110+ Fairy Tale Writing Prompts (With Prompt Generator)

Looking for some fairy tale magic? In this post, we have collected over 110 fairy tale writing prompts from classic fairy tale ideas to modern-day tales with a twist.

When you’re writing your own fairy tale the hardest thing can be coming up with an inspiring and unique idea. To help get you started, here are 110 fairy tale writing prompts, along with a random fairy tale prompt generator.

Fairy Tale Prompt Generator 

This fairy tale prompt generator contains a range of prompts from fractured fairy tale ideas to classic fairy tale prompts with a twist, as well as modern-day fairy tales:

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A fairy tale is a story that contains magical elements, often taking place in an imaginary land, or in a realm beyond the normal world. Common examples of fairy tales include Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Rapunzel, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and many others. These are some of the most well-known and loved stories ever told.

Keep on reading for our list of fairy tale writing prompts.

Fairy Tale Writing prompts

This list contains a range of classic fairy tale ideas about princesses, knights and dragons:

  1. An evil wizard curses a nobleman’s three sons into turning into donkeys. The nobleman sends his youngest son to find a sorcerer who can undo the curse. Along the way, the boy finds true love and becomes a knight.
  2. After their parents die, two brothers are raised in different kingdoms by different stepfathers. Years later, they discover they have been switched at birth. Now they must unite to defeat an evil wizard who has seized power and threatens them all.
  3. Two princes are sent on a quest by their father, the King of the Dragons, to find seven items that will make them invincible. Along the way, they meet a beautiful princess and fall in love with her. They soon learn, however, that she is the princess of an enemy kingdom and the two must decide which kingdom is more important to them.
  4. A king sends out his henchmen to kidnap baby boys from neighbouring kingdoms. He does this so he can train these boys to become knights and protect him and his kingdom in the years to come. But one day, the young boy from another land will turn the tables on his kidnappers and become a hero.
  5. A princess is cursed by her evil stepmother so that she will be invisible unless she wears a pair of magical glass slippers. She meets a prince who falls in love with her, but he is unable to see her without the shoes. However, she gives him the courage to do the right thing and break the curse.
  6. A man is transformed into a donkey by a wicked witch. After he is freed, he meets a beautiful princess who takes pity on him and transforms him back into a man. The two marry and live happily ever after.
  7. A man returns home from battle, only to find that his wife has given birth to a half-donkey, half-human son. He names his donkey son Goliath and raises it like an ordinary human son. As a child, Goliath is ostracized by his father’s jealous fellow soldiers, but as he matures he learns how to be a good soldier.
  8. A princess is cursed by a witch to become a hideous beast until she finds true love. She prays for many years and is given a choice: to stay in her castle and be alone forever, or leave in search of a cure. She chooses to go forth and find a cure.
  9. In a distant land, a young man is banished from his village for being different. He runs away and joins a band of wizards where he learns to use magic. He returns home a few years later and uses his newfound powers to become King.
  10. A handsome and kindhearted Prince loses his parents when he is very young. He is sent off to a castle where he is raised by a group of knights who are in fact the seven dwarves. They teach him all sorts of important skills until he is old enough to venture out on his own and find happiness.
  11. In order to protect her beloved, a beautiful princess turns herself into a hideous troll and lives in a cave. But when she hears that her beloved is in danger, she makes a desperate dash to save him.
  12. When a girl is born, her mother dies before she can see her. Her father, an exiled prince, trains her in the art of war. When she is old enough, he brings her along on his journey to reclaim his throne.
  13. When a greedy woman discovers her husband is hiding a magic lamp from her, she uses it to become more beautiful and then uses her charms to win the hand of a rich but foolish man. But the man she marries isn’t as foolish as he looks.
