12 Mermaid Writing Prompts

Looking for some creative mermaid writing prompts? We got 12 awesome mermaid story prompts about those beautiful, yet deadly mythical creatures of the sea. The creative writing prompts in this post cover a range of mermaid story ideas, from mermaid groups at war to tales of protecting the ocean, and even scary, horror-inspired mermaid prompts. 

Pick a random idea or combine a couple of ideas to create the ultimate mermaid-inspired tale. You could even use this cute mermaid name generator for more inspiration. 

12 Mermaid Writing Prompts

Whether you’re looking for some drawing inspiration for the Mermay drawing challenge or just want to write about mermaids, these mermaid writing ideas are a great place to start:

  1. Two mermaid clans are at war, the Stingray Shore Crusaders and the Secret Shark Warriors. Who will win the battle? Continue this story.
  2. Describe a secret underwater mermaid city in great detail. You could even draw a picture of this city.
  3. Tired of living underwater, one mermaid heads above water to live with the humans. What will she learn on her journey?
  4. Every year the mermaids enter the annual dolphin racing competition, where the fastest dolphin wins the ultimate prize. What could the prize be this year? Continue this story.
  5. Write a fairytale about a beautiful mermaid who turns into a vicious great white shark when the full moon filters through the deep waters. 
  6. Scientists have discovered signs of mermaids living in the Atlantic Ocean. They are using all their technology and machines to capture these mermaids. Harming all sea life in the process. As the leader of the biggest mermaid clan in the ocean, you have to find a way to keep your clan safe from the scientists. Continue this story
  7. Mermaid Medusas are a breed of mermaids who can turn anyone to stone by singing to them. They have eels for hair and a sweet voice. Write a horror story about a Medusa mermaid named Moira Heartsong who lures sailors from the sea and turns them into stone for her own collection. 
  8. Write a story about a group of mermaids who have dedicated their lives to saving sea animals who have been hurt due to oil spills and water pollution.
  9. You lived your whole life being afraid of the water – Never learning to swim. Then one day, as a horrible prank some school bullies kidnap you. They throw you in the sea, leaving you to drown. At this moment you learn that you are a mermaid. Continue this story.
  10. The mermaid population has drastically dropped due to global warming. Your family is the last of the merpeople (or mermaid) species. How can you stop the mermaid species from going extinct?
  11. There are many types of mermaids out there, such as river mermaids, sea mermaids, swamp members and lake mermaids, Describe each type of mermaid in great detail. Think about their appearance, their likes, dislikes and daily routine. You could even draw a picture for each type of mermaid. 
  12. Write a story about a little pixie mermaid who causes havoc and mayhem wherever she goes. 

Did these 12 mermaid writing prompts inspire you to write your own mermaid tale? Let us in the comments below!

Mermaid writing prompts

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