82 Earth Day Writing Prompts for Kids

April 22nd is Earth day. This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about this beautiful planet and how we can take care of it. To make Earth day even more special why not get writing for this brilliant day? To help inspire you, here are 82 Earth day writing prompts that are both fun and educational!

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The Earth is a very special place. It’s not just a big ball of rock. It has many beautiful places like mountains, rivers, forests, deserts, lakes, oceans and much more. It also has a lot of living things that depend on it. For instance, there are millions of plants and animals that live in the forests on Earth. There are lots of different ways that people can help to save the Earth. For example, we can all recycle as much as possible. We can also learn to save energy and use less water. In today’s post, we have listed over 80 Earth Day writing prompts to inspire your children to think about all of these different ways to protect the Earth.

82 Earth Day writing prompts

  1. Finish this sentence in at least 10 different ways: The Earth needs our help because…
  2. Your local mayor wants to hear your ideas on how the city can save water or electricity. Write a letter to the mayor explaining your idea. You could even include a diagram in your letter.
  3. Write a haiku poem about saving Earth. Remember haikus have three lines with the following syllable pattern for each line 5, 7 and 5.
  4. Create a poster for Earth day and include a snappy slogan that will encourage more people to protect Earth.
  5. Write a step-by-step guide on how to use less water in your home.
  6. Write a natural disaster story, using the following as a story starter: If only I watered my plant as my mom told me to…
  7. Write three acrostic poems using the words, Earth, recycle and nature.
  8. If you could speak to trees, what do you think they would say? Imagine if you asked them the question, “How can I save Earth?”. What would they reply?
  9. Create your own comic strip about a team of superheroes whose job is to protect planet Earth. What would you call your superhero team? Would they have any special powers? Who would their enemies be?
  10. Write a story about a man who hates recycling and then learns the importance of recycling.
  11. Write a shape poem on how to take care of Earth in the shape of the planet.
  12. You read a newspaper article with the headline, “Recycling – A Waste of Time!”. Write a letter to the editor of the article, convincing them that recycling is important.
  13. Write a short story using the words: global warming, greenhouse gases, and pollution.
  14. Create a field guide on plant life in your area. You can use this plant name generator for more inspiration.
  15. Write a list of at least 10 things that are polluting the Earth.
  16. Create a poster to promote recycling. Think of the type of things that can be recycled and how someone could start recycling at home.
  17. Pick a company that makes products that pollute the Earth. Write a letter to the CEO or president of the company telling them why you think their business is bad for the Earth.
  18. Make a list of all the companies that use coal or oil to make products. Then create a newspaper ad for one of those companies asking them to clean up their act!
  19. A little boy goes outside to play. He notices a piece of litter on the ground. He picks it up and throws it away. It hits a tree and falls into a puddle. What happens next?
  20. Write a short story using the words: clean water, polluted water, and landfill.
  21. Write a list of at least 10 things that you could do to help save the planet. For example: Turn off the lights when you leave the room.
  22. Write a letter to Mother Nature. Tell her how you feel about her. Ask her what she likes most about herself.
  23. Write an essay describing a place where people are harming the environment. Give three reasons why this is happening and three possible solutions to fix the problem.
  24. Describe the planet’s natural resources, including food, air, and water. Give examples of each. What can be done to preserve these resources?
  25. Create a comic strip about a character who doesn’t care about the environment. The character must do something bad to the environment (for example, throw trash in a river). Describe the consequences for the character.
  26. Write a poem about what you love about our beautiful planet.
  27. Write a haiku about a plant or animal that is endangered. Include the name of the plant or animal in the last line.
  28. Invent a new kind of animal that lives on the ocean floor and has never been discovered before. Describe the appearance of this animal. Write a paragraph describing its habitat.
  29. Imagine you have the power to change one thing about the way the world works. What would you change? Why?
  30. Discuss how the environment has changed over time. Include a timeline and write at least three specific ways that the environment has changed.
  31. Research the effects of global warming. In your opinion, what are the top negative effects of global warming? Based on this reason, create a comic strip about global warming.
  32. Write a story from the point of view of an animal living in the forest. How does the environment affect the life of this animal?
  33. Invent a product that you can buy to help protect the environment. Explain what this product will do.
  34. Make a list of things you’ve learned about the environment in the past year. Choose one thing you didn’t know and explain why it’s important to learn more about it.
  35. Write an essay in which you explain how humans have harmed the environment. Include specific facts from your own experience or observations.
  36. How would you design your school or neighbourhood to help reduce pollution?
  37. What do you think will happen in the future with the environment? Use at least three specific examples to support your opinion.
  38. Write a short story about a boy or girl who has to collect trash from the environment to make a garden. Include a list of five items the child finds and five things the child does with them.
  39. Invent a superhero named the “Environmentalist” and write a short story about their adventures.
  40. What does a piece of trash look like? How did it get there? How long will it take to disappear? Describe the journey of trash.
  41. Write a letter to someone who thinks that nothing is wrong with the way things are going. Explain what you think is wrong and what needs to be changed.