  14. The king is cruel and wants to marry his daughter to a beast to save his kingdom. When she refuses, he imprisons her with a dragon who breathes fire. How will she escape and get revenge?
  15. A beautiful princess is locked away in the highest tower of her father’s castle by a terrible enchantment. Her loyal pet cat accompanies her on a daring journey to escape from her captor and find happiness again.
  16. Two young princes are trapped inside a magical mirror and transported to another land. There they encounter an assortment of new friends and obstacles on their quest to break the spell and return home.
  17. A young orphan girl grows up in a village with many different types of animals as her only companions. When she comes of age, the animals tell her that she is now old enough to leave and make a life for herself. However, before she can begin her journey, she is visited by three mysterious figures: the Wolf, the Fox, and the Lion.
  18. An ordinary house cat is cursed by a witch into becoming a ferocious beast every full moon. To break the curse, he must find a magic spell book and learn to read. But when all the other animals in the neighbourhood are scared of his horrible howl, can he ever be normal?
  19. A boy finds a mysterious note in his mailbox. He must seek the help of a band of animals to find the owner of the note before the sender destroys his home.
  20. An elephant that was separated from its mother and family as a child, is reunited with them when he finds his way into the city zoo. There, he meets other elephants and learns about the importance of friendship and community.
  21. When a young girl finds a magical talking cat she befriends him only to discover he is the long-lost son of the king of cats. Now she must help him regain his rightful place on the throne.
  22. Three unlikely animals find themselves lost in the human world and must work together to make their way back to their own realms.
  23. A lonely young girl’s imagination comes alive when she befriends three eccentric animals: a rabbit who has no eyes; a turtle who’s deaf, and a blind fish. She names them Breezy, Turtle and Eager, and together, they embark on exciting adventures with plenty of twists and turns along the way.
  24. A soldier battles an evil creature terrorizing his town, but must first solve three riddles. He seeks help from a wise old woman, who aids him in deciphering the riddles and defeating the monster.
  25. When the Queen of Hearts sends the best knight in the land to go on an impossible quest, he soon learns there are more things than bravery involved. A hungry lion, a sneaky fox, and a petulant bunny join him as they travel through various realms on his journey.
  26. An impoverished young prince finds himself stranded in a dark forest filled with mysterious danger and sinister creatures. The only person he can turn to for help is an eccentric sorceress who lives there.
  27. The King of Hearts sends three unlikely heroes on a dangerous mission to retrieve the royal treasure that has been hidden in an enchanted castle. Their only weapons? Courage, skill, and wits.
  28. A cursed prince transforms into a pig every night and must find a woman who will love him despite his curse. This quest forces him to become humble and respectful, qualities he lacks as an arrogant and evil prince.
  29. After her father disappears while on a voyage at sea, a little girl befriends some seafaring creatures and sets off on a dangerous journey to find her father. During this journey, she also learns about her true identity as a mermaid princess.
  30. Tired of his brother’s foolish antics, an envious young boy swaps bodies with a frog to teach him a lesson. The frog doesn’t like being inside the human body, so he teaches the young boy a few things in return.
  31. A young girl finds a little wooden toy in her family’s attic, and when she plays with it, it turns into the most amazing flying horse, capable of soaring through the clouds and breathing fire.
  32. A young man has his life turned upside down when a magic carpet lands on his head and whisks him off to a distant land where he’s crowned king of the jungle. Unfortunately, all good kings are not welcomed with open arms, as an evil lion sets out to steal the crown and make himself king!
  33. The daughter of an ogre prince was taken away by a troll as a baby. She has grown up in exile believing her mother is dead, but one day she encounters the true love of her life and learns she is not a troll at all!
