48 Harry Potter Writing Prompts (+ Free Printable Pack)

It’s been 20 years since the first Harry Potter movie came out in cinemas. To celebrate Harry Potter’s 20th Anniversary, we have created these 48 Harry Potter writing prompts to inspire you with the magic of Hogwarts and more. Our list contains a mix of creative writing prompts, as well as journal prompts relating to the Harry Potter franchise. 

From the busy streets of Diagon Alley to the mystical creatures found in the forbidden forest, explore the world of Harry Potter with these fun writing prompts. Plus keep on reading to get your printable Harry Potter writing activities pack.

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Harry Potter Writing Prompts

This list of prompts is great for anyone looking to write Harry Potter fanfiction or for teachers looking for some interesting writing prompts to use in the classroom. See the full list of Harry Potter writing prompts below:

  1. With Lord Voldemort gone, something more evil is coming. What evil is coming? Is it another dark lord or some sort of creature? What makes this ‘evil’ worse than Lord Voldemort?
  2. If you could choose Hogwarts house, which would it be and why? The houses include Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin.
  3. As the new head of Hogwarts, you decided to create a fifth house. What would you call this house? Draw a picture of the house’s coat of arms or logo. What traits would a person be selected for this house? What are the house colours? What animal symbolises the house?
  4. You have been hired as a Quidditch coach at Hogwarts. Your job is to help Hogwarts win the Quidditch championship against other schools. Make a list of at least 10 tips you can provide to your players.
  5. The Harry Potter franchise is filled with loads of amazing spells. Can you invent your own spell? What would this spell do? What are the consequences of casting this spell incorrectly? For example, the  Bat-Bogey Hex was a spell invented by Miranda Goshawk. The spell transformed bogeys into bats that come flying out of the victim’s nose.
  6. Write a day in the life story about being a student at Hogwarts. What classes would you attend? What would you do during your break? What would you eat at lunchtime?
  7. Boggarts take the shape of a person’s worst fears. In Harry Potter, most Boggarts took the form of Lord Voldemort, as he was feared the most. If you encountered a Boggart what form would it take and why?
  8. Which Hogwarts professor is your favourite and why?
  9. Desperate to find a book on transformation spells, you sneak into the Hogwarts library after hours. You find that all the books in the restricted section of the library have been thrown off the shelves. You look at a couple of these books and notice that page 394 is missing in all of them. 
  10. Walking through the Forbidden forest you encounter an Acromantula (a giant spider). Write a battle scene in great detail between you and this creature. 
  11. Write down four character descriptions of four very different students at Hogwarts. Each student belongs to a different house at Hogwarts. 
  12. Imagine you are a ghost roaming through the corridors of Hogwarts. You eavesdrop on a conversation between Harry and Hermoine. Hermoine is furious about something. Write down this conversation that you hear between the two characters.
  13. Write a story about a muggle who mistakenly receives an invitation to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
  14. Imagine you are walking through the Forbidden Forest. Describe what you see, hear, smell and feel in great detail.
  15. Imagine if Harry Potter joined Slytherin instead of Gryffindor and became best friends with Draco Malfroy. What would Harry’s first year at Hogwarts look like?
  16. Somewhere hidden in Hogwarts is a new, unknown creature. Describe this creature in great detail. What does it look like? Does it have any special powers or abilities? What would you call it?
  17. Describe the busy, bustling streets of Diagon Alley in great detail. Think about what you hear, see, smell and feel as you walk through the busy street.
  18. Make your own list of the top 5 scariest creatures In Harry Potter. For each creature explain why you think they are scary.
  19. Walking through the halls of Hogwarts you notice a door that you have never seen before. You open the door to discover…
  20. What class at Hogwarts would be your favourite and why?
  21. After years of mastering your skills at Hogwarts, you are finally ready to take revenge on the Muggles that abused you as a child. 
  22. Imagine you work at Sugarplum’s Sweets Shop in Diagon Alley. Your task is to come up with a new magical sweet to amaze your customers. 
  23. Write a story using this story starter: It was a brand new day at Hogwarts. You hoped that this day was going to be better than yesterday. 
  24. After mastering transformation, you transform yourself into Harry Potter’s doppelganger and return to Hogwarts many years later. What happens next?
  25. A Patronus in Harry Potter is essentially a spirit animal that fends off evil. It is unique to the wizard that conjures it. Harry Potter is able to conjure a stag Patronus to fend off dementors in Prisoner of Azkaban. If you were able to cast the Patronus Charm spell what would your spirit animal look like and why?
  26. After 7 years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, you will graduate at the top of your class. What do you do afterwards? What job do you get?
  27. The Mirror of Erised is a mirror that shows someone’s deepest desires and wants. For example, when Harry Potter stood in front of the mirror in 1991, he saw both his parents alive. If you stood in front of this mirror, what do you think you will see and why?
  28. You are on a quest to find a potion that turns anyone who drinks it into a dog. Why is this potion important?
  29. Write a diary entry of your first day at Hogwarts. What did you enjoy? Did anything bad happen? What was the highlight of the day?
  30. Tired of crime in the Muggle world, you decide to use your magic for good and become a ‘superhero’.
  31. Write a how-to guide on how to ride broomsticks correctly.
  32. There are many types of quills used in the Harry Potter franchise. An example includes the auto-answer quill which automatically writes down the correct answer to a question. If you could invent your own magical quill, what would it do and why?
  33. Which Harry Potter book or movie is your favourite and why?
  34. Would you rather own the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone or the Cloak of Invisibility? Spells cast by the Elder Wand are the most powerful. The Resurrection Stone allows the holder to bring back a deceased person. While the Cloak of Invisibility makes the wearer invisible. 
  35. You are a poor student at Hogwarts and can’t afford to get the items on the Hogwarts supply list. You decide to rummage in dumpsters behind the shops in Diagon alley looking for some free items. As you go through the garbage, you find…
  36. My friend Harry Potter is a wizard, but he is a horrible person. Write a story from the perspective of a fellow student who dislikes Harry Potter, and wants to ruin his time at Hogwarts. 
  37. Someone has cursed your entire house with the Curse of the Bogies. Now you and your friends have an extreme cold. You must find out who did this and why?
  38. Create your own curse spell. What would it do? And what will you call it?
  39. A squib is someone who is born into a magical family but has no magical abilities yet. Write a story about a character who is a squib trying to develop their magical abilities.
  40. Who are your top three favourite characters in Harry Potter and why?
  41. You walk into your room at Hogwarts and discover that your roommate is performing a forbidden dark magic spell. What do you do next?
  42. In a battle between a Basilisk and an Acromantula who would win? You could even write down a detailed battle scene between the two creatures.
  43. Your character creates a new club at Hogwarts called Green for Life. It is an environmental club about protecting the planet. How can wizards help protect the environment? What kind of spells could they cast?
  44. Imagine you are a muggle-born. A child is born with magical abilities but their parents are muggles. You never receive your invite to Hogwarts, but know that you can be a powerful wizard. Continue this story…
  45. You are responsible for hiring professors at Hogwarts. You need to hire a new professor to teach the potion class. Write a job description for this role. Think about the skills and traits this person will need to teach this class.
  46. Tell the story of a student that becomes the ultimate creature carer and tamer at Hogwarts. Beyond all belief, this student is able to tame the toughest of creatures. 
  47. Write down a potion recipe for creating a new potion. What will this potion do, once it’s used? What ingredients would you need to make it?
  48. You have become the master of a house-elf like Dobby. What kind of tasks would you give this house-elf? How would you treat it?

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Harry Potter Writing Prompts

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