10 Fun and Easy Things to do After School

After a tough day in school, kids are always ready for some fun activities at the end of the day. Such activities help them unwind and this is helpful in their growth and development. Parents can also use this time to bond with their kids and learn about the day. The thing with kids though, is that they get bored easily and would openly shun activities that are not interesting. Parents and guardians should, therefore, provide fun activities for their kids to engage in when they get home from school. To help you with this, here are 10 fun and easy things to do after school.

1. Prepare a meal together.

Kids enjoy tasty bites and this makes preparing a meal together one of the best ways to keep them engaged when they arrive home from school. You can bake a cake or cookies that you will share as a family. The kids can help you prepare the dough and other light activities in the kitchen. Just make sure that knives and other harmful items in the kitchen are out of their reach.

2. Enjoy the outdoors.

The open fields and fresh outdoors is all you need to enjoy quality time with your kids. You can play ball games or jump rope with your kids. Other than keeping your kids entertained, outdoor games are a great way to work out and exercise. Why not check our list of 10 outdoor activities for some inspiration.

3. Go shopping.

This is another fun and easy activity that you can engage in with your kids. Kids always enjoy going to the supermarket and taking them with you for shopping will definitely get them excited. Let them help with picking items from the aisles and placing them in the trolley. For their help, buy them healthy treats and snacks. You can even get them to help with creating the shopping list which is a creative way to improve their writing skills.

4. Dancing.

Dancing is fun and enjoyable. This makes it one of the most fun activities for your kids when they arrive from school. Play some cool jams and join in with your kids in moving to the beat.

5. Volunteering.

If you participate in any charity work, get your kids to tag along as a way of keeping them busy after school. They can help with packing the clothes and other items that you donate to charity. Volunteering will teach them the essence of sacrifice and service to others.

6. Play indoor games.

If the weather is not favourable for outdoor activities, worry not as there are a lot of games for kids to play indoors such as puzzles and table games. Pick a puzzle and solve it together with your kids. Since puzzles require some form of thinking to solve them, they help build your kids’ thinking capacity. Lego is another great activity for your kids to play indoors.

7. Head to the park.

Kids always enjoy time at the park and taking them there when they are done with school is a great way to keep them engaged. Running around the park and playing with their friends will help them relax after a tough day in school.

8. Read a book together.

This is another fun activity to do with your kids. Kids are always open to new information and reading a book together is one sure way to ensure they gain as much information as possible. We all know the benefits of reading, such as teaching your kids new words and enhancing their vocabulary. But it can be difficult to get your kids reading after school. So to spice up the reading session, pick a book with colourful designs and pictures that will keep your kids stay interested. Or take a look at our post on 5 ways to get kids reading with no books involved.

9. Painting.

It’s no secret that kids love painting and arts and crafts. To keep your kids busy and entertained after school, painting is one of the activities that you can opt for. Buy them some kid-friendly paint and canvas paper. Then let them express their creativity.

10. Homework.

If your kids are struggling in school then you should make time to help them with their school work. Go through their school work and help them get their homework done. If for whatever reason you can’t be at home when your kids arrive from school, you can hire a private tutor to help your kids with their school work.

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