25 of the Funniest Words in the English Language Used in a Sentence

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Did you know English language is the most complicated language to learn as a second language (Japanese a close second)? Not so surprising when you think about words like, they’re, there and their. And not to mention the confusing plural nouns, like goose is geese, but moose as a plural is moose. To celebrate the beauty, the sophistication and the history of the English language there is even a holiday on April 23rd each year named English Language day (which is also William Shakespeare day – The famous English writer). While there are millions of brilliant words in the English Language, today we look at 25 of the funniest words in the English language. I hope you love them, as much as I do!

Funniest words in the English Language:

1. Bumfuzzle: This refers to being confused.

Sentence: I’m completely bumfuzzled!

2. Gardyloo (gahr-dee-loo): This is a disgusting one. It refers to the cry people use to shout when they would throw their slops or droppings out of the window.

Sentence: Watch out, Gardyloo coming!

3. Taradiddle (tar-uh-did-l): this is a small lie or when someone is speaking nonsense.

Sentence: That’s such taradiddle –  I don’t trust you at all!

4. Widdershins (with -er-shinz): This refers to going in the opposite direction or going down the wrong path.

Sentence: Only widdershins going down that road.

5. Collywobbles (kol-ee-wob-uh lz): This is the feeling when you have a stomach ache or when you feel really nervous or scared.

Sentence: This place gives me the collywobbles, let’s go!

6. Gubbins: These are objects of very little value like rubbish or litter.

Sentence: No one’s going to buy your gubbins.

7. Bumbershoot: A bumbershoot is an old-fashioned word for a umbrella.

Sentence: Don’t forget your bumbershoot, dear.

8. Lollygagger: Someone who walks around with no aim or goal.

Sentence: They spent their summer lying about, eating and general lollygagging.

9. Flibbertigibbet (flib·ber·ti·gib·bet): Is a word used to describe someone who talks a lot or is very gossipy.

Sentence: Imagine sitting on a 12 hour flight with a flibbertigibbet next to you.

10. Malarkey: An informal word for talking about meaningless things or nonsense.

Sentence: This is all malarkey, I tell ya!

11. Wabbit: A Scottish word referring to feeling exhausted or a little unwell.

Sentence: I’m feeling wabbit today.

12. Snollygoster (snol·ly·gos·ter): This refers to an unethical politician who is guided by personal advantage.

Sentence: I don’t want any help from a snollygoster.

13. Blubber: This word has two meanings: It can mean to cry very loudly or could refer to excess body fat.

Sentence: Please, stop your blubbering.

14. Ratoon: This refers to the small root that sprouts from a plant, especially during the spring time.

Sentence: I heard somewhere that ratooned plants grow taller and healthier.

15. Itty-Bitty: Something that is really small or tiny.

Sentence: That ladybird is so itty-bitty.

16. Zoanthropy (zoh-an-thruh-pee): This is when someone believes that they are an animal.

Sentence:  I think she suffers from a mild case of Zoanthropy.

17. Brouhaha: An event which involves great excitement or loud confusion.

Sentence: Last night’s event was such a brouhaha and nothing was achieved.

18. Nincompoop: This refers to someone who is not intelligent or a fool.

Sentence: You act like such a nincompoop sometimes.

19. Donnybrook: This refers to a fight, riot or a big brawl.

Sentence: A Donnybrook broke out last night when the police when to arrest the leader of the operation.

20. Gazump: This word really has a specific meaning. It means to refuse to sell your house to someone who you previously agreed to sell your house to.

Sentence: I’m so happy my offer to buy the house next door was accepted, but what if I get gazumped?

21. Skedaddle: To ask some to leave or run away very quickly

Sentence: This is no place to play your silly games, now skedaddle before I get you!

22. Shenanigan: This is when someone is causing a lot of mischief or playing tricks.

Sentence: What’s all the shenanigans about?

23. Pettifogger: A pettifogger is someone who deals with small or petty businesses. It can also be to argue over small, unimportant matters.

Sentence: Why do you look up to such a pettifogger?

24. Lickety-split: When something moves really fast.

Sentence: He was out of the door lickety-split.

25. La-di-da: If you described someone as “La-di-da”, you are suggesting that they are upper-class or behaving unnaturally only to impress other people.

Sentence: She thinks she is all La-di-da, but I know what she’s really like.

Know any more funny English words?

What do you think of our selection of the 25 funniest words in the English language? Do you have any more to add on? Let us know in the comments below. In the meantime, why not take a look at our post, 12 Words Beginning with X Used in Sentences.

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