How to Use Picture Writing Prompts & 25 Images to Inspire You

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…And in my opinion, this is so true. When you’re sitting there, staring at a blank page there are a couple of ways you can get inspiration. One of the best ways to get inspiration is through picture writing prompts. The same image could have so many different meanings depending on who you show it to and the questions you ask yourself when you try to explore the image in detail. But how do image prompts inspire you and how exactly do you use image prompts? To help you out, we have collected over 25 images from around the internet and provided some guidance on how to use image prompts. To go an extra step further you might want to take a look at these fun video writing prompts for kids.

For more inspiration take part in our daily picture writing prompt challenge. Each day you will be given a new picture prompt to write about.

25+ Images to Inspire Writing

Check out this mega list of over 85 random picture writing prompts, plus a free printable for more inspiration!

How to Use Image Writing Prompts to Inspire You

Some of these images might give you an idea for your story straight away, others may need some more thinking about. Here are some tips on how to use image prompts to inspire you. You might want to take a look at these fun image prompt storytelling games to help you further.

  1. Give yourself time to look at each image prompt, maybe around 1 minute to just observe what is actually happening in the image.
  2. Spend a further 10 minutes writing everything that comes to mind when you look at the picture.
  3. Don’t just look at the image or its appearance – go deeper. Think about how the image makes you feel and imagine if you were in the image what would you be doing?
  4. Use the 5 W’s to help you fully describe the image.
    1. What: What is happening in the image?
    2. Where: Where is this place or location? Is it on Earth or on a faraway planet?
    3. Why: Why is this image important?
    4. When: When do you think these events took place? Think about the history of the image or what will happen in the future.
    5. Who: Who is in the image? Can you link any characters to the image?
  5. Don’t focus too much on telling a story just yet. First, make as many notes as possible on a piece of paper relating to the image. After a good 10 minutes of note writing, you should have a load of ideas to help you with writing a story.
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How do you use image prompts?

Do you like using image prompts? Do they help inspire you when you have nothing to write about? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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