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Writing a story can be a difficult task, especially when you have many ideas in your head and you’re not sure how they connect to make a story or even if they do connect. Well, I have a great solution for you… and it’s called a storyboard.

A storyboard can be used to plan the structure of your story using simple drawings and notes. It can help identify what each paragraph of your story could contain, such as what the scene will look like, what characters will be involved, what a character might say and so on. Storyboards have been used in practice to create films, games and books. For example, Pixar the creators of Toy Story, Up and Frozen use storyboards to plan and create their wonderful animations, see here. In fact, we even use storyboards to plan our weekly Youtube Video writing prompts too!

How to use a storyboard:

I will now explain how you can be a storyboard master just like the animators at Pixar.

For example, you have an idea of ninja cats who steal food from their neighbour’s house at night. The first step to defining this idea is brainstorming (see image below):

storyboard - Brainstorm

Example of a brainstorm using the Ninja cats example.

Brainstorming is the part where you quickly jot as many ideas as you can down on a piece of paper. It is important not to worry about whether your ideas make sense or not, as later on you can remove any bits that don’t make sense.

Storyboard - List Main Events

List of key events in the ninja cat story.

At this point you may be able to visualise how the story may flow, what the main characters may look like, even how the story is going to start or end. This is a sign that your story is slowly coming to life.

The next step is to use your brainstorm to list the key events of your story. You can put these events in the order you want them to happen. On the left, you can see the key events in the ninja cat example.

Now it’s time to use the storyboard template, click here to download it. You can print as many copies as you like to suit the length of your story.

For each phase you listed previously you can draw a simple and quick drawing of it in the boxes provided in the template, with a short description of what that scene is about (see example below).

Once you are done you can ask an adult to cut around each of these scenes, so you can rearrange them until you are happy with how your story flows (if you’re not happy – you can always add or remove scenes) or you can leave the scenes as they are! Looking at your scenes may inspire you to make a sequel to your story or to make your current story longer.

Storyboard Template Completed

Storyboard template completed using the ninja cat example.

Don’t Forget to download your free storyboard template here and keep on imagining stories!

A useful website to help you with your storyboards is!

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