Imagine Forest Gets an Update!

Fans of Imagine Forest may have noticed something different about the website. No, we have not started selling ice-creams or changed our logo. But we have changed its overall design and soon we will be launching a brand new members area to our creative writing community. You might ask, why are we changing? Because for the past year, we have been beta testing Imagine Forest, with parents, teachers and of course children and learnt some valuable lessons. Let me take this moment to thank all our beta testers. Your feedback has been invaluable! And we at Imagine Forest promise to not let you down!

Imagine Forest Changes!

We are also sorry to our members that for the time being you will not be able to log in. But don’t worry we plan to be back in July with the best-looking members area you have ever seen! In the meantime, you can keep yourself entertained by visiting our resources area, where you will be able to find free creative writing resources for kids. You can also sign up for our monthly newsletter to receive exclusive creative writing resources for kids in your mailbox.

The biggest change in Imagine Forest is that it will now be focusing on inspiring reluctant writers. Whether you are suffering from writer’s block or just need a quick idea to spark the imagination, we hope to be the ultimate creative writing tool for kids. Our research over the past year has shown that inspiration is a key issue when it comes to creative writing for children. With a lack of clear guidance and fun resources, it’s no wonder kids are bored with writing! Our goal at Imagine Forest is clear to get kids writing! How we will do this? You will have to sign-up for our newsletter to be the first to know.

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If you have any questions, please comment them below or email us at: info(at)

imagine forest _ creative writing resources for kids

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