5 Dr. Seuss Quotes about Reading

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Dr. Seuss is one of the most quoted authors of all time. His words have motivated the reluctant reader, inspired the uninspired and entertained the bored. There are many things that Dr. Seuss felt passionately about such as playtime, imaginary worlds, a little nonsense or a lot! But one thing close to his heart was reading. Theodor Seuss Geisel AKA Dr. Seuss wanted to write books that children would enjoy reading. He created characters like the cat in the hat to engage with the younger reader and to teach them to have fun. Motivating young children to read was Dr. Seuss’s ultimate goal and throughout his amazing career he has always communicated the importance of reading. For world book day and Dr. Seuss’s birthday we have created a list of 5 Dr. Seuss quotes about reading:

Dr. Seuss Quotes about Reading:

1. “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”
Have you ever heard of the saying ‘leaders are readers’? There is no doubt about it. People who read more, are more likely to be seen as leaders to their peers due to their expert knowledge. Reading helps you to learn about cool new things, such as how the world works or about new exotic places around the globe. Having this knowledge can open up many doors in the future. You never know when your knowledge of sea life creatures or another culture could get you in the future!

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2. “You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.”
Having a gloomy, hopeless day? Don’t let your problems bring you down. Just read a book! Reading a book, really is your magical portal to another universe. The best part of reading stories is you can be whoever you want and anything is possible. You can be a flying elf or a crime fighting detective mouse. Things you couldn’t possibly experience in the real world. So grab that book and unleash the magic of story-telling.

Dr. Seuss Quotes about Reading _ you can find magic wherever you look _ imagine forest

3.  “You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child.”
Reading is not only for children or the extremely intelligent. Anyone who wants to read, can read! There are so many options out there, whether you’re a sci-fi nerd or a comedy lover. Pay a visit to your local library or book shop and find the right book for you! There are no excuses for not reading a book. None at all!

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4.  “Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
Here Dr. Seuss is pointing out the importance of dreaming and being hopeful. Reading in general is fundamental in improving creativity. Dr. Seuss in particular aimed to encourage his readers to explore their imagination and to have fun with it. From the way he wrote to the way his characters looked. Inspiring imagination through reading was important to Dr. Seuss and an essential ingredient in motivating reluctant readers.

Dr. Seuss Quotes about Reading _ fantasy is a necessary ingredient _ imagine forest

5.  “I can read in red. I can read in blue. I can read in pickle color too.”
Aah, the joy of reading. This quote from the Dr. Seuss book ‘I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!’ displays the excitement you can get from reading. Once you know your ABC’s you’re ready to set the world on fire! Red, blue, pickle green, whatever colour you like! Once you can read, the power is in your hands to do whatever you want with the knowledge! Anyone else thinking of world domination!

Dr. Seuss Quotes about Reading _ I can read in red _ imagine forest


These are our 5 favourite Dr. Seuss quotes about reading. We would love to know your favourite in the comments below. Have these Dr. Seuss quotes inspired you to get writing? You can sign-up to Imagine Forest for free to write a story online and share with our active community of young writers.

Thank you to Safia Begum for designing these lovely Dr. Seuss reading posters for World Book Day!

P.s. You can also download an inspirational Dr. Seuss desktop wallpaper from this awesome design blog.

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  • Emma Dowey

    aw these are all such cute quotes. and so valid too!

    • http://www.imagineforest.com/ Marty the Wizard

      So glad you loved them! Dr. Seuss is really inspirational!

  • Shell

    I love these all but # 3 is my favorite 💙

    • http://www.imagineforest.com/ Marty the Wizard

      I love number 3 too! Quote number is also cool! I really believe that reading can take you places! 🙂

  • https://www.totallymommedit.com Kanani B.

    Who DOESN’T love Dr. Suess? He’s timeless and so are his quotes. I always look forward to Dr. Suess week at the kids school. WE GO ALL OUT!

    • http://www.imagineforest.com/ Marty the Wizard

      Yea, Dr. Seuss is the best! And his quotes are just remarkable and so on point! There’s so much love for Dr. Seuss here at Imagine Forest too!