12 Dinosaur Books For Kids

Do your kids love dinosaurs? Yes…Well then, we got a real treat for you today. Here are our top 12 dinosaur books for kids. This list includes both educational books and storybooks where the main character is a dinosaur. If you’re looking to educate your child on dinosaurs or just want a nice bedtime story to read – Then carry on reading this post! We got books about tyrannosauruses, hypsilophodontids, gigantic dinosaurs, cute baby dinosaurs, magical dinosaurs and even pooping dinosaurs!

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Recommended Dinosaur Books For Kids

We have started by recommending educational books about dinosaurs and then ended with a few of our favourite storybooks featuring dinosaurs as the main characters. Our list also includes the recommended age for each of the books mentioned (There are some Amazon affiliate links used throughout this post ):

  1. National Geographic Little Kids: First Big Book of Dinosaurs by Catherine D. Hughes

From small dinosaurs to gigantic dinosaurs, this book contains hundreds of fun facts about all sorts of dinosaurs. Its beautiful illustrations, simple wording and pronunciation help text makes it a good read for younger readers. Some nice features we liked about the book was the dinosaur and human comparison chart for each dinosaur, and the quick and easy facts about each of the dinosaurs.

Recommended Age: 3 – 5 years

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  1. My Encyclopedia of Very Important Dinosaurs by DK

This book (or encyclopedia) is jam-packed with information and fun facts about a range of dinosaurs. Not only do you learn facts about various dinosaurs, but you also learn about the prehistoric world, life as a dinosaur and fossils. The things we loved about this book were the nicely laid out fact files on each dinosaur, the pronunciation help text and the funny speech bubble text – Which is really cute!

Recommended Age: 3 – 6  years

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  1. Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs: The Definitive Pop-Up by Matthew Reinhart

Now this book is the perfect gift for any dinosaur-lover out there. It might not have as much information as the previous books in our recommendations, but it has over 35 stunning pop-ups of dinosaurs to entertain readers. Each pop-up is beautifully illustrated and comes with informative text for educational value. Watch out – As with every page turn, a new dinosaur pops-up in a fierce stance. 

Recommended Age: 5 – 14 years

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  1. Lift-the-flap Questions and Answers about Dinosaurs by Katie Daynes

Dinosaurs – There are so many questions about them. Who, why and when? For a curious child who wants to learn more about these magnificent creatures, this flipbook is the answer. It contains a huge range of common questions about dinosaurs. And the answer to each one is behind a beautifully illustrated flap. The stunning illustrations, along with the flap book style makes it a great way to capture the attention of younger readers and educate them on some fun dinosaur facts. 

Recommended Age: 3 – 6 years

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  1. Dinosaur: A Photicular Book by Dan Kainen

This photicular (moving pictures) dinosaur book is great for little kids and big kids alike. As you turn the pages, you’ll see a mini-movie of each of the dinosaurs in action – Which is like having a mini tv in your own hands! Watch two fierce triceratopses attacking each other or experience the cuteness of a pair of parasauropholuses snuggling in Spring. Younger children will be fascinated by the moving dinosaur pictures, while older children will be intrigued by the detailed information on each of the dinosaurs presented. 

Recommended Age: 3 – 12 years

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  1. The Ultimate Dinosaur Encyclopedia by Chris Barker

This is more than just a typical dinosaur encyclopedia, combined with its free app you’ll also get 3D videos of the dinosaurs in action. Simply scan the pages in the book with your mobile phone and watch the dinosaurs leap off the page! Along with the beautiful 3D illustrations, you’re also provided with interesting and detailed facts about each of the featured dinosaurs. With this book, you can both watch the Dakotaraptor in action with the free app and read all the fun facts about it with the detailed information provided. 

Recommended Age: 8 and up

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  1. Tiny T. Rex and the Impossible Hug by Jonathan Stutzman

This beautifully illustrated picture book tells the story of a baby T-Rex dinosaur who wants to cheer his friend up. And the only way to make his friend happy is by giving him a hug. But there’s one big problem – The baby T-Rex’s arms are too short. With hard work and persistence, this tiny T-Rex manages to find a way to cheer his friend up and save the day. If you’re looking for a heart-warming and inspirational dinosaur picture book then this is the book for you!

Recommended Age: 3 – 5 years

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  1. The Girl and the Dinosaur by Hollie Hughes

This is a beautiful tale about a lonely girl who spends her spare time digging for dinosaur bones at the beach. She hopes one day that these dinosaur bones can turn into a real dinosaur. One night the dinosaur bones come to life and the young girl is taken away to a mysterious island of dinosaurs! She finds happiness, friends and more on this island.  We love the stunning illustrations used, and the peaceful words make it the perfect bedtime story for young dinosaur lovers everywhere. 

Recommended Age: 4 – 6 years

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  1. The Dinosaur that Pooped a Pirate by Tom Fletcher

Combining all things that kids love, dinosaurs, pirates and poo – This hilarious story will have your children giggling right until the end. Follow Danny and Dinosaur as they head out to sea in and end-up in all sorts of trouble with mermaids, pirates and more. With its gorgeous illustrations and funny pirate references (and not to forget the pooping dinosaur), this book is sure to be a hit with your children.

Recommended Age: 3 – 6 years

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  1. Bradley and the Dinosaur by Julian Hilton

Imagine if you encountered a dinosaur in your own backyard! This gentle bedtime read tells the story of a young boy who discovers a dinosaur in his backyard. Through showing kindness and bravery, the boy is taken to a new world where he meets all sorts of amazing dinosaurs. This is the perfect rhyming picture book for any young dinosaurs fans out there.

Recommended Age: 2 – 7 years

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  1. Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Dinosaur by Rhiannon Fielding

Rumble the dinosaur needs to go to sleep. But with so many exciting things in the jungle, it’s really hard to go to bed. Follow Rumble’s journey as he tries to sleep in a busy jungle, in this adorable, rhyming dinosaur picture book. The gorgeous illustrations, relaxing words and beautiful message make this book a great bedtime read for your little ones. 

Recommended Age: 3 – 6 years

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  1. The Dinosaur’s Diary by Julia Donaldson

Written in the form of a diary, each chapter represents a day in the dinosaur’s life. Follow the life of a Hypsilophodon, as she tries to find a safe place to hide her eggs. However, she somehow slips through time and ends up on a modern-day farm. Each chapter is kept short and simple, and even includes some pictures to keep more reluctant readers engaged until the end. For this reason, it makes for a great ‘read out-loud’ book for children aged 7 and up. 

Recommended Age:  7 – 9 years

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Our list of recommended dinosaur books will make wonderful gifts for any dinosaur-loving child or for a giveaway at a dinosaur-themed party. Have you read any of our top dinosaur books for kids or maybe you have another recommendation to share? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Dinosaur books for kids

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