Fairy Poems for Kids by the Story Saturday Community

story Saturday _ fairy poems for kids _ imagine forest

Last week the Story Saturday community were set a challenge to write a story or poem about fairies. We received a generous amount of fairy poems from our amazing community members. Ranging from six word stories to haiku poems. You can see the full list of fairy poems here. If you would like to share your own story with the Story Saturday community, just use the hashtag #storysaturday on Twitter with your poem or story. Here are some of our favourite fairy poems. Everything from dancing fairies to garden pixies and even with a hint of gnomes! Tell us your favourite in the comments below.

Fairy Poems by the Story Saturday Community:

“In My Land Of Make Believe
Fairies dance in the trees
Children play at their feet
Nature’s harmony released”

– Poem by @tallonwrites


“I believe
That fairies pixies & gnomes
Must be meeting beneath this
Under the moonlight
To taste dewdrops
From flowers”

– Poem by @notyet100

fairy poems 2_ imagine forest _ story saturday
– A six word story by @saf_begum


“fae folk, tiny in the garden
faint sounds of tinkling toil
soft fan the whisper of little wings
slight footprints in the soil”

– Poem by @CattyKoala


“Whizzing around in pixie hollow,
Smaller than a mini marshmallow.
Tiny wings”

– Poem by @GargarComics


“When I was a child,
Enchanted swords and fairies
Were as real as I”

– Haiku by @Poet_BDHildreth

fairy poems _ imagine forest _ story saturday
– A haiku by us, @imagine_forest


“Behold, the hollow world of trees
Hidden lands in spaces we don’t see
Gnomes, fairies, elves-Delight!
Dance under the moonlight”

– Rhyming Poem by @JenniferAPatino


To read more magical fairy poems by our community click here. Has this list of poems inspired you to write your own? Share your fairy poems by commenting them below.

Stay tuned as each week we will bring you an amazing collection of poems for kids and don’t’ forget to follow Story Saturday on Twitter!

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