Easy Origami Fox Tutorial

Easy Origami Fox Tutorial

Today is world origami day! Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into various creative things, such as animals and flowers. Here’s a quick origami fact – Did you know that in Japan a paper crane is considered a symbol of peace! To celebrate this wonderful day I have created an easy origami fox tutorial, so you too can get involved:

What you will need:

  • Square origami paper
  • Pen

1. Fold the square origami paper in half to form a triangle:

Easy origami fox tutorial -1

2. Fold this triangle in half again:Easy origami fox tutorial -2

3. For the final time fold the paper in half to form yet another triangle:

Easy origami fox tutorial -3

4. Now fold another smaller triangle, as shown:Easy origami fox tutorial -4

5. Then turn the paper over and fold another triangle, to create a much smaller triangle:

Easy origami fox tutorial -5

6. Your origami fox should now look like this:

Easy origami fox tutorial -5-1

7. Next, create the fox’s tail by folding the end of the triangle (see image):

Easy origami fox tutorial -6

8. To create the fox’s body create a crease on the left side of the paper, as shown:Easy origami fox tutorial -7

9. Open up the crease and fold the middle section forward to create the fox’s face, as shown in the image:

Easy origami fox tutorial -8

10. Finally, add the small details on the fox’s face with a pen and your origami fox is done!

Easy origami fox tutorial -9

Have fun with creating this cute little origami fox and you can find more amazing tutorials here!  Happy Origami Day 2015!

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