31 December Writing Prompts

The Christmas holidays are on their way! To keep you busy this festive season, we created 31 December writing prompts to challenge you this month. Our list includes a mix of creative, reflective and even some festive journal prompts. Each prompt is great for students in the first grade all the way up to the fifth grade, and even grown-ups!

With just under half a month to go, we challenge you to complete as many of these prompts by the end of December. So get out your notebook, a pen or a pencil and start writing away! Once you have completed all 31 prompts you can look back at each one and reflect on your writing as improved or changed over the month.

Psst! Did you manage to complete our November writing challenge? Don’t worry, you can still complete it if you haven’t!

31 December Writing Prompts

From Christmas elves to friendship and kindness, here is our list of 31 December writing prompts:

  1. Write one sentence to describe your favourite holiday memories. You can also draw a picture of this memory to go with the sentence. 
  2. Describe the weather outside in great detail. Is it cloudy, cold, raining or snowing?
  3. Instead of going to the shops and buying new presents, why not make your own? Make a list of at least three handmade presents you can make at home. 
  4. How do Cheetah’s celebrate Christmas in the wild?  Describe a day in the life of a Cheetah who is preparing for Christmas day.
  5. Create your own Christmas cards, and include a message to your friends inside.
  6. Write a short Christmas story about Santa called: A Journey Around the World.
  7. Make a list of three things you love about Christmas and three things you hate about it.
  8. Write a story about a friendly Robin who needs to find the perfect gift for their best friend, the crow. 
  9. Your friend has had a terrible year, and you want to make Christmas extra fun for them. What do you do? (Check out this post on 56+ writing prompts about friendship)
  10. Design your own Christmas jumper, and describe its appearance. 
  11. Imagine you work at Santa’s workshop, and you need to hire more Christmas elves. Write a job description to help you hire a new elf for Santa’s workshop. Think about what tasks the elf will do, and what skills it will need.
  12. Write your own Christmas song about elves that love to dance.
  13. Make a list of at least five ways you can help someone else this month.
  14. Why do people celebrate Christmas every year?
  15. What Christmas traditions do your family follow each year? Describe this tradition in great detail and why it is important to you.
  16. Write a story about five friends who come together on Christmas Day.
  17. Make a list of at least 10 activities you can do indoors when it’s too cold outside.
  18. Based on your own experiences, write a short story about being kind to others. 
  19. Pick at least three different cultures, and write about how Christmas is celebrated around the world. 
  20. Would you rather be a Christmas elf or a reindeer at Christmas? Explain your choice.
  21. Create your own holiday postcard and send it to your best friend. What message would you include on the back?
  22.  Make a list of five games you can play in the snow with your friends.
  23.  What is your favourite movie to watch during the Christmas holidays, and why?
  24.  Write down a recipe for Santa cookies. 
  25.  Finish this sentence in at least 3 different ways: Today my family…
  26.  What was your favourite memory from December so far? Describe this memory in great detail.
  27. Complete the following sentence: The bear awoke from its hibernation to find…
  28. Make a list of at least five ways to recycle old clothing, toys and wrapping paper.
  29.  What are you most worried about right now and why?
  30.  Write a haiku poem about the winter season.
  31. Write a short story titled, ‘December Blues’ about the worst thing that happened this month.

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FREE December Calendar 2021 Printable

Print out this free December writing prompts calendar to help you remember each daily writing challenge:

Download our free December writing prompts calendar 2021

If you kept up with our writing challenges series, you should have around 365 pieces of writing completed. Reflect back to the very beginning in January and see how your writing has changed over the year!

Can you complete all 31 December prompts? Let us know in the comments below!

December writing prompts

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