62+ Fall Writing Prompts (+ Free Printable Fall Writing Paper)

The fall season is on its way. The air is crisp, the leaves are falling, and there’s a new season on its way. Whether you’re writing a novel, a short story, or some poetry, here are over 62 fall writing prompts to inspire you over the next few months.

Our huge list of autumn prompts includes fall-themed writing prompts, journal prompts, narrative prompts and even creative story ideas for the fall season. We also included a pack of free fall writing papers with lines to encourage you to keep writing all season long!

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62+ Fall Writing Prompts

We’ve put together a list of prompts for the Fall season. If you are a writer, or even if you’re just a reader, We’re sure you can use a few of these to spark your creativity:

Journal Prompts

Here are some interesting autumn journal prompts to write about:

  1. What kind of pumpkin are you going to carve this year?  Draw some pictures, along with a description of some pumpkin carving ideas.
  2. Make a top ten list of your favourite activities over the fall season. For each activity write down a sentence to explain why this activity is your favourite.
  3. Write a journal entry about an early autumn evening. You could write about an autumn sunset that was particularly dramatic or a fall sunset that was beautiful.
  4. Write about something surprising you experienced during the fall season.
  5. Write a journal entry from the perspective of a tree during autumn.
  6. Watch the autumn leaves falling. What does the falling of the leaves mean to you? Is it time to change?
  7. Make an autumn forecast. Make a prediction about what you think will be happening in autumn this year. This could be a weather prediction or prediction of a possible news headline.
  8. Write about a dream you had about fall. You could be dreaming about the sounds of leaves falling in a park or you could be dreaming about fall in a forest.
  9. Write about someone you know who is changing. It could be something as simple as a haircut or more complex like a personality change.
  10. Write about a day in autumn. This could be a particular day you spent with your family, a day you had in your neighbourhood or it could be your very first autumn experience.
  11. What colours remind you of the fall season? Explain why for each colour.
  12. Make a list of five things you love about autumn. Then make another list of five things you hate about autumn.
  13. Write about your favourite autumn memory. It could be the first time you encountered a new place, or about playing in the leaves with your friends.
  14. Write a journal entry about an autumn friendship you had when you were younger.
  15. Imagine a world where trees didn’t exist. How would you know it was autumn?
  16. Write about a fall tradition you enjoy and a new one that you would like to try out.
  17. Write about autumn as a welcoming time. Think about how autumn could welcome someone new or make someone feel comfortable in a new place.
  18. Make a list of five places you’d like to visit in the fall.
  19. Write about something that inspires you to see more of the fall season. This could be a new city, a new culture, a new place or something you’ve always wanted to experience.
  20. Write a journal entry about your favourite festival, event or holiday during the autumn season. Think about when this event happens and what you do during the event.
  21. Pick any one of the following autumn animals, and write down five fun facts about them: Hedgehog, Barn Owl, Red Squirrel, Red Fox, Red Deer or Grey Wolf.
  22. Make a list of five different items that fall brings to mind. What do these items remind you of? How do they make you feel?
  23. Imagine that you’re in the backyard and you see leaves falling from a maple tree. What does the sound of the falling leaves mean to you? How do you feel as you listen to the sound of falling leaves?
  24. In autumn, people are more likely to be in the great outdoors than in their homes. Write about one of your great outdoor autumn experiences.
  25. One of the biggest holidays during Autumn is Halloween. Do you celebrate Halloween? If yes, write down how you celebrate it. And if no, then what are your reasons for not celebrating?
  26. Write about a time when you and your family ate together for thanksgiving. Describe what you were thankful for that year and what you liked about that experience.
  27. Write a journal entry about something you are really looking forward to seeing in the fall season.
  28. Make a list of five fall foods. What foods do you like to eat during autumn? What foods do you think are in season during autumn?
  29. Make a top ten list of your favourite fall animals. For each animal write down one sentence about why they are your favourite.
  30. Write down a recipe that includes pumpkin as the main ingredient.

Narrative Prompts

Take a look at this list of fall narrative writing prompts to get you inspired:

