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Here at Imagine Forest, we’re always on the hunt for a new imaginary forest full of beautiful creatures. This hunt has led us to create this wonderful forest name generator full of magical and ancient forest names to use in your story-telling. 

Forests are a common setting in many fairy tales, horror stories and not to mention, fantasy novels. If you’re writing a story, there’s a high probability that it will feature a forest somewhere in it. Rather than just calling it a forest or the dark forest, give your forest a real mystical name that engages your readers. For the purpose of finding a cool forest name, we created this enchanted forest name generator:

Random Forest Name Generator

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Our collection of forest names includes everything from magical, enchanted forest names to creepy forest names, perfect for horror stories. Find the perfect name for your fantasy forest or real-life forest with our magical forest name generator. Choose any of the following categories to jump straight to that section:

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Create Your Own Forest Name

Want even more name ideas for your forest? Create your own forest name with our simple and fun technique. First, start by making a list of adjectives. These can be general adjectives or fantasy-related ones, such as:

  • Wandering
  • Moldy
  • Little
  • Misty
  • Enchanted
  • Magical

Remember if you’re looking to create some creepy forest names, then make sure your adjectives sound spooky, like blood or boney. While enchanted forest names call for more magical sounding adjectives, such as Whimsical or Golden. 

Then make a list of forest-related nouns. We came up with the following:

  • Oak
  • Thorn
  • Pixie
  • Badger
  • Grass
  • Lake

Again forest names for horror stories should gear towards more spooky nouns, such as ghosts or bones. 

Next, make a list of synonyms for the word, forest. These are basically other words you can use instead of ‘forest’, such as:

  • Woodland
  • Woods
  • Pines
  • Wilderness
  • Grove
  • Glade
  • Thicket

Now you should have three separate lists of words that relate to forests. The very final step is to combine these three lists to create your own forest name. Here are some examples of forest names we created:

  • NorthRoot Timberland
  • WestRock Covert
  • MoldyLizard Forest
  • MistyMoon Wilderness
  • BloodHill Forest
  • GoldenBlossom Woods

Now it’s your turn to create your own forest. Give this technique a go and let us know in the comments below, what forest names you come up with. You can use the printable forest name generator sheet below to get you started:

forest name generator

Creepy Forest Name Ideas

Writing a horror story? Here are some creepy forest name ideas to freak out your readers:

  • BloodHill Wilderness
  • RustyBones Timberland
  • MucusFly Swamp
  • BloodHorn Bog
  • TerrorLake Pines
  • SilentDemon Wilderness
  • CreepyWillow Forest
  • BloodMoon Grove
  • LostSouls Grove
  • BoneyBat Wilds
  • DeadBeast Woodland
  • BloodyWasp Swamp
  • CursedSoul Swamp
  • SilentDead Bog

Enchanted Forest Name Ideas

Give your fantasy stories a much-needed magical touch with these enchanted forest names:

  • GoldenPeach Glade
  • NewMoon Woodlands
  • RedStar Woods
  • LittlePixie Grove
  • DreamyMaple Forest
  • EnchantedRose Woodlands
  • SilverAngel Glade
  • BrokenDragon Pines
  • SecretOwl Woodlands
  • BrokenTroll Covert

Ancient Forest Name Ideas

Inspired by the world’s most oldest forests, we have come up with the following ancient forest name ideas:

  • OldMugwump Holt
  • FrodStan Covert
  • GamolStol Covert
  • HarGrave Forest
  • DeorcLacu Holt
  • HeolstorFlod Woodlands
  • MierceSceocca Thicket
  • GyldenFugol Woods
  • SilfrenDeor Holt
  • BlodWulf Covert

Wondering where we got these weird names from? We just used an old English Dictionary to find words relating to forests in the old times. 

Rainforest Name Ideas

Head deep into the jungle with these exotic rainforest name ideas from all over the world:

  • BonitoLobo Floresta
  • OudAkkedis Bos
  • GabhīraNēkaṛē Jaṅgala
  • NiśabdataMūṅṅa Vanaṁ
  • MaizinaLiona Anaty Ala

The easiest way to create a good exotic forest name is to think of the country where your rainforest will be set in, such as Brazil or Portugal. Then use the native language of these countries to come up with some exotic rainforest ideas. 

Snow Forest Name Ideas

Imagine a forest covered in snow 365 days of the year. Here are some wintery snow forest name ideas:

  • SilverLake Forest
  • FrostyMeadows Woodlands
  • SnowPeak Glade
  • IceFall Glade
  • IcySnow Forest
  • WhiteAngel Woodlands
  • FrostBite Bog
  • IceStorm WIlds
  • SnowPixie Glade
  • SilverBear Woods
  • MistySnow Pines
  • FoggyIce Forest

Random Forest Names

Mega list of over 150+ forest names to use in your stories:

