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How to Write a Horror Story
Halloween, Story Writing Guides, Story Writing Tips
How to Write a Horror Story in 12 Steps

Spooky times are on their way! In this post, you’ll learn how to write a horror story in 12 easy steps. From the very beginning to the very end, you’ll be a horror writer in no time. Writing a horror story is easy, provided you know how to do it ...

Fantasy City Name generator ideas
Idea Generators
Fantasy City Name Generator: 1,000+ Fantasy City Name Ideas

City names come in all sorts of sizes and styles. Some are funny, others sound mysterious and some just simply describe the city in one word. In this post, we’ll show you how to create your own fake city name, along with a fantasy city name generator that generates over ...

plant name ideas
Idea Generators
Plant Name Generator: 1,000+ Fantasy Plant Name Ideas

From naming flowers to moss, spores and fungus, this powerful plant name generator will give you name ideas for thousands of different fantasy plants. ...

best board games for 6 year olds
Buying Guides
28 Best Board Games For 6-Year-Olds (2023) in the UK

Board games are an excellent way to get children involved in a fun and exciting activity. The reason for this is that they offer a great deal of fun and excitement for everyone and are usually not as expensive as other leisure activities. In this post, we have recommended 28 ...

150 Story Starters
Writing Prompts
150+ Story Starters: Creative Sentences To Start A Story

The most important thing about writing is finding a good idea. You have to have a great idea to write a story. You have to be able to see the whole picture before you can start to write it. Sometimes, you might need help with that. Story starters are a ...

Football team name ideas
Idea Generators
Football Team Name Generator: 1,000+ Football Team Names

The world cup is on its way! To celebrate we have created this incredible football team name generator (or soccer team name generator for those in the US). This generator is a great way to help you make your very own football team name. It's easy to use, and you’ll ...

fall writing prompts
Writing Prompts
62+ Fall Writing Prompts (+ Free Printable Fall Writing Paper)

The fall season is on its way. The air is crisp, the leaves are falling, and there's a new season on its way. Whether you're writing a novel, a short story, or some poetry, here are over 62 fall writing prompts to inspire you over the next few ...

how to write Acrostic Poem
Freebies, Poetry Examples, Poetry Writing Tips
How To Write An Acrostic Poem In 5 Easy Steps (+ Free Printable)

Acrostic poems are one of the simplest forms of poetry out there. They may seem scary to beginners, but once you know how to write one, you’ll never stop writing! In this post, we’ll teach you how to write an acrostic poem in 5 easy steps, along with a printable ...

Pinocchio Quotes
Book Quotes
35+ Pinocchio Quotes About Lying, Wishing and Poverty

We collected some of the best Pinocchio quotes from the original book, Disney film and other adaptations of the tale of a mischievous puppet named Pinocchio. You’ll find some cute, funny and touching quotes from Pinocchio that will make you smile and warm your ...

world building questions
Freebies, Story Writing Guides
112+ World-Building Questions For Writers (+ Free Questionnaire PDF)

World-building in stories is all about creating a world that makes sense within the context of the story. Essentially a world is made of two main elements, the central idea of the story and a setting. Before we jump into the list of 112+ world-building questions, there are a couple ...


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