  34. A man finds an unusual frog one night in his backyard. It turns out to be an enchanted frog and he is able to use its magic to fulfill his every wish. Unfortunately, the frog also has an insatiable appetite for gold and devours everything in sight, leaving the man broken and penniless.
  35. A mermaid seeks to enter the human world to get a magic book for her late father. She can only stay human and survive on land for seven days. She finds the book but falls for a prince who is engaged to an evil princess. The princess makes her life difficult, but the mermaid must overcome this to return to the sea on time with the book.
  36. Three boys and their dog set off on an epic quest to find the lost treasure of the legendary Golden Frog of Kensington Gardens. They end up on a dangerous adventure where they are faced with monsters, mysterious ghosts, evil witches and flying skulls!
  37. After rescuing her pet cat from an evil witch’s gingerbread house, a girl finds herself magically transformed into the witch herself, causing her to have second thoughts about her wicked ways.
  38. An evil sorcerer kidnaps the king’s son and imprisons him in the dungeon. The king gives his word he will hand over half the kingdom to anyone who can find the boy, but the king has a clever trick up his sleeve – a magic ring that allows its owner to travel anywhere.
  39. Two sisters compete for a special prize in a talent show until the one without talent accidentally turns into an ugly frog. They decide to enter her into the contest anyway, and their lives are suddenly turned upside-down when their big dream comes true.
  40. An old woman living by herself in the woods has no interest in anything around her until an enchanted bear moves into the forest. When he becomes her friend, she starts seeing the beauty in her surroundings.
  41. A princess is kidnapped by the palace chef, who uses dark magic to convince the king and queen that his own child is theirs. The real princess is locked in a tower. The chef’s assistant discovers the truth and sets out to rescue the princess and break the spell on her parents.
  42. An impoverished young woman in a small village becomes the guardian of a magic lantern that belonged to her father, an adventurer who died trying to stop a powerful wizard. She has many adventures with the lantern, but when a gang of thieves tries to steal it she and her companions must use all their wits to fight them off.
  43. A young girl discovers that her family’s fortune is cursed and she must travel the world in search of a witch who can break the spell.
  44. While hiking through a treacherous mountain pass, three mischievous kids leave behind a magic blanket. When they reach the other side of the mountain, they are magically transported inside the blanket and into an enchanted world where they meet Santa Claus and his elves.
  45. An orphaned princess lives in a magical kingdom filled with dark forests, beautiful meadows, and sparkling lakes. She is forced to hide her magical ability to speak to animals or risk losing her status as ruler. But one day she is found out and must embark on an epic quest with three animal friends to regain the trust of her people.
  46. A girl who lives in a faraway land has been trapped in a crystal ball. The only way she can escape is to break the ball and free herself. But every time she tries, the glass shatters and she finds herself back inside!
  47. An aspiring chef who is secretly a dragon in disguise takes on the challenge of opening up her own restaurant. However, she soon realizes that being a dragon has its limitations. She must learn to work with the other creatures of the forest to restore peace to the land.
  48. A young girl with a troubled past set off on a journey to find her mother in an enchanted forest. Along the way, she encounters a group of magical beings who teach her about herself, the world around her and the power of friendship.
  49. A young girl’s wish for a new family comes true when her father adopts a young boy and they become a real-life fairy tale family. But their happily ever after is short-lived when a villainous witch threatens to take everything away from them.
  50. An orphaned girl becomes a pawn in a war between two factions of witches. With the help of a talking horse, a cat, a bear, and a handful of other animals, she must learn to navigate the dangerous world of magic and save her family from extinction.