  • ColdWolf Woodland
  • MossyThorn Wilderness
  • WestGrass Wilderness
  • DeepOwl Woods
  • DarkLizard Thicket
  • DarkFlower Grove
  • DarkPond Woodland
  • GrimRock Woods
  • GrimToad Bog
  • LittleWasp Glade
  • BrokenBlossom Woodland
  • SilverWasp Wilds
  • MossyBadger Thicket
  • AncientBandit Woodland
  • DeepThorn Thicket
  • RottenMoon Swamp
  • GiantHill Thicket
  • RottenWasp Bog
  • WestWeed Pines
  • GiantWeed Grove
  • ColdWeed Glade
  • GoldenLizard Covert
  • WanderingOwl Covert
  • BloomLizard Woodland
  • GrimBandit Bog
  • MossyThorn Swamp
  • NorthLeaf Woodland
  • GoldenFire Woods
  • WestMoon Pines
  • MossyBadger Bog
  • MagicalHill Grove
  • DeepBear Glade
  • LittleOtter Forest
  • GreaterPond Thicket
  • BloomFlower Wood
  • MagicalBandit Covert
  • LittleOwl Wilds
  • BrokenLeaf Thicket
  • MoldyLeaf Woods
  • RottenToad Swamp
  • GreyRoot Pines
  • BloomPixie Forest
  • SaltyOtter Covert
  • SilverMoon Thicket
  • BloomBear Pines
  • DarkHill Timberland
  • NorthOwl Swamp
  • GrimEarth Thicket
  • SouthWeed Pines
  • MossyRoot Wood
  • WanderingLizard Wilderness
  • NorthOwl Thicket
  • GiantWeed Thicket
  • AncientLizard Wood
  • SaltyMoon Forest
  • RottenPixie Wood
  • BloodOtter Timberland
  • EastLeaf Timberland
  • ColdRoot Timberland
  • SilverWolf Wilds
  • SummerTree Pines
  • NorthEarth Swamp
  • MoldyGrass Thicket
  • LittleRock Pines
  • GreaterLeaf Swamp
  • MoldyThorn Timberland
  • RottenLake Wilds
  • BloomBear Glade
  • BrokenPixie Wilds
  • BloodWeed Woodland
  • RedBlossom Wilderness
  • GreaterBadger Wilderness
  • DarkOtter Bog
  • RedBadger Woods
  • DeepWater Grove
  • ColdWillow Glade
  • EastFire Wilds
  • BloodBadger Timberland
  • WanderingBear Thicket
  • MoldyHill Wilderness
  • RedOak Wilds
  • MistyBush Wilds
  • AncientBear Pines
  • GreyLizard Swamp
  • BloodGrass Woods
  • RedToad Bog
  • MoldyFlower Wilderness
  • SouthTree Woods
  • GreaterWater Forest
  • GreyThorn Grove
  • ColdBear Grove
  • WanderingHummingbird Bog
  • GiantFire Swamp
  • ColdToad Bog
  • NorthLizard Thicket
  • DeepOwl Timberland
  • EnchantedWater Wilds
  • GoldenBandit Woods
  • GiantThorn Thicket
  • EnchantedWasp Bog
  • LittleEarth Thicket
  • BloomWillow Forest
  • BloodBush Forest
  • GreaterBadger Pines
  • RedLizard Woods
  • MossyBadger Woods
  • AncientWater Covert
  • SaltyPond Forest
  • MossyLeaf Glade
  • RottenHill Covert
  • BrokenEarth Wilds
  • SaltyHummingbird Thicket
  • WanderingFlower Bog
  • RedTree Woods
  • MossyLizard Forest
  • ColdBush Bog
  • NorthRoot Timberland
  • MagicalBush Pines
  • WestRock Covert
  • AncientHill Woods
  • MagicalEarth Bog
  • SummerWasp Swamp
  • BloomPond Wilderness
  • BrokenWolf Wilds
  • AncientLake Wood
  • MoldyLizard Forest
  • WanderingLizard Pines
  • MistyOak Thicket
  • GreaterBear Wilderness
  • DarkMoon Grove
  • MistyMoon Wilderness
  • MoldyRock Forest
  • EnchantedBlossom Wood
  • SaltyOtter Wilds
  • RottenThorn Grove
  • EnchantedWasp Wood
  • SaltyLake Covert
  • WanderingLake Wood
  • GiantLake Swamp
  • RedPond Wilderness
  • WestEarth Grove
  • MossyWillow Woodland
  • EnchantedLizard Covert
  • SilverFire Grove
  • LittleBandit Wilds
  • MossyWasp Wilds
  • GoldenWeed Covert
  • BloodWolf Pines
  • EnchantedLeaf Covert
  • GrimHummingbird Woods
  • LittleHill Grove
  • GreyTree Covert
  • DeepBandit Glade
  • LittleEarth Timberland
  • WestFire Swamp
  • GreaterLeaf Glade
  • SilverBandit Forest
  • GoldenRoot Grove
  • SouthRock Glade
  • AncientLake Woods
  • EnchantedLake Wood
  • BloodWasp Wilds
  • RottenLake Glade
  • WestPond Wood
  • GoldenWater Wood
  • MistyMoon Woodland
  • AncientWeed Thicket
  • WhiteFlower Glade
  • WestOak Grove
  • ColdOtter Woods
  • EnchantedBandit Wilds
  • MossyOtter Woods

Ready to start writing your story? Take a look at our online story creator to get more inspiration and to write your own story online. In the meantime, let us know what forest name ideas you have come up with by posting in the comments below.

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