  1. Write a short story titled “The October Pumpkin Patch” about a fall trip to a pumpkin patch. It could be your first time there or if you’ve been many times. It can take place on a sunny or rainy day and it can be all about a character’s perspective.
  2. Write a story titled “Deep in the Heart of Fall”. You can focus on the depths of the forest in the fall. Imagine walking through this deep autumn forest.
  3. Use the following story starter to write a short story: But what of the scent that pervades the fall. A parking lot? Scented, perhaps, with cinnamon, and coffee.
  4. Use the following story starter to write a short story: I have seen so many beautiful autumns, and all of these inspired me to write this tale.
  5. Write a short story titled “Pumpkin Soup”. The story opens with someone ordering pumpkin soup at a restaurant.
  6. Write a story titled “Where is the Fall?”. It could be a detective story set in the autumn season.
  7. Write a short story in which a character goes on a journey to find a new autumn tradition that will bring meaning to their life.
  8. Use this story starter to write a short story: A rainy night in autumn has me playing with lights.
  9. Write a short story titled “The first Pumpkin”. In this story, you can write about the first time a pumpkin was carved. Why do you think people carve pumpkins for Halloween?
  10. Use this story starter to write a short story: Over the years, I have come to treasure every autumn, and it never fails to bring me joy.
  11. Use the following story starter to write a short story: In autumn, I can escape the hustle and bustle of my summer routine and let my hair down.
  12. Use the following story starter to write a short story: A beautiful autumn morning called to me and I climbed into my car and drove through the city streets.
  13. Write a short story titled “A Good Night”. In this story, you can write about a night of going to the lake for a rowboat ride, or you can write about a night in the forest with a bonfire.
  14. Use this story starter to write a short story: One afternoon in autumn, I was walking home after school. It was almost dark. I was near the house when I smelled something wonderful. I turned around and saw a tree with apples and some cherry trees, my favourite autumn fruit.
  15. Use the following story starter to write a short story: Today, my mother and I are looking forward to being in the same city for the first time in two years. We plan to attend a local fall festival.
  16. Use this story starter to write a short story: This fall, my favourite holiday is Halloween. I love it because it gives me the chance to dress up, and be anyone I want.
  17. Use this story starter to write a short story: The weather has turned chilly and I’ve made a pot of cocoa. As I listen to the changing of the leaves outside, I enjoy the silence. My mind goes back to the fall days that have gone by so fast.
  18. During fall many animals prepare for Winter. Birds such as the Swallows will migrate south towards southern Africa during autumn to find warmer temperatures. Write a day in a life story of a Swallow preparing with its family to fly south for the winter.

Poetry Prompts

Some poem ideas about the fall season:

  1. Write a poem titled “A Bountiful Harvest”. This poem could be about a farmer and all the different crops they harvest during the fall season.
  2. Write a haiku about the leaves falling. You could write a haiku about the first frost and the cool air.
  3. In autumn, the colours of the season turn and the leaves begin to change. Write a poem about autumn colours.
  4. Write a song, titled ‘Autumn Days’. In the song lyrics, you could talk about the various celebrations that happen during Autumn and what you love most about it.
  5. Describe the perfect autumn scene in great detail. Think about the physical appearance, the smell, and common autumn tastes and flavours, as well as what you might hear and feel.
  6. Write a poem titled ‘Ode to Autumn’. In this poem, you can talk about all the things you love about autumn.

Kindergarten Fall Ideas

Here are some fun fall writing prompts for kindergarten students:

  1. Continue the following sentence in at least three different ways: I love fall because…
  2. My favourite fall animal is ________ because __________ .
  3. My favourite fall colour is _____________ .
  4. Draw a picture of a tree in the autumn. And then write one sentence to describe this tree.
  5. My favourite fall vegetable is ____________ . I like how it tastes ____________ .
  6. During fall I like to go outside and _____________ .
  7. In Fall, I can see _____________ .
  8. My favourite Fall activity is ______. 

Other Creative Writing Ideas

Here we included some more fall creative writing prompts that you might enjoy:

  1. Give yourself a new job as an Autumn newscaster. In your next news article, write about the change in weather patterns during autumn.
  2. Write a news article about how one particular insect of your own choice prepares for winter during the fall season.
  3. Write a letter to a friend that hates the fall season. In this letter, write about some things that make fall a great season, and encourage this person to try out some fun fall activities.
  4. Write a letter to the creator of autumn, describing a time when autumn became your favourite season. Write about why autumn is your favourite season and what you look forward to in the fall season.
  5. How would you describe the season of autumn to someone who has never experienced fall? Imagine an alien from Outerspace comes to you and asks’ What is fall and why does it happen?”
  6. If Autumn was a person, what kind of person would they be? Write down a detailed description of this person. Think about their interests, physical appearance and personality traits.
  7. If autumn was a person, what questions would you ask it? Write down at least five questions you could ask the fall season. And then try to think of possible responses to each question from the perspective of Autumn, the person. 
  8. Write a newspaper article, titled ‘Dressing Up as Autumn’. In this article, you can give advice on what the best colours are to wear during the fall season, as well as type of clothing.

Free Fall Writing Paper With Lines

To help encourage you to write during the autumn season, we have created this fun Autumn writing pack. This free PDF pack contains a set of fall-themed writing papers with lines to practice your writing:

fall writing paper with lines pdf
Download free fall writing paper with lines PDF pack.

Using this writing paper to practice some of the fall writing prompts outlined in this post! 

How did you like the list of over 62 fall writing prompts for kids and adults? Comment below with more prompts, as we want to know what your favourites are. 

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