30 November Writing Prompts + FREE Calendar Printable

In this post, we’ll look at 30 November writing prompts. This month’s theme is focused on three main topics: Vegan Month, Manatees and adoption. Of course, to stop you from getting bored, we’ve also included some off-topic prompts to keep the creative juices flowing. You might be wondering, why these three topics? Because according to the Days Of The Year site, all three topics have special events in November.

When using these writing prompts for November, it is a good idea to write down everything you are thinking, feeling and seeing. No sentence or word is off-topic or incorrect. You could even challenge yourself to complete all 30 prompts by the end of the month! Keep on reading for the free November writing prompts calendar.

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November Writing Prompts

We’d like to start with something that is rising in popularity, which is veganism. Then we’ll carry on throughout the month providing a mix of creative and journal prompts for a range of November themed topics:

  1. Why are vegan foods better for us compared to non-vegan foods? Think about the health benefits and the benefits for the environment.
  2. “Do you know that this child will never be adopted by you?” snarled Miss Crooks. Continue this story starter.
  3. Write an origin story of how jellyfish were discovered by humans. How do you think the first human discovered jellyfish? And why do you think they are called this?
  4. Make a top ten list of your favourite kind of candy.
  5. “I can’t find a way to get a clear view of the fireworks. What do I have to do?” Continue this story starter.
  6. Describe this setting in detail: A family with a new baby is having nachos for dinner and the youngest is a little reluctant to have nachos. 
  7. Draw a picture of a manatee, and write a description to describe it. Not sure what a manatee is? Do some research, and discover more about these wonderful animals.
  8. Write a story about a girl named Celine, who discovers that her twin sister is missing. And has a hard time coping because she is also an orphan.
  9. Define freedom in your own words. What does it mean to be free, and is it possible to achieve complete freedom?
  10. Write down your favourite cupcake recipe.
  11. Write something inspirational on a piece of paper, then turn it into a paper plane and send it to someone.
  12. Write a story about a fancy rat from out of town who becomes best friends with a thieving house mouse.
  13. Make a list of at least 15 ways to show kindness to others.
  14. Can you make a list of at least 20 tongue twisters? Here’s an example: Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.
  15. Make a list of at least 8 reasons why writing is good for you.
  16. Imagine that you own a fast-food diner. Create a plan for how you can get more customers to this diner.
  17. Make a list of at least 10 road safety tips, especially when it’s dark outside. 
  18. Write a fairy tale about a modern-day princess or prince.
  19. Write a short story about the worst thing that happened to you this week.
  20. Your friends have all decided to become vegans. You hate the idea of veganism and love eating meat. What do you do next?
  21. A strange-looking woman comes up to you and says ‘Hello’. What do you do next?
  22. Write a how-to guide on how to become a vegan. Is it true that the only way to become a vegan is to get a vegan diet, or is there another way?
  23. Jason has been to at least seven different homes this past year and is still having a hard time fitting in. What will happen next?
  24. Everyone has a talent. Describe your unique talent in great detail.
  25. Create a poster to save the population of manatees.
  26. Design and describe the most perfect Birthday cake for a friend. 
  27. A vegan diet is a healthy and productive diet that is not dominated by animal protein. Why is it wrong to follow a vegan diet?
  28. Imagine you have just adopted a baby penguin from the zoo. Write a story about the joys and struggles of taking care of this penguin. 
  29. Write down a recipe where the main ingredient is chocolate. 
  30. Create a dinner menu for a vegan friend who is coming to eat at your house.

FREE November Calendar Printable

Ready to complete our November writing challenge? Print out our free November Writing prompts calendar for 2021 and get started:

Can you complete all 30 November writing prompts? Let us know in the comments below! You can move on to our December writing challenge for some more writing inspiration.

November writing prompts

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