Fractured Fairy Tale Ideas

Fractured fairy tales are based on classical characters from folklore and fairytales that have been changed in some way. Here is a list of fractured fairy tale prompts:

  1. The Three Little Pigs are facing some tough times at the beginning of winter, and they need to find some money to buy food and supplies before the cold weather arrives. One day, the Wolf takes away all of the animals’ straw hats, and they need to come up with a plan to get them back. Who will be the first to do so?
  2. In a futuristic world, Little Red Riding Hood is a cyborg with enhanced senses who sets out on a mission to retrieve a valuable artefact, only to discover that her employer may not have been entirely honest with her.
  3. While searching for a lost dog, three little pigs find a book in the woods with an enchanting story inside. They learn that the book was written by a great and powerful wizard named Wiser. And when they return the book, the wizard makes them three royal princes.
  4. Beauty is a high-powered executive who is forced to work with the reclusive Beast, a brilliant tech entrepreneur who is haunted by his past.
  5. When her father disappears while searching for the legendary Unicorn, young Rapunzel must flee her cruel mother and venture into a mysterious tower to live among her father’s long-held secrets until her father returns.
  6. Write a story where Snow White was murdered by a jealous step-sister. The king ordered a big party to celebrate her death, and everyone present at that party received a fatal poisoned apple bite.
  7. Rapunzel, a teenage girl with a passion for social media becomes an internet sensation when she starts livestreaming her life from a tower, but soon realizes that her newfound fame comes with a price.
  8. Write a sci-fi story about a young boy named Peter Pan who accidentally falls through a portal and finds himself trapped in Neverland. A place with no time or space.
  9. Write a story where the Three Bears are actually three giant, superpowered mutant bears named Bucky, Booger, and Smudge, who were exiled from their tribe for being too ugly and mean.
  10. Write a story where Peter Pan is actually a wizard who can’t fly because he was cursed by a witch. He has to drink a potion to make himself grow up.
  11. Write a story where the Big Bad Wolf is actually a werewolf who falls in love with Cinderella and wants to marry her, but the King of the Land forbids it.
  12. In a world of superheroes, Little Red Riding Hood is a plucky sidekick who must help her mentor defeat a powerful villain who threatens to destroy the city, using her wits and her trusty red cape.
  13. Instead of planting the beans, Jack eats them because he is really hungry. The next day he notices that he has doubled in height. Eventually, Jack turns into a giant who everyone is scared of.
  14. Aurora a hacker who calls herself ‘Sleeping Beauty’ falls asleep after a long night of coding, and wakes up to find that her consciousness has been uploaded into a virtual world that has become a prison for millions of people.
  15. Rapunzel is a prisoner in a high-tech facility run by a tyrannical corporation, that uses her long hair to power their machines. With the help of a rogue scientist, she escapes and sets out to bring down the corporation and free her fellow prisoners.
  16. The evil Queen has just died and her evil stepdaughter, Snow White is now the new ruler of the land. The only one who can stop her is the handsome prince, but he has been locked away in a tower for years.
  17. In a post-apocalyptic world, Little Red Riding Hood is a skilled hunter who sets out to bring food to her village but must navigate a dangerous wasteland and evade a pack of wolves to reach her destination.
  18. Goldilocks stumbles upon a secret hideout occupied by three superheroes who are taking a break from saving the world. However, when their arch-nemesis attacks the hideout, Goldilocks must use her wits and resourcefulness to help the heroes defeat the villain.
  19. Aurora is a Dreamweaver who falls asleep and enters a magical realm where she must navigate a series of dreamscapes to find her way back to reality.
  20. A group of children must travel across the country to find the seven magical beans that will make them invisible. Along the way, they encounter many strange creatures, including the Evil Queen, the Wicked Witch and the Big Bad Wolf.
  21. Little Red Riding Hood is a brilliant detective who sets out to solve a series of grisly murders in a small town, only to discover that the killer may be closer to home than she realizes.
  22. Beauty is a brilliant scientist who is kidnapped by a mysterious figure known as the Beast, who needs her expertise to save the world from a deadly virus.
  23. Aurora (Also known as ‘Sleeping Beauty’) is the last survivor of a human colony that has been put into cryogenic sleep, but she wakes up to find that the world is now populated by mutants and she must navigate this new world to find a new home.
  24. Jack is a thief who steals a bag of magic beans from a powerful wizard. He plants the beans and climbs the resulting beanstalk, only to find a kingdom in peril from a dark curse.
  25. In this version, Goldilocks isn’t so much an innocent child as she is a conniving thief. She steals from the Three Bears and then runs off to the woods. There she finds the house of Red Riding Hood, who invites her to stay for dinner. She says yes, and then proceeds to eat and sleep her way through the house. Red Riding Hood and her mother grow tired of Goldilock’s selfish behaviour and kick her out.

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Cinderella Writing Prompts

One of the most loved fairy tales of all time is Cinderella. Below is a list of writing prompts based on this classic tale:

  1. When her mother is turned into a frog, Cinderella goes in search of a wizard to turn her back into a princess. She ends up finding a band of robbers who transform her into a servant girl for an evil witch.
  2. A modern-day retelling of Cinderella, set in a bustling city where Cinderella struggles to escape poverty and make her dreams come true.
  3. The main character is a wealthy heiress who falls in love with a kind-hearted but poor man and must overcome the disapproval of her snobbish family to be with him.
  4. A prince who must disguise himself as a commoner to win the heart of a feisty and independent princess named Cinderella.
  5. Ina modern adaption, Cinderella is a talented singer who must overcome her stage fright and win a singing competition to achieve her dreams.
  6. A dystopian version of Cinderella where Cinderella is a scavenger who must navigate the dangers of a ruined city and outsmart a gang of ruthless bandits to claim her place as the leader of her tribe.
  7. Cinderella is a single mother who must balance the demands of her family with her own desires and dreams, and find love and happiness against all odds.
  8. A fairy godmother-in-training who must pass a series of difficult tests and overcome her own self-doubt to prove that she is worthy of her magical powers.
  9. A princess named Cinderella has been trapped in an enchanted tower for years by a jealous fairy godmother. Her only chance at freedom is to find a pair of glass slippers that will allow her to walk through any door in the kingdom, but she will have to face down the evil fairy godmother first!
  10. Cinderella’s life changes when she is magically transported into a world where the rules are very different. She must learn to adapt to her new surroundings while searching for her true love, Prince Charming.

