Imagine Forest – New Features Added!

Imagine Forest continues to grow, both in users and features! To make it a more exciting place to be, we have added some new features based on all the feedback we received in the past few weeks.

New Imagine Forest Features:

Here are some of the key features you should look out for:

 1. Story-Idea generator:

Need some inspiration before writing a story. Our story-idea generator has over 100 combinations of funny and exciting story ideas.

Imagine Forest - story idea generator for kids

2. Leadership Board:

Imagine Forest-Leadership Board - Online story creator kids

Now you can see who the best is in Imagine Forest. The leadership board shows users who have earned the most coins through writing stories and completing other fun activities.

3. Featured books:

Books created by the community can now be featured on our homepage. To get featured on the homepage your book must be the most popular in Imagine Forest in terms of likes and views by other users.

4. Downloadable books:

All books created in our story creator can now be downloaded as PDF e-books and printed out. Making it even easier to view your books on the go!

5. New illustrations in the story-creator:

Even more, illustrations to inspire you when writing stories in our super awesome online story creator!

Imagine Forest - Online Story Creator Kids

We pride ourselves on creating a fun and creative environment for all Imagine Forest users. If you have any feedback or suggestions to improve Imagine Forest, you can complete this form or email us at: info(at)
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Imagine Forest - New feature - online story creator for kids

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