Imagine Forest Launch: Creative Writing Resources for Kids

Finally, the Imagine Forest community has launched! And we have made a lot of changes based on your feedback from beta-testing. We will explain all the fun new changes below, so keep on reading. For anyone who doesn’t know much about Imagine Forest. Imagine Forest is an online creative writing community aiming to make writing fun for kids through offering free creative writing resources, advice and inspiration. Fans of the blog will know that for the past 2 years, we, along with other parents have been blogging about all things relating to kids activities and writing, such as reading lists, writing prompts, writing activities and arts and crafts. The all-new Imagine Forest community will aim to inspire young writers through offering quick activities, daily goals, printables, and other fun creative writing resources.

8 Ways Imagine Forest can improve creative writing:

Imagine Forest is the best creative writing tool for kids out there. It is fun, educational and free! Here are 8 reasons why you should sign-up to Imagine Forest.

1. Story Idea generator

We hear it all the time, “I don’t know what to write about?” or “where do I start?”. And we created a brilliant solution, the story idea generator. Our story idea generator contains thousands of wacky and funny story ideas that will inspire your child to write awesome stories.

short story idea generator for kids _ Imagine Forest

2. Daily Writing Goals

Daily writing goals make sure your child does a bit of writing each day. Our writing goals are designed to be quick and fun to complete.

daily writing goals for kids _ Imagine Forest

3. Fun Writing Games

Writing doesn’t have to be about stories, fun writing games can also improve your child’s creative writing skills and inspire them.

Fun Writing Games for kids _ imagine forest

4. Downloadable Short Stories

Our library of short stories for kids is slowly growing to include a range of stories from fairy-tales to horror. Best of all you can download our stories and print them out all for free! Because no one want their child sitting in front of a computer screen all day.

downloadable short stories for kids _ Imagine Forest

5. Story Writing Worksheets

Our selection of worksheets aims to offer inspiration and structure to writing stories. We understand that writing stories can be difficult, that’s why our worksheets give your child the structure to make writing stories easy.

Story Writing Worksheets for kids _ Imagine Forest

6. Fun paper craft ideas

Being a writer can involve more than just a pen and paper! Our paper craft ideas encourage creativity, role-playing and aim to improve your child’s narrative skills.

fun papercraft ideas for kids _ Imagine Forest

7. Story writing lessons

You got all the creativity and ideas in the world, but to write a brilliant story you need the knowledge. Learn about the key elements of story writing, along with structure, building dialogue and conflict.

Story writing lessons for kids _ Imagine Forest

8. Printable writing activities

Worried that your child is spending too much time on the computer or by a bright screen? Don’t worry, once your child completes a quick activity online, they can print it out and use this to inspire their writing offline.

Printable writing activities for kids _ Imagine Forest

Looking for Creative writing resources for kids?

Have you signed for Imagine Forest yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or complete our feedback form.

Creative Writing Resources for kids to Inspire _ Imagine Forest

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