  42. Invent a new kind of tree. It should be able to absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen back into the air. Write a description of the tree’s leaves, bark, roots, trunk, and branches.
  43. A group of students from two different high schools want to form a club called the “Save the Ocean Club.” They meet once a week and discuss ways to protect the environment. One student says, “We need to clean up our oceans because they are so dirty.” Another student responds, “Our oceans are not dirty.” What does the student say next? How does this conversation continue?
  44. Make a list of things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint.
  45. What would happen if there were no bees? Or butterflies? What if all the flowers suddenly disappeared? Write a story about these questions.
  46. Make an action plan to save money on your water, gas or electricity bill.
  47. Inspire your peers to join in on the green movement by doing a green challenge. Make a list of green challenges that you can start.
  48. Write a book review about an eco-friendly book you’ve read recently.
  49. The world needs your help to keep Earth clean. In this writing activity, you will create a brochure that encourages people to recycle, reduce, reuse, and rethink.
  50. Make a list of all of the things you do that are good for the planet. Then think about all of the bad things you do on a daily basis. Are there any changes you can make?
  51. Make an Earth Day bookmark by creating a picture of something natural and placing it next to an action statement that reminds readers to take care of Earth. For example, you could draw a picture of a flower next to the phrase “Turn off the lights and unplug your appliances.”
  52. Invent a new way of cooking that uses no electricity and is great for the environment.
  53. Write a newspaper article about how people can help save Earth by recycling their junk mail.
  54. Learn about other countries that do not use as much electricity as the US or UK. Research one country in particular that interests you. Write a report that compares electricity consumption between these countries.
  55. Design an advertisement for a company that sells environmentally friendly products.
  56. Invent a new type of car that runs on air and water instead of gas or diesel. Write a detailed description of this car.
  57. Plan a protest against deforestation. Write a speech explaining why it is important to save the rainforests.
  58. Write a newspaper article about the importance of preserving natural resources.
  59. Interview a world leader of your choice about their views on environmental protection. Write down the conversation that you have.
  60. Write a product review of an eco-friendly product. Be sure to mention any features that make it stand out from the rest.
  61. Write a persuasive speech about the benefits of recycling.
  62. Write a story about an Earth Day celebration using these characters: A frog, a turtle, a butterfly, and a caterpillar.
  63. Write a news article about an Earth Day event. For example, write about a company that is hosting a food drive. Or, write about a group of kids who are planting a tree.
  64. Write down at least five fun facts about the planet Earth.
  65. Write a story in which one of the characters tries to convince another character to recycle. For example, if your main character was a garbage man who always disliked throwing away recyclables, how would he try to convince his friend that they should recycle?
  66. Write an A – Z book for children on how to be eco-friendly.
  67. Write a how-to guide on how to recycle paper, glass, cans, and plastic.
  68. Write your own song lyrics that teach us to love and care for the Earth.
  69. Write a thank you note to someone who is doing something good for the environment.
  70. Make a list of at least 10 eco-friendly activities you can do on Earth day.
  71. Write about your own experiences with environmentalism. What does it mean to you? Why is it so important to you? What’s the worst environmental catastrophe you can imagine?
  72. Discuss a famous person who has spoken or written publicly about environmental concerns. Who is this person and what are they doing that inspires you?
  73. If you were going to make one suggestion for improving the world’s environmental problems, what would you suggest?
  74. When you see someone littering in public, what do you think of them? Is their behaviour really that different from the behaviour of an animal?
  75. We often hear that humans are at the top of the food chain, but we have polluted the planet so much that many plants and animals are at the very bottom of the food chain. What do you think the consequences will be if humans keep eating meat?
  76. Choose someone you admire who works to improve the environment. Make a list of everything they do to help our planet.
  77. Research an environmental issue that you aren’t familiar with and write a brief essay about it.
  78. There are many people in our world who care deeply about protecting the environment, but who lack the scientific or legal expertise needed to help. What do you think are some ways to encourage young people to get involved in making a difference?
  79. Explore the environmental concerns of another culture, such as a different country or a different era in history. How does their way of life affect the environment? Can we learn anything from studying how other cultures have managed their natural resources?
  80. Imagine what the world would be like if we had no rules about how we use our natural resources. Make up some of your own rules on how natural resources should be used.
  81. Explain what the concept of sustainable development means. Is it possible to maintain the current standard of living while also maintaining the environment?
  82. Research a current issue concerning environmental degradation (e.g., oil spills) and then explain how it may or may not be affecting people in your community or around the world.

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Get writing for Earth day

I hope these Earth day writing prompts have inspired you to take action in protecting our beautiful planet and have helped you write some awesome stories. In the meantime, we would love to hear from you on what your plans for Earth day are and if you have any fun Earth day stories to share with us!

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