Modern Fairy Tale Story Ideas

Below we have included fairy tale ideas set in the modern era:

  1. Cinderella is an aspiring social media influencer who catches the eye of a famous celebrity. With the help of her loyal followers, she must navigate the challenges of fame and find true love.
  2. A young freelancer travels the world while working remotely and discovers a mysterious mansion inhabited by a reclusive millionaire. As she helps him confront his inner demons, she finds a sense of purpose and belonging.
  3. A young woman is trapped in a virtual reality world by an evil corporation. With the help of a hacker and a band of rebels, she must fight her way out of the digital realm and reclaim her freedom.
  4. An aspiring dancer is caught in a web of lies that threatens to destroy her career. With the help of a new friend, she must decide if she will become a star or follow her dreams.
  5. A group of friends goes on an adventure through time to save their home from a mysterious evil force. They must defeat their enemies using both ancient weapons and modern technology.
  6. A young man leaves his home in search of adventure. He stumbles upon a hidden village where he encounters a magical creature. The two embark on a journey to discover each other’s secrets.
  7. An ambitious journalist sets out to expose the truth behind new medical technology. Her investigation leads her to uncover a conspiracy involving a wealthy entrepreneur and a top-secret government lab.
  8. A young girl is abducted from her home and taken to an underground facility where she learns that she has extraordinary powers. She must escape her captors and use her new abilities to save her family.
  9. Two brothers are separated at birth and raised apart. One is a hard-working lawyer who dreams of becoming a politician, the other is a free spirit who aspires to be a rock star. When their parents pass away, they learn that their father had been keeping a secret from them.
  10. A young boy struggles to escape from his abusive father and live with his mother. Along the way, he meets a young girl who teaches him the importance of friendship and family.

Fairy Tales With A Twist Ideas

Some more fairy tale ideas based on classic tales with a twist:

  1. Rumpelstiltskin is not a selfish trickster but instead, a misunderstood and troubled soul who seeks redemption. He forms an unlikely friendship with a young girl and must overcome his own past mistakes to help her achieve her dreams.
  2. The frog prince isn’t under a spell at all, but instead has a dark secret he’s been hiding from his human companion. As she falls in love with him, she discovers his secret and must decide if she can accept him for who he truly is.
  3. The Snow Queen is a powerful sorceress who is trying to prevent a catastrophic climate change event from destroying the world. When a young girl accidentally falls under her spell, she becomes the key to saving the planet.
  4.  Cinderella is not a meek and obedient girl but instead rebels against her cruel stepmother and stepsisters. She enlists the help of her fairy godmother to teach her the skills she needs to fight back and take control of her own life.
  5. The little mermaid, Ariel doesn’t fall in love with a human prince but instead seeks revenge against the humans who have been polluting her underwater kingdom. With the help of her sea creature friends, she launches an attack on the surface world.
  6. Hansel and Gretel are not innocent children but instead are notorious thieves who stumble upon a cottage filled with riches. But when they discover the true nature of the cottage’s inhabitants, they must make a decision that will change their lives forever.
  7. The three little pigs are not afraid of the big bad wolf but instead are fed up with being bossed around by their mother. They hatch a plan to rebel against her rules and start a new life on their own.
  8. The Three Billy Goats Gruff are not innocent travellers but instead are notorious outlaws on the run from the law. When they cross the bridge belonging to the fearsome troll, they must choose between surrendering to the authorities or engaging in a deadly battle for their freedom.
  9. The Pied Piper is actually a time traveller from the future, sent back in time to prevent a catastrophic event from occurring. The rats are the key to his mission, and the townspeople must decide whether to trust him or drive him out.
  10.  Snow White is not a naive princess, but instead is a master manipulator who orchestrates her own “rescue” by the handsome prince. But as she gains power, she discovers a dark conspiracy against her and must fight to protect her throne.
  11. The ugly duckling is not a duck at all but instead is a cursed human prince. With the help of a kind-hearted princess, he discovers the truth about his curse and must break it in order to reclaim his rightful place as ruler of the kingdom.
  12. When Jack meets the giant, the giant welcomes him with open hands and confesses the truth, that the Giant is actually Jack’s father who has been cursed. 

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