How to make an Easy Paper Craft Tree

I woke up this morning thinking about trees – that’s an odd thought you might think, but hold on there! Think about it, trees make the planet green, trees are essential to the eco system and I live in a forest surrounded by TREES! These thoughts lead me to believe that everyone needs a tree in their life, which inspired me to write this tutorial on making a paper craft tree. Isn’t that wonderful, a tree made from paper which you don’t have to water or wait for it to grow and it even can have a blue trunk and rainbow leaves!

Now, let’s begin my excellent tutorial on creating a 3D paper craft tree.

What you will need:
1. Brown paper for tree trunk (or any colour you prefer!)
2. Green paper for leaves or any other colour (lighter weight than brown paper)
3. Scissors (Be careful here – make sure you get an adult to help you out here)
4. Pencil
5. Glue (can be very sticky!)

Step 1:

On the brown piece of paper draw a tree shape as shown in the image. Make sure the roots of the tree are level, so your tree can stand up. (Remember it’s not a tree, if it’s not standing!)

Or you can download a template from here

Step 1: paper craft tree tutorial

Step 2:
Please ask an adult to help you out in this bit. (You don’t want to hear about the time I decided to use scissors irresponsibly!)

Fold the brown paper in half and cut around your tree drawing, so you end up with 2 paper trees as pictured. (A little wrinkly looking I know, cutting is tricky business…)

Step 2: paper craft tree tutorial

Step 3:
Fold the paper trees in half and glue them together as pictured. Your paper tree should stand up, if it doesn’t you must stand again. Just kidding! Ask an adult to trim the roots of your tree with scissors so it does stand up.

Step 3: paper craft tree tutorialStep 3: paper craft tree tutorial

Step 4:

Next ask an adult to cut a strip of green paper (make sure this paper is lighter in weight than the brown paper, otherwise your tree will just tumble over!) and draw a leaf shape on to it as pictured.

Step 4: paper craft tree tutorial

Step 5:

To cut many leaves at one time out, fold the green paper several times as pictured and cut the leaf shape out, until you end with a pile of leaves.

Step 5: paper craft tree tutorial

Step 6:
Now the sticky part! Start gluing your leaves to the paper tree trunk. You can crease them a bit in half to make them more natural looking. Keep adding leaves until you are happy with the way it looks and then you’re done! Congratulations your first paper tree, now 100 more to go to make a forest! Haha!

Step 6: paper craft tree tutorialStep 6: paper craft tree tutorial

Hey! you don’t need to stop here, why not create a whole forest of paper craft trees with different coloured leaves and display them on your window sill or bookshelf! And remember to keep an eye on this blog for more paper craft tutorials coming soon.

For more ideas and templates visit and have fun!

Easy paper craft tree tutorial

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