5 Easy Peasy Craft Ideas for Kids That Are Simply Awesome

The most awaited time of the year for your munchkin is no doubt the summer holidays when the days are warm and languid and simply perfect for a DIY project. And as a mother, it is the perfect opportunity for you to bond with your kids and make some of the most beautiful memory of your lives. Well, there are several creative activities that you can enjoy with your kids such as joining a cooking or painting class. But, if you want your homely setting where you can simply relax and have the gala time with your bubbas, you should go for paper crafts. There are several DIY paper craft projects that are not only easy to make, but also enhance the creativity of your kids. Moreover, they would give the walls of your kitchen a nice, homely touch that almost everybody loves. So, let’s start with some of the most fun-filled craft ideas for kids.

1. Origami Fox

The Japanese art of folding paper, also known as Origami, is one fine way to chisel the motor skills. And you have no idea what can be created from a simple piece of paper. Well, then try making an origami fox or any animal of your choice with brightly colored craft paper that you can even use to tell stories.

2. Dancing Paper Pinwheel

Summer is the perfect time for a family trip to the beach and any beach trip is incomplete without a colorful pinwheel. Seeing your child dancing to the tunes of sea kissed winds, while playing with a pinwheel that both of you have made is an absolute delight. Don’t worry if there is no nearby beach; go upstairs and enjoy your evening while the breeze gently makes the pinwheel dance on its rhythm.

3. Rocket Launcher

Who said that paper craft is all creativity and fun? It is one of the best ways to make your kids understand the simple concepts of science. Don’t believe us? Then, try creating a paper rocket launcher that would take hardly few minutes. But we are assured that your kids aren’t going to get tired of them so easily.

4. Japanese Paper Folding Fan

Another cool paper project to do this summer is the Japanese paper folding fan! All it needs is the art of paper pleating that every kid loves to do. This not only enhances the motor skills of your kids, but something they can use as well. Ensure to use paper of different colors to give the fan vivid hues.

5. Kite Festival

We are sure that you simply adore the brightly colored, flying pieces of paper against the strong winds during your childhood as well. So, why not relive your childhood with your kids by creating your own colorful kites. And now what are you waiting for? Get out in the backyard or run to a nearby beach and have the most beautiful time with you munchkins.

Weren’t these paper crafts simply fun? Yeah, they definitely are! But don’t limit yourself to these only. Expand your own creativity with your kids and create something new, magical and beautiful with your kids. And don’t forget to let us know about your masterpieces in the comments below.

5 Easy Peasy Craft Ideas for Kids That Are Simply Awesome imagine forest

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