How to Discover a Writer’s Talent in Your Child

The question about whether talent is something you are born with or not has an answer! In fact, it has been proven that we are born with few natural talents. This means that the thing that makes the difference between an expert writer and a writer is the practice.

Children are very creative and have a vivid imagination, being able to create interesting and funny stories. And from creating funny stories to writing them is just a step. So, how do you discover and nurture a writer’s talent in your child? Is writing something they would pleasurably do or will see it as a chore?

Give Them the Opportunity to Create

Whether your child has a writing talent or not, it’s just a matter of discovery. How can you better do this? Well, the first step is to allow them to create. What does this mean?

Most of the children who have turned out very talented have been exposed to that activity between two and five years of age. Their talent has been nurtured by their parents afterward.

Children begin telling stories by drawing. They draw their family, landscapes or animals. They can start telling stories through their drawings until they learn to write. Nowadays most of the children know how to write the basic words and a natural force pulls them towards writing.

Observe your child and allow them to create something. Talk to them to see what they are thinking and offer them the opportunity of seeing more perspectives.

Buy illustration books and encourage them to create their own book, giving them help when needed. When they will be in school, learning to read and write will be like a launching ramp.

Create the Perfect Environment to Write

Until your child will begin school, you can make home the perfect environment to create. Arrange a corner in a room that is designed for this activity. Buy them a book and encourage them to draw and write something every day.

The beginning of school will be the perfect opportunity to develop their writing abilities. But, most of the schools focus on basic subjects and do not nurture young writers. So, look for courses or online activities for children on writing children’s books or fantasy stories.

It is important to keep in mind that children have a limited amount of information so they will mostly write about animals or children. Do not set high expectations.

Help Them Form the Habit of Writing

It is important to help your child form the habit of writing. How can you do this? To form a habit, one needs to do it for at least 66 consecutive days. Depending on the psychological attributes of your child and the habit, this period can take more or less. Either way, encourage them to write every day.

Children often have tantrums and sometimes they are not in the mood for what they have to do. They are easily distracted and sometimes playing with toys is more interesting than trying to write some letters. It is important to give your child a project to work on.

For example, they could create a story about pandas by drawing and writing a sentence every day. At first, the results will not be visible. But, when they see their story coming to an end, they will learn something. They will learn that with hard work and persistence they managed to create a beautiful story.

Recognition and Praise

The first who will see and read their writings will be you. It is important to praise your child and encourage them to create even more amazing stories. These stories might seem basic at first, but with every step in the world they will make, they will open their horizons. Then they will be able to create more incredible stories.

Nowadays, children have begun writing children’s books. More and more writing contests specially designed for children offer prizes for their writing ability. One idea is to submit your child’s work to a contest. Even though their work might not win, the talent of your child will be recognized.

So, What to Do?

Children have a vivid imagination and you as a parent can encourage him to create. Whether it might seem difficult to discover their hidden writer’s talent, you should arm with patience and devotion. At first, you can teach them the letters and how to write their name.

Offer them the opportunity to create and give them examples. A few illustration books for children and a notebook to create its own are a great start.

Help them form the habit of writing by encouraging him to write something every day. They will then be able to see that all their effort led to a positive outcome: Their first story. After they will begin school and learn spelling and grammar, you can enroll them in writing courses for children. Stand by them every time and praise their work.

Children need to be encouraged when they do something good so that they will do it again. And most importantly, you as a parent can do this. And you can also nurture their talent. Because it is hard work that turns lazy talents into successful ones.

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