12 February Bullet Journal Ideas

Looking for some cute bullet journal ideas for February? Look no further, here are 12 gorgeous February bullet journal ideas you need to try out this month. From setting goals to keeping track of everyone you helped this month – These cute bullet journal ideas are a must in February! If you’re passionate about writing, then check out these must-try bullet journal layouts for writers.

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  1. February Cover Page

Start the month off with a love-themed cover page for February. You can simply write February in the centre of your journal page and then add doodles to it throughout the month. Draw hearts, cute characters, add stickers, colour it in any way you like! Here’s a quick February cover page we created earlier:

february bullet journal cover page
  1. Mosaic Heart Mood Tracker

No bullet journal is complete without a monthly mood tracker. This month try tracking your mood in the shape of hearts or mosaic-style pieces of a heart. Simply draw a huge heart in the middle of your page and divide it into 28 random pieces for 28 days. Then add a key to the bottom, so you know the meaning of each colour in the heart. Now you can track your mood every day this month with this cute mosaic heart mood tracker:

february bullet journal idea - heart mood tracker
  1. Goals

Goals are important every month. This month give your goals of love theme with a romantic style goal tracker for your bullet journal. This can simply be a drawing of a scroll with at least five or six goals to achieve this month. And just like us, you can even draw a ton of hearts around the page to give it a loving feeling:

february bullet journal goals
  1. Top Moments

Keep track of your favourite moments this month with a photographic style moment tracker in your bullet journal. Draw an empty photo frame on each page of your journal – Make sure it is big enough to stick photographs in. You might want to aim for five positive (or top) moments this month, taking up five pages in your bullet journal. Once done, you can stick a photograph down for each moment and write down a quick caption to describe it:

february bullet journal idea - photograph
  1. Help-o-Meter (or Help Tracker)

Since February is the month of love, it’s important to spread love everywhere you go. For this reason, we have created a help-o-meter or help tracker idea for your February bullet journal. WIth our help-o-meter, you can keep track of all the nice and helpful things you did this month for others. To create this help tracker yourself, start by drawing a meter on the left-hand side. Then add numbers to the meter – These numbers can depend on your goal. For instance, you can help five, ten or even twenty people a month. Finally, on the right-hand side, you can write down examples of the people you helped this month so far:

february bullet journal idea - help tracker
  1. Love Letters

Writing love letters is a brilliant February writing idea. It is also a great February bullet journal idea. Here you can write love letters to famous people, family members, friends and even fictional characters. Once you have written a love letter (or a couple) in your bullet journal you can keep it a secret, safe in your journal. The purpose of this activity is to help you appreciate the people around you and to help you see the positive traits in them: 

february bullet journal idea - love letter
  1. To – Do List

Every month needs a to-do list and February is no different. For your February bullet journal section, you can create a heart or love-inspired to-do list. Create a list of things to do that will help others around you. Show your family that you love them by doing something for them. For each day of the month, you can create a separate to-do list, which can act as a mini list of daily goals. Here is an example of a February style to-do list for our bullet journal:

february bullet journal chore list
  1. Words of Love (Word Cloud)

Words of love is another brilliant February bullet journal idea. Every day you can add one or a couple of words relating to love into a heart shape. By the end of the month, you’ll have a heart-shaped word cloud full of wonderful words relating to love. Here is an example we completed earlier for our bullet journal:

february bullet journal idea - heart word cloud
  1. Love Quotes Collection

Since February is the month of love, this is the perfect time to create a collection of love quotes. Any quotes you find in magazines, on the internet or any place else, you can jot them down in your bullet journal. Here is an example of a love quotes collection spread we created in our bullet journal:

february bullet journal idea love quotes
  1. Cute Doodle Page

A doodle page is a must-have for all bullet journals. Whenever you’re bored or deep in thought, turn to your doodle page and doodle away! And when it comes to February, you can give your doodles a specific love-theme. Draw all sorts of hearts, roses and cute little patterns. You can even include words or phrases that come to mind, along with any other ramblings. 

february bullet journal idea - doodles
  1. Positivity Spread 

A positivity spread is a page or more in your bullet journal dedicated to all things positive. This can include photographs, quotes, affirmations and anything else that makes you happy. Another good idea would be to add a list of at least five things you love about yourself – This way whenever you feel down, you can remember the things that make you awesome!

positive-journal spread
  1. The Perfect Date

A cute February bullet journal idea which is great for older kids is planning your dream date. Here you can write down ideas of your perfect partner. Think about their interests, appearance, likes and dislikes. You can also stick in photographs of perfect locations for a date, create your own menu for a dinner date and so on.

Go on, try these 12 beautiful February bullet journal ideas for yourself and let us know how you get on Which one is your favourite and did you find these ideas useful? Tell us in the comments below.

February Bullet Journal Ideas

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