
  15. Reveal your inner Grinch and finish this sentence in at least five different ways: I dislike Christmas because…
  16. Reflect on your holiday traditions. What things do you do every year with your family?
  17. Make a list of your favourite Christmas treats and food
  18. What is your favourite Christmas movie and why?
  19. Have you been naughty or nice this year? And why do you think this?
  20. Create your very own Christmas elf character. Think about their name, personality, their likes and dislikes.
  21. Make a list of three wishes you would like to make for the world this holiday season.
  22. What was the best present you ever gave someone?
  23. What do you think the true meaning of Christmas is? Describe the true meaning of Christmas in your own words. 
  24. Write a poem titled, ‘The Day Before Christmas’. Describe the feelings and emotions you are going through today.
  25. Merry Christmas! Write a poem titled, Christmas Morning to describe the feeling and emotions you had this morning.
  26. Describe the best gift you received this Christmas.
  27. Is there someone that you missed this Christmas?
  28. What things would you do differently next Christmas? And what things will you keep the same?
  29. Write a description of the most beautiful winter scene you’ve ever seen. This can be from real-life, books, movies or even from your dreams.  
  30. What was the best thing you learned this year and why? For more New Year inspired prompts, check out this post on New Year writing prompts.
  31. Create a summary of this year. Write down at least five of your favourite moments and five of your least favourite moments from this year. 

Did you enjoy these journal prompts? Check out our new year journal prompts for a reflective start to the year.

December is the perfect time for reflection. We hope these December journal prompts and advent calendar inspire you to keep on writing throughout the holidays. And keep on reflecting on everything you learned this year.

December Journal Prompts

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