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Children's Books about Diversity_imagine forest
Reading Lists
10 Children’s Books about Equality & Diversity

It’s ‘One world week’ (18th Oct – 25th Oct) and I have created a list of children's books about diversity. These books will teach kids to accept the differences of others and understand the cultural diversity in the world. This list includes stories such as Jack & Jim, Amazing ...

Paper craft Wizard Tutorial
Halloween, Paper Crafts
Easy Paper Craft Wizard Tutorial

Today I am going to show you how to make a paper craft wizard. In particular a paper craft version of me, Marty the great wizard of Imagine Forest! To help you out, I have created a template for you to download and print out. Now let’s begin the ...

10 Things You Can Do With Autumn
Kids Activities
10 Things You Can Do With Fallen Autumn Leaves

It's the start of autumn! Here's a list of 10 things you can do with fallen autumn leaves. The list includes leaf masks, painted bug leaves, Autumn hunter bracelets, wall decorations and much ...

Top 10 Writing Activities to Make Writing Fun!
Writing Activities
18+ Creative Writing Activities To Make Writing Fun

When most children think of writing they think of tons of lined paper with thousands of words written on it, line by line with the occasional spacing for paragraphs. But writing doesn’t need to be that boring and gloomy. Today I bring you my top 10 writing activities to making ...

Top 10 Inspirational Quotes from children’s books
Book Quotes
Top 10 quotes from children’s books

Most grown-ups don’t realise it, but the greatest life lessons can be learnt from children’s books. It is important to appreciate these quotes and not to forget them when growing up. Here are my top 10 favourite quotes from the children’s books I used to read and still do ...

Halloween books for kids - imagine forest
Halloween, Reading Lists
10 Spooky Halloween Books for Kids!

Halloween is nearly upon us and to prepare I have created a list of my top 10 Halloween books for kids. This list includes some clumsy witches, giant pumpkins, book-eating zombies and a cute fuzzy blue monster. Read on at your own ...

Top 10 animals from children's books
Top 10 Animals from Children’s Books

To celebrate world animal day on Sunday 4th October, I have created a top 10 of my favourite animals from children’s ...

Talk like a Pirate day - FREE Activity Pack!
Talk Like a Pirate Day: FREE Activity Pack!

Ahoy thar, matey! Download ye FREE activity pack here. This pack includes free colouring pages, puzzles, pirate paper craft activities and ...

Literacy Week 2015 - Book Giveaway
Writing Competitions
Literacy Week 2015: Twitter Book Giveaway! [ENDED]

As part of literacy week 2015, I am giving away three copies of ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’ by Roald Dahl to THREE lucky winners! All you have to do is follow Imagine Forest on Twitter and retweet the following ...

How to make an Easy Paper Owl Bookmark
Paper Crafts
How to make an Easy Paper Owl Bookmark

I love everything about owls, their intelligence, the way they hunt at night and sleep during the day. Even the annoying sound of them hooting that wakes you up at five in the morning! That’s why today I am going to show you how to make an easy paper owl ...


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