31 May Writing Prompts + FREE Calendar Printable

Welcome May and say ‘hello’ to our amazing May writing prompts! This month experience the joy of Mermay, outer space, barbecues and photography through our mix of fun writing ideas and reflective May journal prompts.

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May Writing Prompts

Learn some new facts, explore your imagination and have fun with these quick and easy May prompts:

  1. For Space day, write a descriptive paragraph about your favourite planet in the solar system.
  2. What things do you want to accomplish this month? Set at least three goals for May. 
  3. Pretend you’re a nature photographer. Write a descriptive paragraph about your favourite animal in the wild.
  4. For teacher appreciation day, write a letter to your favourite teacher. Think about the ways this teacher has helped you in the past, and what you like most about them.
  5. Imagine if you were a mermaid. Write a poem about underwater life. Check out this post for more mermaid writing ideas.
  6. Using your five senses, write a poem about being at a barbecue on a nice summer’s day.
  7. Use an old family photograph as a story starter for a short story.
  8. It’s World Donkey Day. Write a short story about a tourist donkey who hates carrying tourists around a Greek island.
  9. Write a day in the life story of being a mermaid or merman. Check out this amazing mermaid name generator for some more inspiration.
  10. For Mother Ocean Day, make a list of at least ten things you love about the ocean. 
  11. Would you rather be a mermaid or a fairy? Explain your answer. 
  12. Write a limerick about the oldest mermaid that ever lived. 
  13. Tell the story of the worst barbecue ever in history.
  14. Describe the appearance of a mermaid or merman in great detail. You could even draw a picture of this mermaid to help you.
  15. Continue this story: Staring at the night sky, Jake hoped for a sign. A secret message written in the stars…
  16. Research and write down five fun facts about sea monkeys.
  17. Plan your own barbecue. Don’t forget to create your own invites.
  18. Complete this sentence in at least 10 ways: If I lived underwater, I would…
  19. Continue this story: Two underwater clans are at war, The South Sea Crusaders versus the Deep Sea Warriors.
  20. For World Bee Day, write down at least three dangers that bees face. Use one of these as inspiration for a short story.
  21. For Endangered Species Day, create a poster for an endangered animal of your choice, encouraging people to protect them.
  22. Deep underwater, there lived a creature beyond imagination. Describe this creature.
  23. Create a comic strip titled, The Adventures of Queen Mermaid & Mr Turtle. What kind of adventures would these two characters get up to?
  24. Continue this story: On a deep-sea exploration, one scientist discovers the remains of a mermaid. Now they are on a mission to prove their existence.
  25. Write a newspaper article titled, ‘ World’s First Family to Live On Mars’.
  26. Write a short story about a paper airplane that flies across the whole city and then returns home.
  27. Would you rather live underwater or in outer space? Explain your answer.
  28. Continue this story: All your life you have feared water. Until one day while on a holiday you discover that you’re a mermaid. 
  29. What is your favourite biscuit to eat and why?
  30. Write a how-to guide on taking care of flowers. 
  31. Continue the following poem: I’m drowning in an ocean full of dreams…

Looking for more May writing prompts? Check out our post on 365 daily writing prompts. You could also participate in our online writing challenges which are updated every day!

FREE May Writing Prompts Calendar Printable

Ready to complete our May writing challenge? Print out our free May Writing prompts calendar for 2021 and get started:

May Writing Prompts Calendar Printable 2021
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Can you complete all 31 May writing prompts? Let us know in the comments below! Finished with all our May writing challenges? Check out our June writing prompts challenge.

May writing prompts

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