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How to Look for Inspiration for Your Kids Creative Writing imagine forest
Guest Posts, Story Writing Tips
How to Look for Inspiration for Your Kids Creative Writing

There’s a lot to envy about childhood. Kids don’t have to work or pay rent, they have whole summers to do whatever they like, and they have such vivid imaginations. Many experienced writers could learn something from the detailed worlds and stories that children create.Yet even if your child shows ...

Valentines Day writing prompts for kids imagine forest
Valentine's Day, Writing Prompts
12 Valentine’s Day Writing Prompts for Kids

The official day of love, Valentine’s Day is coming up! And before your child can go “eww, I hate Valentine’ day!” We have created 10 valentine day writing prompts for kids. And you know something, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for grownups! Your child can too spread the love through writing ...

Fun Writing Ideas for Kindergartenen Writing Games imagine forest
Guest Posts, Writing Activities
Fun Writing Ideas for Kindergarten Children

When we think about some writing activities for kindergarten, for the children of the first grade or something similar, only one thing is essential. That is - to come up with some extraordinary and out of the box ideas. To make a child focus on some useful tasks like writing ...

7 Winnie the Pooh Writing Prompts + Free Printable
Freebies, Writing Prompts
7 Winnie the Pooh Writing Prompts + Free Printable

At Imagine Forest HQ, we love Winnie the Pooh! And to be honest, who doesn’t? Winnie and his friends have taught generations of children many life lessons, such as to be caring, brave, patient and most importantly to be yourself. Since January 18th marks the birthday of A.A Milne, Author of ...

How to Boost Children's Literacy during Winter Holidays imagine forest
Guest Posts, Literacy Tips
How to Boost Children’s Literacy during Winter Holidays?

Winters holidays are the perfect time for children and parents to spend more time together. This period of the year has an additional festive note, because of Christmas and New Year. Parents should try and use this period of the year to get a deeper insight into their children’s thoughts ...

How to encourage your little one to write a short story imagine forest
Guest Posts, Story Writing Tips
How to Encourage Your Little One to Write a Short Story

As parents, we all want our little ones to inculcate some or the other passion. Whether it is the passion towards playing a certain sport or get down to learning a specific form of art. There are parents who want their kids to learn the art of story-telling or making ...

5 Fun Garden Activities Guaranteed To Excite Your Kids Imagine Forest
Guest Posts, Kids Activities
5 Fun Garden Activities Guaranteed To Excite Your Kids

Gardening is one of the healthier activities for your kid. It’s a creative way of teaching your little one about nature, healthy living, science plus more. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for you to bond with your young one. Again, if you are looking for a way to engage them ...

Alice in the wonderland shape poetry writing activity imagine forest
Poetry Writing Tips, Writing Activities
Alice in the Wonderland Shape Poetry Writing Activity

Poems can be such a joy to write and are one the quickest and easiest writing activities out there! Not everyone can write a 500 words story every day, but you can write a short poem, like a haiku or a Tanka. Today we decided to look at one of ...

10 New Year's Writing Prompts For Kids Imagine Forest
Writing Prompts
10 New Year’s Writing Prompts For Kids

The start of a new year is a brilliant time for reflection and writing down your thoughts. Not only can you write about your favourite moments of last year, but you can also look forward and write about the future. The ending of a year is also a very magical ...

7 Creativity Lessons From Leonardo Da Vinci You Can Teach Your Kids imagine forest
Creativity Techniques, Guest Posts
7 Creativity Lessons From Leonardo Da Vinci You Can Teach Your Kids

Now, who wouldn't want to have their children grow up to become another Leonardo Da Vinci one day? In his book, How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius Every Day, Michael Gelb takes his readers into the mind of one of the 14th-century artist. He cites ...


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